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  1. Welcome E. I have been here a long time and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since we last talked.
  2. First of all I do not use McAfee site advisor as it is un-reliable and even has known malware sites rated Green I prefer Finjan SecureBrowsing http://securebrowsing.finjan.com I also use hpHosts files that blocks a lot of download.cnet.com adverts and tracking like adlog.com.com The blocked IP will be stored in MBAM logs C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs in the current protection-log-2010-06-21
  3. zippydedodah, I don't know how you are measuring RAM usage but on my Windows 7 system the RAM usage stays constant but does go up slightly when I load more tabs in IE and currently sitting at 34% using the CPU Gadget. On my XP Pro system current Mem usage is 86,844K and going up very slowly.
  4. Its creeping up a little bit on XP Pro but causes no performance problem for me.
  5. YoKenny finds all the good info. thx.

  6. I too am an advocate of WinPatrol and I have the PLUS version, Golf shirt and Flash drive wrist strap that I carry with me to each place I go when I help people with system problems. By the way, WinPatrol has just been updated to v15.9.2008.5: http://www.winpatrol.com/download.html
  7. I agree.I tried Kaspersky on my XP Pro SP3 system and it detected McAfee SiteAdvisor as a virus and removed it. As I did not want to continue using Kaspersky I tried to un-install it then install Avast! but no matter what I tried I could not so I tried using System Restore to go back before it was installed but that failed also. I resorted to FORMAT then install from the recovery partition then apply a SP2 CD that I have from Microsoft then get the SP3 updates. I use Avast! Free, hpHosts and MVPS HOSTS files, WinPatrol PLUS and Windows Defender. I do not use a software based firewall due to my
  8. Since I have been at these forums YoKenny1 has never hesitated to offer His assistance.

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