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  1. Yes it should. Or it does here with our ISPs. They are not interested in phone calls Also their sites have step by step guides and they expect you to read them if any problems occur. All you need to know is the basics of router setup, like how to log in! That is not a sure thing for everybody. I have had one problem. I paid for faster dsl but speed never arrived. So I complained and they send out a tech dude who immediately noticed modem was simply not capable of running faster. New modem and all was fine. Only way you can go ??? is if router defaults are so wrong it does not work and you do
  2. No Malwarebytes can only do what it can - as of right now Should there be a slow malware week then may be possible to tinker.
  3. I bet 1 eicar.com file it is matter of time before on/off enter GUI. I doubt suggesting regedit.exe or finding links to reg files can be a permanent or wanted solution. There could be a reason for delay. That some insist user should see window? I can understand that, why "support" a site with blocked content - or why not help a clueless site admin by giving useful info? And some will be curious But can amount of info be increased? Right now content is pretty much meaningless. There is no need for a headline saying Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for example. That gets old Would help a bit if Malw
  4. Exactly, user must read "it will also install Cisco Network Magic software..." from pic no. 2 even if they have no intention of clicking Install network magic button! Worse than opt-out trick from free (with toolbar) software. No mentioning of a trial version either. I only noticed it was trial when I click about in help menu. Which means people will spend days setting all this up - only to discover it shuts down unless they pay. Trend is bad enough but if you already have some parental control in place I can also see conflict with Magic. Includes much control itself, like shutting down device
  5. I knew I had seen MRG before, only took 1 day to rewind http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=251113 On a level where they use fake usernames. This is what some companies use as promotion and why refering to x or y test is waste of time. Even more to debate since topic might as well be a 3 week old weather forecast. Not all is like those guys hopefully but then again - read the NSS lab test showing 83% hitrate for IE8 Smartsreen - from real live samples! That was the whole point of the test so valid numbers. Stay skeptical.
  6. I was bored so downloaded the iso for WRT54G2 hardware version 1.5. Well see pics. You don't get Trend stuff but Magic program will be installed during the walk-through of setting things up. What happens when you click Setup. There is a folder with a bunch of jpgs in it. Just shows how to put in keyphrases and such. You already know that. Then I installed Network Magic. Seems nice but a 7 day trial not a full version. So unless Trend is free you get zero from Linksys. Magic installs both services and startup, most ask for internet access. There is also a WebEX component, for remote stuff I gue
  7. Any security software is permanently beta but it is rough that is true. I use free DynDNS Internet Guide. They have many paid services but this is free - in case you were hinting to be careful. Or are you advertising for them? heh. Now OpenDNS no longer talk and talk and talk about the problems of blocking malware, because they finally made it a paid service!, it is nice to have a free option. In fact with an account you can disable landing page for unknown addresses. 100% invisible, no ads or search redirections.
  8. Yeah, you should check their blog and wiki. Details must be revealed at some point. Guess they already are but I don't understand too much. He explains method here http://support.immunet.com/index.php/What_is_Immunet%3F and here is another person wondering http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showpost.ph...mp;postcount=44 There are quite a few posts on that forum. Have not checked all. Most of what he says sounds so right Just learned there will be a premium version with added features, free version will remain free. Seems to have same position in the bundle of layers as Malwarebytes but probably a
  9. Is called promotion/marketing/advertising. This is real reason many of these tests are done. As said keyword is "independent" - and good luck finding that http://www.anti-malware-reviews.com/
  10. May be you should investigate who Malware Research Group is? What is their history? Seems like test is not relevant for Malwarebytes, like whatmeworry said. Thought you were going to link to your private battle of the numbers, heh. Unless you find it funny it is waste of time. Look up NSS lab and their browser filter test. Check how many approved of that. How they presented test was perfect for headlines too. Much usability for tech journalists Good example of how reality and "lab" tests don't really match at all. Nothing beats history so rely on that and your own experience with programs.
  11. Just make a graph showing 100% for Malwarebytes and 0% for anything else. Then you win ma3oony Sign it Dr. Malware and your opponent will surrender.
  12. Those who want to aruge on the internet with graphs would need a link Even ClamWin and Spybot&Destroy can probably make Malwarebytes look silly. Depends a little bit on testing conditons - like who is doing it, to begin with. Reminds me of the test showing IE8 stops 80+ % of all malware exe-files. People with knowledge and degrees will swear by such comforting findings Others will shake head. Separating BS and marketing from reality is a major task. Especailly with security stuff since it is very possible Malwarebytes can suck 1 day - but then next day be king. More or less meaningless t
  13. That was current if not default details of connections in line 1 Not being able to edit post is pain when using brain is behind tapping keys!
  14. All you need to know is not default details of connections to whatever you use routher for. Encryption standards, password, keyphrase and such. You should write that down on paper. When that works you can play with extras from Linksys and friends. If you can't install anything without getting all the Trend stuff thrown in forget about the cd. If something goes wrong you can always go back to a Windows vs. router only situation that has already proved to work. I have an older WRT54GL router with 3rd party firmware. Have experimented a lot so know Linksys unofficial forums, http://www.linksysin
  15. He could have paid Malwarebytes and still gotten in trouble but finding those $ in pocket is a good thing. Check out removal forums. Many suggest or even require you to run Malwarebytes but often that is just beginning of the journey. If Malwarebytes were so good it did not matter what hit you there would be no free version or angles really do exist. Following stop as early as possible idea then try DynDns Internet Guide http://www.dyndns.com/services/dynguide/ or other "internet" blockers. WOT or a hostsmanager with updated input from hphosts. Anything effective and not just for show. I have
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