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Anyone Else get this error?


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Haven't seen that one. To tell you the truth I don't use anything other then hijackthis. Although when I got my first laptop it came with an antispyware product from trend micro. I can't recall it's name, but I never got to test it as we couldn't figure out how to setup the internet before all the trials went out! :) Now I'm smarter and actually the geek in the house. :)

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@ mountaintree16

Hi, I don't have ParetoLogic Data Recovery software.. not that I know of?... Myself & a friend put this pc together from a list of parts that exile360 gave me a while back, dual core Intel.. no bundled crapware.... maybe exile360 has some input? thx. for the replies above.... regards..

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I found the exact same site LOL !!! weather or not the instructions will work? well I would welcome any comments..before I go at it... TIA regards....

I checked the site to see what it is and wot came up and said it had a very poor rating. I highly recommend checking that out.

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@ yardbird

Exile may have an answer for you :)

@ Buttons

I don't use WOT, but my AV, HOSTS file and Mbam didn't flag it, but that doesn't mean its not potentially harmful.

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Here's the link to wot's database. http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/utilitysoftwarereviews.com

It may not be bad just because of one rating.

Edit: The bad review only refers to regcure which has been reported as PUP'S and has very bad customer reviews. Don't download it! I had it once when I use to be a pirate! It was very bad!

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  • Staff

Hello yardbird :)

Yeah, it looks like Autoruns would be the right ticket. It appears there's a leftover entry in the registry for Paretologic that needs to be removed. To do so please do the following and I'll find the entry and help you delete it:

Please download Sysinternals Autoruns from here.

  • Save Autoruns.exe to your desktop and double-click it to run it.
  • Once it starts, please press the Esc key on your keyboard.
  • Now that scanning is stopped, click on the Options button at the top of the program and select Verify Code Signatures
  • Once that's done press the F5 key on your keyboard, this will start the scan again, this time let it finish.
  • When it's finished, please click on the File button at the top of the program and select Save and save the Autoruns.arn file to your desktop and close Autoruns.
  • Right click on the Autoruns.arn file on your desktop and hover your mouse over Send To and select Compressed (zipped) Folder
  • Attach the Autoruns.zip folder you just created to your next reply

Thanks :D

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  • Staff

Please open Autoruns.exe again and allow it to perform its scan. Once it finishes please proceed with the following:

  • Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab and click the checkbox on the left side of each of the following so that they are unchecked:

    • Driver Fetch.job File not found: C:\Program Files\Driver Fetch\\DriverFetch.exe --scan --stack=from-scheduler

    [*]Once that is complete, restart your computer.

I also noticed that some startup entries seem to be corrupt in your registry. I'd like to take a closer look to see what's going on if you don't mind. To do so, please do the following:

  • Please copy and paste the following text exactly as written into notepad (not wordpad or any other text editor):
    @echo off
    reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run" /s>"%userprofile%\desktop\run entries.txt"
    "%userprofile%\desktop\run entries.txt"
    del /f /q "%userprofile%\desktop\run entries.txt"
    del /f /q %0

    Once you've done that click on File and select Save As...

  • In the Save dialogue box click on the drop down menu next to Save as type and select All Files
  • Name the file RunCheck.bat (the .bat extension is very important)
  • Save the file to your desktop and double click it to run it.
  • Once it finishes it will open the file it created in notepad, please copy and paste the file's contents into your next reply.

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