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Toptenreviews is like the opposite of free YoKenny1. Big BUY icons sending you off with affiliate IDs is all you get from there.

But regardless of purpose may be check out DynDns fairly new "Internet Guide" http://www.dyndns.com/services/dynguide/ A dns service like Opendns, Google, your ISP but this one blocks malware/spyware. Much the same way Malwarebytes IP blocking does. Overlapping with Malwarebytes or browser filters is not a problem. I don't think any other free service does this on dns level? They use Barracuda for source and as you can see they are all about virus http://www.barracudacentral.org/ Find some fresh malware domains and see for yourself. Takes out those on top of list, from today! Well some of them but then you have Malwarebytes IP blocking. Anything that avoids interaction of security software is a good thing if we assume Barracuda is not riddled with false postives that is.

Besides this major feature it has similar setup as Opendns with categories to block. No stats or anything to look at. Can block or white list own domains though. Opendns might be better in blocking "online dating" sites or whatever. If you want filtering for security purposes it is useless with malware, dyndns not. Malware category is a paid service. Can smell a paid dyndns service coming but works just fine as it is. Pic show what you see when testing malware domains and get lucky! This was a direct link to an exe-file.


If purpose is control Microsoft has free parental filtering http://download.live.com/familysafety if not on Vista or 7 as does Norton https://onlinefamily.norton.com/familysafety/loginStart.fs K9 might be worth a look http://www1.k9webprotection.com/index.php Can still use Opendns or Dyndns I suppose.

If interested in hosts filtering search forum for "hostsman" I am sure that program has been mentioned many times. That or similar almost a must-have to make hosts file methode human and usable.

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Forgot WOT which is also effetive http://www.mywot.com/ Difference between dns blocking and a browser plugin but if set up so it does not annoy it is also great. Just tell it to shut up unless site is glowing red. A lot better than Norton Safe Web, Trends, Browser defender and what others.

Why I forgot WOT might be because of sites like TopTenreviews which are perfectly green and yet comments show this has been a crappy unreliable marketing site for years ;)http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/toptenreviews.com or I don't use WOT. Comments could be bogus and it is ultra green, also possible. Must know how WOT works to use service correctly. I would not trust WOT blindly, some do and so you have a problem. Good for not debatable malware blocking though. Updates fast and from good sources.

There is a firefox add-on called Linkextend which checks current site against a handful of services like WOT. Then you can see why WOT is only one worth considering, at least when it comes to malware.

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Yeah they have had rouge or rouge like software on their ranking lists as well. Motto should be "we tell you what to buy" instead of "we do the research so you don't have to" - which actually also stinks! Is taking monetizing the web a bit too far but brilliant idea I guess. Appeals to a click,click way of computing/surfing/buying - the internet ;)

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Where does TopTenREVIEWS push ParetoLogic?

Where does WOT single out ParetoLogic?

They are comments from users due to it being listed in hpHosts:


Non of the 10 products listed in the link I gave are free nor are they from ParetoLogic.

WOT is about as trustworthy as your local politician and that is why I gave up on it ages ago for Browser Defender

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If TopTenReviews is more trustworthy to you than WOT you need to reevaulate your sense of what is up and down on the internet. Don't make it so easy for them. TopTenReviews is rouge itself and has been around for many years.

Turn off your adblocker and experience and evaulate the real internet - you might get hints as to which category TopTenReviews fit. You must have lost track at some point or is way too kind/naive.

Here is short but correct explanation from an Avast dude http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=121...02828#msg102828 Actually I will quote him - from 2005 btw, old news you better get in sync with because much activity on internet circles around these power$. SEO spamming and such is highly related for example.

Martoch, this is the way some people earn money. If you carefully scrutinize the "Buy Now" links for the top 5 rated products, you'll see that they all have an Affiliate ID. Which means that the author is getting like 20% commision for each transaction realized via this link.

This is how it works in detail. The author sends an email to 15 AV companies, asking them to become an affiliate partner. Some of them respond, some don't. Then he stitches up a web site with more or less junk info (but "easy to read"! Smiley), comparing the various products on the market, but paying special attention to placing those that he has affiliation for on top places. Last, he starts a modest campaign (typically on Google) to get as much visitors on his site as possible.

Lovely isn't it?

BTW this guy is not confined to AV's - see the main page http://www.toptenreviews.com Smiley

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I would never purchase anything through TopTenReviews as I know they are rogue but it does give a list that answers Bobc11's question.

I guess I should have listed them one by one:

#1 Net Nanny http://www.netnanny.com/alt_vidshadow_2

#2 Safe Eyes http://www.internetsafety.com/safe-eyes-parental-control-software.php

#3 CYBERsitter 10 http://www.cybersitter.com


That topic in avast! forum was from March 20, 2005 about avast! being ranked poorly and if I thought that me mentioning TopTenReviews would have caused so much fuss I would not have bothered to answer.

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His take on their business concept is still correct. Why change what works?

No you did not answer Bobc11 question since he request "free Web filtering software". Was why I posted. TopTenReviews focus is on paid software due to business concept as explained by the Avast dude. Yes, if Avast had been number one then what? I know exactly what would have been posted. May be not by Avast employees (I hope not) but definitely by the most eager fanboys. Marketing/promotion is tricky and evil, like alcohol ;)

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Some of GoDaddy's sites are suspect.

If you don't use a HOSTS file then this is a good read:

Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File


I use hpHosts to check if a site is listed by its HOSTS file:


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Either you were a Toptenreview spammer or you misread topic. I knew you did ;) Toptenreviews and all it stands for is a trigger for response though.

Well hphosts is also a major contributor to WOT YoKenny1. What they should focus on since that part work brilliantly. I don't like the signals they send or any false positives but you should give WOT a lot more credit than you do. Don't even try to compare with similar services - you will get infected or at least tainted :D They have obviously also put tons more work into plugin which is WOT to end-user. Much to love but they need to cool it with the trust in "social" ratings. The more they try to make WOT a sure thing on any computer, used as promotion on any site too!, the worse it will get. And we forget service by far is the best "blocking/warning" tool of its kind. There is nothing cool about "social" at all :o

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I would never purchase anything through TopTenReviews as I know they are rogue

Then why on earth post about them?

Non of the 10 products listed in the link I gave are free nor are they from ParetoLogic.

I know, but TopTenReviews, as I said in my last post, is known for simply pushing affiliates, thus their "reviews" are quite questionable. For the longest time their top antispyware apps were either Webroot, PCTools or Paretologic, all 3 of which (although I admit too a much lesser degree Webroot) are known for having vast numbers of affiliates making false claims about said products' detection rates and removal capabilities. Remember the fake rogue S!Ri posted about long ago? It was these same types of affiliates that picked up on it (I say types because I don't believe TopTenReviews ever gives any real evaluation, just general statements about performance that could be said about any security software in an advertisement for it).

Again, I am NOT claiming that TopTenReviews is malicious at all, it's just been my experience that although often the majority of products they list are legitimate, their reviews/ratings generally are not and they have no tests or real numbers to back anything up and usually, at least in the past, the "best" software they list on each page is the one that pays the highest premiums to their affiliates for selling licenses (thus Paretologic was rated top AV and top AS for ages last year, often second only to PCTools on occasion, who is also quite well known for all of the misleading affiliate sites that promote them).

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