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  1. nukecad

    April Fools' Anti-Malware Product Ideas

    In the same light hearted vein: Malwarebytes Absolute Protection: "Stop getting infected. - Disconnects/disables all internet connections, disables Bluetooth, disables USB ports, disables card readers, disables CD/DVD/floppy drives, removes all non-Microsoft products (apart from MAP itself), sets every folder/file on your system to Read-Only. - It's Awesome dudes!"
  2. After some more testing (playing) I have decided to my own satisfaction that it's Windows Defender Definition Updates that is increasing the Network number. (The next time you tether). I had noticed that if I was only using the laptop tethered it did not increase, but if I then used it on wifi the next time I tethered I got a new network number. At first I thought it may have been simply switching between wifi and tethering that caused it. But then I realised that each time I used wifi it was an unmetered connection, and so Defender would update it's definitions automatically. Of course when tethered the connection was metered, so no automatic updates. I tested this by unplugging my tethered phone, replugging and retethering. This gave the same network number. I then used 'Check for Updates' on my tethered, metered, connection and allowed a Defender Definition Update to download and install. Unplugged the tethered phone again, replugged and retethered. Bingo, a new network number. So I'm fairly satisfied that it's a new tethering, following a Defender Definition Update, that causes the network number to increase. No definition update, no increase. The next question is just why a Defender Definition Update should cause Windows to see your device as 'new' the next time you connect it.
  3. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    I'm not sure that the name is that much of a problem, people have already got used to stating which version and build number they are running. I've also seen somewhere that in future they are planning to drop the '10' and it'll just be called 'Windows'. The bit about restricting upgrades, if I remember right, was supposed to be done by checking your hardware in the weeks before an upgrade and if it wasn't compatible then you wouldn't get the automatic upgrade. (Until changes had been made to it). Which is why you see home users still on 'old' Windows 10 versions now and again. (One of my friends was stuck on 1511 for a while until I manually updated her to 1703, it's been updating since but she still hasn't been offered 1809 yet). Like I say it's the same as you see with Android, some devices are 'stuck' with old versions and will never get updated because their hardware is not compatible. My Galaxy SIII is Android 4.1.2. and that's never going to update. (Unless I take a chance and hack it to a later version).
  4. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    It's a good point. In the past most (home) users would never change their OS, they would stick with whatever was on the computer when they bought it. The only time an OS was changed was when you bought a new computer, with new hardware that was compatible with the new OS. Pushing out automatic major OS updates to Win10 home users (with no choice) means that you are going to eventually be pushing them out to incompatible hardware. It's a situation that can only get worse in future. Android gets away with constant major OS updates because people like to buy the latest new phone every year. If you don't then Android apps stop working properly on your 'old' phone with an old Android OS. Maybe that's what MS are trying to push towards, buy a new computer/laptop every year or two?
  5. nukecad

    Black screen

    Are you saying that you did manage to get the screen showing the troubleshooting menu after your 3x off/on? Or are you saying that it wouldn't even get that far?
  6. It's been mentioned before, along with the now surplus, 'Buy Now' and 'Activate' buttons on the GUI. I guess they've just not got round to it yet.
  7. When that was posted 1809 had been pulled from release by Microsoft, because of bugs. It is now back on general release. You can wait for Microsoft to offer it to you as an Automatic update, OR You can manually 'Check for Updates' which will download/install the upgrade to 1809. (If your machine is compatible). OR You can get it through the Update Assistant at that address in the previous post.
  8. .139 as posted above seems to have cured the problem. Remember that this is a beta so some issues/glitches are going to be expected.
  9. nukecad

    pc slowed down

    We noted on another help forum earlier this year that there was sudden incidence of users who seemed to have Windows Enterprise for some reason. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52486-wrong-windows-10/?tab=comments#comment-299048 We never got to the bottom of it, but believe that it was some kind of glitch with Windows wrongly reporting 'Pro' as being 'Enterprise'. (Other possibilities were the 'gig' economy providing their workers with 'Enterprise' laptops, or maybe hacked licences). It seemed to be only with 1803, and we've not noticed it again over there for a couple of months. (Which again would seem to point to a MS error that has now been corrected).
  10. I'm seeing the same here with 137, I won't post the files unless you ask for them. The old command window works fine, but powershell gets blocked everytime. Windows 10 1809, build 17763.134
  11. Mmm, it seems that following the patch Tuesday updates the counter is increasing again for every tethering, up to Network 6 now. I guess the updates changed/reset something?
  12. nukecad

    MBAE Experimental

    Sometimes the best inovations come about because you get forced to do things differently from the 'norm', so have to think of something new.
  13. And 3 weeks to the day it has now increased to 'Network 4'. Interestingly I had already had a session starting at around 17:00 and lasting till 19:20 or so that was Network 3. I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, just my normal Sunday routine tasks. I then shut down, had a meal etc., and rebooted/retethered at 21:25 which then gave me Network 4. Interesting that it's exactly 3 weeks to the day, may be a clue as to what may be causing it? I'll leave it alone to see if it's another 3 weeks to the next one.
  14. Just to note that almost 3 weeks on I'm still getting "Network 3" despite tethering/untethering (and shutting down/rebooting) multiple times each day. So that Device Manager tweak in post #2 does seem to be working, and it doesn't seem to be affected by Defender definition updates. (One day I'll track down just what it is that occasionally overrides the tweak and gives a new network ).
  15. Simply turn off clickbait detection - for those particular sites or altogether. It's a simple switch in the extension front panel. Nobody is forcing you to have clickbait detection/blocking turned on; nobody is forcing you to use the Firefox extension at all. That's entirely your choice. If you want to see adverts then don't use an adblocker, if you want to see clickbait then don't use a clickbait blocker - simples.

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