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  1. Exile, you should ask to be considered for a payrise for that advice; why not suggest it to your boss? After all time and again you demonstrate your wide knowledge and expertise here and I don't doubt that you do the same at your place of work. Remind your boss(es) that their work computers are now running more efficiently and faster than ever and that you can get more work done in the same time and that a fair reward would be increased pay. It's the very least they can do. And given that you have had to put up with what sounds like sludgy "protective []" software for ages and no doubt had m
  2. Downloaded and bookmarked that; a useful and informative starting point for me. Thanks!
  3. The sound problem is now solved courtesy of one reinstall, one long dose of help from that most patient of men, exile360; one dose of serious reflection on the dangers of messing in the registry and one use of a good disk imaging program. It won't occur again (this year).
  4. You are dead right; I've only just PM'd you about that.
  5. Apologies for intruding; IP being blocked is EDIT: my mistake. Blocked IP is
  6. exile, you've been a most patient help, i don't know what to say anymore. "Thank you" typed out seems inadequate somehow to me. The sounds themselves all bleep with their respective short "tunes" when tested in Sound/sounds I'm beginning to wonder whether I've mistakenly removed a registry key(s) / value(s) which may have accounted for this? I am prone to an occasional fiddle in there and I suspect it's one of those occasions when I've been in there recently on a sort of read about one, think you can do one, you really think it applies one, venture in there once again and bugger it up again ty
  7. Done what you said - made sure Realtek was set to analogue and made the default. Makes no difference at all. Incidentally I don't get any sound when MBAM completes updating either. I do all updates of everything manually; in fact I don't get any bleeps at all any time from any program that updates. Never mind, it's not the end of the world. Thanks again. exile, help and interest always appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your patience in reading and offering advice about this; if you mean enabling Realtek's HD digital output and making it the default audio device I tried that earlier and it didn't make any difference. No sound at any volume on testing. For the time being I've given up. Might come back to it sometime later when patience returns and irritation vanishes.
  9. I think I was editing my question when you responded before I'd finished, exile.
  10. @ exile360 - hello, just want to ask something that i've had trouble with following this thread's information which I think may be related so i'm asking here. Nothing serious or malware-related; just a touch irritating! In wmp clicking on Tools/Options/ and then the "Privacy" tab there is a section at the bottom called "History". When you click on either or both "Clear Caches" & "Clear History" i used to get a nice Windows.Ding.wav sound. It didn't matter whether the "save file and history option..." tickbox in that section was checked or not I wuld still get that sound. Now it's gone and
  11. Just to check with you, exile, you did mean disable the UPnP service and not just leave it off in manual mode? (I've disabled mine and also disabled its solitary dependent- SSDP Discovery, and so far WIndows is not attempting to start either service when wmp's playing; but then this is a standalone (ie non-networked) sysem. Just to add to the fund of knowledge here). Not needed to make use of your registry fix so far, exile. You never know, though, when Sod's Law (or whichever Law you use) will rear its ugly head!
  12. I'll give the Microsoft link a good careful read tomorrow evening (GMT) when I'm off. I'm working tonight (3rd night in a row; "now" is meant to be my sleeping time!) Funny thing about that registry entry, thinking about it now, was that there was no full pathway to that file; it was just that entry by itself in all-caps. (My brain is working overtime now, exile, and is a little feverish from a touch too much activity!). I've disabled the UPnP service in services as well as the WMP Network Sharing Service (not really necessary as it needs the UPnP service - you get a 1068 dependeny error code
  13. exile, hi, only just got to a computer now!! At work at the moment. Denied permission to rename WMPNSCFG.EXE. Denied permission to move it anywhere. (Can you tell me why the registry entry of that file name is in all-capital letters? Seems slightly strange as most registry entries are in lowercase ) Checked services via gpedit.msc and the relevant service was in manual mode and turned off. Set it to disabled (it allowed me to do that without any error dependency messages being thrown up). Back to the registry - deleted the WMPNSCFG.EXE entry without problem. Checked Task Manager and noticed
  14. exile that's nicely explained. Thanks for that. Can't do it now as I'm at work but will follow your instructions when I get home. Going to print them out now.
  15. exile, what location do you..."save it to?" What should the correct location be for Vista? Does your wmp or Windows itself give you any trouble with your fix? I'd like to try that on my system; I'm not even sure what that WMPNSCFG.EXE entry even does in the registry.
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