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  1. Are you using TiSP? https://archive.google.com/tisp/install.html
  2. Wired or wireless mouse? Does it happen if you use a different mouse? I've seen old mouses start to 'drift' on their own when their onboard chips are going faulty, jumping could be a similar fault especially if it's only on one axis.
  3. I think I can explain that, I've seen similar before. From the positions of those 'M's (bottom left of the icons) in the first screenshot it's the standard desktop 'shortcut arrow' that has somehow been replaced by the Malwarebytes M. That shortcut arrow is an overlay on the apps own icon. In the second screenshot the shortcut arrow is back as normal, which confirms that for some reason the standard shortcut arrow had been replaced by the wrong icon/symbol (in this case the Malwarebytes M). You can replace that shortcut arrow manually if you play about, eg. some people like to
  4. Maybe Microsoft and others are missing a marketing sector here? (That's not like them). There are may 'Parental Controls' to 'keep kids safe from porn images' (most of which don't do that anyway), but I don't think I've seen a 'Seniors Mode' yet - apart from large button/magnified screen smartphones and tablets. OK the accessibility options in Windows, but that all needs setting up it's not a 'mode' provided by the OS.
  5. Kioxia/Toshiba is just the new SSD, (I'd also looked at a Crucial but went with Kioxia), the 2 laptops are an Asus and a Lenovo. Yes, the clone vs reinstall is my thinking too. Windows itself is not that much of a problem for a fresh install (if I can remember all the tweaks to get rid of annoyances, Cortina, OneDrivel, and add a few things to context menus etc. I don't do that when reinstalling Windows for others they get a bog-standard 'how Microsoft want you to have it', but would want the tweaks for myself). Reinstalling all the rest of my apps, finding activation/licence keys,
  6. Kioxia is a subsiduary of Toshiba under a different name. I paid £42.99 GBP for it on Amazon, about $60 USD. More expensive than Kingston etc., much cheaper than Samsung. Looking on Amazons US site they have it listed at $115.31 plus shipping, almost double what I paid for it - I guess that's taxes as part of your trade war with the Orient? Thanks all for your replies, That seems to confirm my thinking that it's either the enclosure, 20H2 (drivers?), or a combination of both. I may get a new SATA/USB lead or a new enclosure, or just try a clean install. Both laptops have I
  7. I indicated in another thead that I was having issues with a new SSD and cloning my existing HDD to it; https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/271823-many-are-unaware-that-windows10-is-still-free/?do=findComment&comment=1445849 I'll sure that I'll eventually sort it out but would appreciate any insights from others. Here it goes: I bought a new SSD (Kioxia Excieria 480GB, SATA) to replace the HDD in a laptop, Windows 10 20H2. Macrium Reflect failed to clone the installed drive to the new SSD. (SSD in an external enclosure connected by USB). So check the SSD - Windows D
  8. As exile360 says, it appears to be a dodgy/misleading advertising pop-up. If you look closely the site being advertised in that popup, and which you would probably go to if you clicked the link, is "Darwin2.ru" - which is a travel site and noting to do with an antivirus.
  9. Indeed you get as much RAM as you need, I was just pointing out that Win 10 will run fine for most people on 4GB RAM. I do have a SSD waiting to be installed in that laptop, (having a few issues with the new SSD) and may look at adding more RAM while I have the case open.
  10. According to that screenshot 85% of your 64GB RAM is not in use. To me that's a bit like driving round in a bus on your own everyday, just in case you might want to use all those empty seats sometime. (Or living on your own in a house with 8 bedrooms - pick your own metaphor). My 4GB RAM laptop running Win 10 20H2 generally looks like this: (That's Firefox, a spreadsheet, notepad, and 3 other apps open).
  11. Win 10/64 runs fine on my laptops 4GB, even when running a CAD application (Autodesk Dwg TrueView) with house building plans open, a couple of spreadsheets, documents, PDF files, and a browser all open at the same time. It's fine for basic games, 3D golf etc., as well. Obviously the more RAM the better, up to a point unused RAM is wasted RAM, but 4GB is plenty for most 'everyday' users of Win 10. Especially those who's main use for a computer is Social Media and shopping.
  12. I'm UK not USA but: Oddly my normaly EE mobile connection (EE is who I pay) said that it was connected to T-Mobile earlier this week. I didn't think much about it becase EE/Orange/T-mobile/others are all the same company under different names and share mobile signal masts. Still not too bothered, Microsoft, Google, etc. collect more data than any mobile provider could.
  13. Ask an Austrailian about rabbits, or anyone about Japanese Knotweed. Whole orders of scale bigger than bacteria and we can't control their spread. "Researchers" aren't gods or supermen, they are people just like the rest of us. I was a design engineer working on nuclear sites, so probably some would say a 'boffin' - I still make mistakes, I still go to the toilet , I still get drunk occasionally, just like anyone else. One thing I'd hope not to do is mistakenly (with good but misguided intentions) release a possible menace on the world.
  14. "Researchers" have no say in it. Other than not being so stupid/naive as to create such a thing in the first place. We are seeing at the moment a prime example of just how little control we humans have over the spread of viruses and bacteria. Then of course there will always be some idiot who would want to use it as a weapon. A polymer eating bacteria could bring any technological nation to it's knees. (Which some would welcome).
  15. Your faith in human nauture (and human control) is touchingly naive. If such a bacteria exists someone will 'dump' it on a landfill site to eat the pastic there, (possibly a well meaning greenie activist, more likely the waste managment company, or the well meaning government). Scavenging birds on the landfil will pick it up on their feet and in their digestive tracts, then fly to the next landfill, the bins in the next town, etc. - and it's out in the world to spread unchecked and digest wanted as well as unwanted plastics. Oh, and being a bacteria it WILL mutate/evolve to digest
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