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Adding MBAM Files To MSE Exclusions

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Since I installed MSE last December, I have been running MBAM with realtime protection disabled, as advised by MSE, less the two

programs conflict with each other.

I have seen one or two posts on this subject where the advice has been that MBAM realtime protection can be enabled if MBAM files

are added to "Excluded Files & Locations" in the settings tab. I have attempted this but in trying to add the three relevant Program

Files (mbam.exe,mbamgui.exe and mbamservice.exe), the only resultant setting is a pretty general C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\

Anti-Malware,would this setting be sufficient to stop MSE totally scanning MBAM?

Additionally, I cannot seem to be able to find how to enter exclusions for Documents & Settings and Windows\System32\drivers. I

would be grateful for any advice on how I can resolve this issue, as since I have the paid version of MBAM, it is a shame not to run

realtime protection, especially with 1.45 which is great (no hiccups), congratulations guys!

OS: Vista SP2 Home Premium; MSE; Windows/Router Firewalls; MBAM and Diskeeper2010.

Many thanks,


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Hello Brian67 :)

Have you read the tutorial here on how to exclude Mbam from MSE? :)

And actually, most of the freezing has been in Windows XP computers, not Vista or 7. You very well may have been able to use Mbam in realtime since you've bought it, but its good that you are trying it out now :)

Antivirus companies will often tell you that their product can't be run in real-time with another product, and this is true between two antivirus programs. Two antivirus programs should NEVER be run together in realtime because they can conflict and even lower your system security!

However, Malwarebytes is different, as its an anti-malware program that is great where an antivirus is not and Mbam is designed to work with your antivirus. That being said, sometimes you need to add exclusions in your antivirus for Malwarebytes, and even if there are no problems, adding exclusions can't hurt :)

What's DiskKeeper2010 do?

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Hi Mountaintree,

Many thanks for your reply and the link which has sorted things out for me. Actually, when I first installed MSE last December I ran MBAM (protection enabled) for a few weeks with no problems, until I saw MSE state in their Forum that it was ok to run MBAM (free) but not the paid version with protection enabled!

Diskeeper 2010 is an excellent disk defragmenter program (us$39), had it on 30 day trial and liked the results.

Thanks once again.

Brian67 :)

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Hi Brian :)

You're welcome :) Too bad you didn't check here when that was announced on their forum, since you've been missing out on great protection :) No worries though, now you're all set. I'm glad that I could help :)

I'm sure Microsoft was just being precautionary, which is understandable.

Ah, okay :) Sounds like a neat program! I was just wondering because if it was a security application, you might need to enter exclusions in that as well, but I don't think that's the case here.

Any more questions, just post!

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Hi once again mountaintree,

Just thought I would send you a follow up to the MBAM/MSE real time protection problem.

I followed the tutorial, entering all MBAM files into "processes" and "exclusions and file locations" exactly as per instructions. However,

after running MBAM Full Scan, computer froze and eventually I had to do a System Restore, obviously, this scan was with real time

protection enabled.

I posted a message to MSE Forum explaining what I had tried to do but their answer in no uncertain terms was that the two programs

cannot run together with real time protection enabled!

Got any thoughts on this mountaintree? Anyhow, once again, many thanks for your help and advice.

Take care,


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That stinks :) I hadn't heard of that happening in Vista.

Do you have any other security software that might need exclusions set for Mbam as well? Such as a software firewall or something?

I think the best thing for you to do would be to email support@malwarebytes.org and include your order number as well.

I'm sorry that that happened to you :)

You're welcome & good luck with this :)


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This is very strange. As mountaintree has already said, you don't usually have to add exclusions for MBAM's files in MSE if you are running Vista. It usually works fine without adding them.

So I'm wondering if something else unrelated to MBAM and MSE may be the culprit.

If you like you can try a couple more things and see if it helps.

The first one is a full sector disk check.

Run a Disk Check on your C: drive in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

  • Click the Start vista-7-start.png button and select Computer
  • Right-click on C: and select Properties
  • Click on the Tools tab
  • Under Error-checking click the Check Now... button and click Continue at the User Account Control prompt
  • Mark the box next to Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
  • When the message box pops up, click the Schedule disk check button and restart your computer
  • Once your computer restarts it will check the drive, don't press any keys so that it is allowed to do so.

If that doesn't help, you could also try disabling Diskeeper 2010 when scanning with MBAM and see if that solves the problem.

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Hi YoKenny,

Dell Laptop Inspiron 1520 with 2.00 GB of RAM.

Thanks for your interest.



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Thanks once again mountaintree, you'll be getting fed up with me!

I'm only running one software firewall (Windows) and hardware firewall is enabled in the router.

I will carry out marktreq's suggestion of disk check.

Take care,


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I'm not getting fed up with you Brian. :)

I just don't know where to go from here and since I do not know I should not be trying.

You'll be taken care of from here, and again, good luck & you're welcome!

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  • Root Admin

Hi Brian,

Please follow the directions below exactly as shown and this should hopefully correct the issue for you. If not let us know.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  • Click on the Start vista-7-start.png button and select Control Panel
  • Click on Programs and Features
  • Uninstall Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  • Restart your computer very important
  • Download and run mbam-clean.exe from here
  • It will ask to restart your computer, please allow it to do so very important
  • After the computer restarts, temporarily disable your Anti-Virus and install the latest version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from here
    • Note: You will need to reactivate the program using the license you were sent via email if using the Pro version
    • Launch the program and set the Protection and Registration. Then go to the UPDATE tab if not done during installation and check for updates.
      Restart the computer again and verify that MBAM is in the task tray if using the Pro version. Now setup any file exclusions as may be required in your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security/Firewall applications and restart your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security applications. You may use the guides posted in the FAQ's here or post to ask and we'll explain how to do it.

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Hi marktreq,

Many thanks for your thoughts on this matter and I will do a check disk and try disabling Diskeeper.

The only other thing that puzzles is puzzling me is, that when I run a full scan with MSE, it scans C:\ in approximately 25 seconds and

scanning of D:\ takes up the remaining 45 minutes of the scan! I know I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to computers but I believe

it should take 45 minutes to scan C:\ as 75 GB has been used as opposed to 5GB used on D:\, so perhaps there is some sort of conflict

going on somewhere! I'll try and sort it out.



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Brian, please also make sure that you follow AdvancedSetup's instructions. I was going to get you to do that after the disk check, but AdvancedSetup beat me to it. Darn it. :)

Also, from what you've written, there is definitely something weird going on with your MSE if that happens when it's set to do a Full Scan. However, if it's set to do a Quick Scan, it only scans important files on your C drive, so the scan would be much quicker. If you have any doubts, maybe it would be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall MSE as well.

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