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  1. I don't ever want to do drivers one at a time. I thought I already said this. That is what makes Driver Booster so good. It finds them all at once before there is a problem or a need. AND it find great new valid updates, regularly!!! I'm done with this.
  2. I'll have to read your links later. there is no way I'm going to look for driver one at a time. When there is a update it is best to have it!!! I use Driver Booster a couple time a year and it finds great valid updates. I don't need or want a "real professional to locate the driver". I definitely have experience and am not even close to "running archaic systems". Why uninstall a program that is no running or updating or doing anything. AND YOU SAID "not smart enough " OMG This next statement is Ludicrous: "majority of cases a driver that Windows 10 is not finding is probab
  3. IObit ASC and Driver Booster are fine programs and making Malwarbytes get along with them makes me run through many more hoops that just excluding them and always ignoring them. I think you have no business deleting something from my downloads. So often I have to shut down MB do updating/installing, restart MB/rescan/re-exclude/re...ignore always and again with real time protection deleting...excuse me quarantine ... my exe and other reported things. Sometimes I have to restore from a quarantine(because you can't ignore from there)/re-scan/re ignore. This is what I meant by run though hoops.
  4. Also I have just as many good things to say about Drive Booster. Windows 1
  5. Update I have read many of the links above. So many articles are old and opinionated. There is a lot of truth. Just because all the articles say registry cleaners are a waste of time doesn't mean it is a bad program that YOU can't get along with. Advanced System Care (ASC) does many of the things that CCleaner does and you get along with it. Including Registry Cleaning. ASC Pro does some really go things!!! Internet Boost for one. It has many Tools. And many optimizer's with services, tracking cookies, and it boost many things. Yes it has things that are NOT necessary like disc
  6. Yes I will do all the reading suggested above. This applies to MWB Premium and AdwCleaner 7.4. I have done excluding of results for IOBit Drive Booster and Advanced System Care and done Ignore always and auto protection would auto Quarantine things anyway. When starting the program it would report more things. And when doing an update it would quarantine the exe file. You have no business deleting anything in my downloads!!! I've been battling with MWB and IOBit for years on many PC's. Shutting it down, installing the programs or updating, re-scanning with MWB restoring quarantines re i
  7. I know you have to be very careful with AdwCleaner. But some things need to be fixed. You can't copy and paste results to do a search and Google something. I did go to the log txt file and then copy and paste is possible. Things do need to be researched. When a topic has many results, and while in the list of individual results the following things would happen. Sometimes when I right click to "Exclude" the program would close. Then I would have to re-open & re-scan. When right clicking and choosing an option it would collapse the list. When right clic
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