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Can I disable Windows 10 Defender?

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You can, but I'm not sure why you would want to do that?

Why cripple your defences?

Malwarebytes and Windows Defender run quite happily together, MB is designed that way.

(You don't turn off your burgalar alarm just because you've bought a guard dog as well, you use both so that you are safer).

Windows Defender is built into the Windows OS and will run if no other AV is installed, when another AV is installed WD turns itself off. (Apart from an occasional scan).
If you remove the 3rd part AV, or it's licence expires, WD turns itself back on again.

You can't uninstall Windows Defender it's part of the OS.
You can't disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 home. (You can in business versions).
The only way to turn it 'off' in the Home version is to install another AV.

Malwarebytes, by default, does not register as an AV.
You can make it do so by opening MB and going to settings, scroll down to the section about Windows Action Centre, and select 'Always register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Centre'.

That should stop WD from running, but again- Why would you want to cripple your defences?


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Works fine, but you only want one dominant AV, which I assume you want Webroot?  Therefore, Malwarebytes > Settings > Application > At the bottom, Windows Action Center > Never Register

The order of dominoes would then be WebRoot > WD > Malwarebytes (Malwarebytes still works the exact same way in this situation - all you're telling it is don't try to compete for top billing).

You can leave it default however Ive noted my computers always have trouble if say Webroot shuts down then WD tries to jump in at the same time as Malwarebytes.  Whether that's a windows issue or Malwarebytes IDK, but either way you're protected three ways with no slowdown



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If you trust Mbam 3, you can disable Windows Defender ... in the settings of Services.msc (Windows 10 Family) or and in Group Policy Gpedit.msc (Window 10 Pro)
There are the details on the Net

On the other hand ... you have to be careful. If you install another Anti Virus that uses a Personal Firewall (and disables the Windows Firewall) Windows 10 Update needs its Firewall to make some updates. If Windows firewall is disabled then you will get error codes during updates

For example I'm talking about Bitdefender IS, which I know well. (but that I gave up, from the new version Mbam 3)

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Isn't Microsoft Windows Defender an anti-virus program?

Malwarebytes is a malware block and cleaner.  You need both types of defense on your computer.

If Malwarebytes does in fact look for and clean viruses too, then, maybe not -- in that case there is a logic for having as many different virus scanners on your computer as possible to back each other up.  However, conventional wisdom is that two or more operating virus scanners often conflict and create issues and are not worth the any overlapping gain in net security.

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On ‎11‎/‎17‎/‎2017 at 12:23 AM, Vengarl said:

As the title suggests, am I allowed to disable my built in Windows Defender Antivirus program now that Malwarebytes is supposedly a replacement nowadays?

Leave it running! MB3 is NOT enough you need layered protection, MB3 can not catch every nasty out there.

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