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Why does Advanced Systemcare Keep being removed

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Hello @kaptinjack and :welcome:

Since early 2015, IObit's Advanced Systemcare (ASC) have been classified as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP)

I am not aware of any reputable computer security expert who would recommend that product family.

That ASC PUP classification has also been made by other Windows security products.

If after carefully considering these warnings you still disagree and wish to have this PUP on your Windows computer, please consult the exclusion procedures follow.

Reference: PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemCare

Thank you.

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Overall the iObit programs have improved over the years. This is a Chinese company that has a past history of theft of Intellectual Property from our company. We have gone out of our way to ignore that fact and base PUP/PUM on specific practices they have taken over the years. Many of their programs we do not detect as there is no PUP/PUM property to them. iObit has changed features in some of their various programs over the years which has caused us to remove detection, then later on they go back to the PUP/PUM behavior and we re-add them.


How do we identify potentially unwanted software?


47 minutes ago, JJChgo3933 said:

First and for most Window 10 does NOT keep up with drivers in it's updates. This is proven. Driver Booster is a good program. I've read many links you post that are simply wrong and outdated about this.


I'm sorry, but I would have to completely disagree with you about Driver Booster. Malwarebytes is a second job for me and I work in the Corporate Enterprise business supporting hundreds of thousands of internal systems and I'm also an Administrator on a scripting forum for System Admins around the World and no one with real experience and training is going to even suggest using a 3rd party tool to update your drivers. In the home sector there are numerous recommendations for various programs but most are based on users with no experience running archaic systems with drivers they cannot find. Assuming a user is/was in that situation and not smart enough to seek out the advice of a real professional to locate the driver they may install something like Driver Booster. However, once that's been done they should really uninstall the software. You don't need to keep updating a driver because in the majority of cases a driver that Windows 10 is not finding is probably very old and rare and extremely unlikely it will ever have any updates.

Following the advice in the article about iObit AdvancedSystemCare above you should be able to exclude it so that it is not detected, unless iObit changes something again.

In my testing we do not detect Driver Booster at this time. We did in the past but the criteria we use for PUP is not met so we don't detect it at this time.

This company here was also stealing our Intellectual Property

Thank you


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I'm okay with what you want to use. As said we don't detect Driver Booster at this time so not sure what your complaint is about. You signed up a few hours ago and have now made several posts about iObit software.

I will go ahead and close this topic as our main program does not detect it. Please stick with your AdwCleaner topic for support with that program

Thank you


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