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  1. Two points to remember: GCHQ in the UK, and NSA in the US, can already intercept most things anyway. And they share them to get around national regulations, there's no law to stop the UK spying on US citizens and then sharing what they find with the NSA, or vice-versa. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/gchq-tempora-101 Other countries that don't have that capability are looking for other ways to get access to data. If they wanted to actually read everything they intercept then they would need to employ half the population to read what the other half is doing. The best they can do is scan for keywords, and flag up any found for a human to look at. I wouldn't worry about it, and no doubt my username gets flagged frequently - unless they've already put it on a whitelist.
  2. Post editing is disabled on this forum (except for advanced usergroups) as a result of too much spam being added in edits to posts. It can be a PITA for those who are not in one of the advanced groups, but obviously the decision to disallow edits wasn't taken lightly. As for notifications: Click on your name at the top right of the page and select Account Settings. On the right of the page that comes up click Notification Settings. Change the notification settings as you would like them, the options are quite comprehensive. Notifications aren't usually on by default on most fora because independent research shows most people don't want them (especially email notifications).
  3. WinInit.ini is a 'temporary' file, which is run once when you boot and then it should be automatically deleted. It contains 'updated' system information. eg. Program updates that require a reboot/restart may write information to WinInit.ini to be executed on the reboot. Other programs (eg. Avast AV) may use it to delete their old log files when you boot. As it runs automatically on boot then it could be a security concern if a bad guy sneaks something malicious in there. PS. JRT is a discontinued product, AdwCcleaner replaced it a couple of years ago.
  4. We are used to wildlife on the nuclear site here, usually it doesn't end well for them. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-26158893 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cumbria/8536094.stm https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2012/jun/08/radioactive-swallows-sellafield But they occasionally get their own back: https://www.newsandstar.co.uk/news/17727899.seagull-wrecks-30000-sellafield-drone/
  5. Like the film, it's good time wasting enjoyment. Maybe a bit too 'Gung ho, clean cut, all American' and faschist to boot; but hey it's (science) fiction so exploring themes like that is allowed. PS. All spiders are called Boris, male or female. And they are clever buggers, do you think you could handle eight legs without getting in a tangle? Never mind that you are also looking out of eight eyes at the same time. PPS. And yes, it's true that you can find them living in highly radioactive areas that we won't go near and only send robots into. I've never heard of one actually inside a reactor, but of course those are well sealed anyway so they couldn't get in.
  6. That link downloads fine here, is your Browser Guard up to date, v2.2.4 ?
  7. I suggest that you post in the Malware Removal forum and get one-to-one help to check over your machine from one of the removal experts. Start here and follow the instructions: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/
  8. Don't worry about that, we all make mistakes now and again - Just carry on and post the details of your problem. Someone will read it and advise what you should do next.
  9. Maybe more ads and trackers from Google on Chromium based browsers?
  10. Turning off Ad/Tracker blocking can make pages slower to load - simply because they are now loading the Ads that would otherwise have been blocked with the setting enabled. If there are a lot of Ads on a page then most of the page loading time can be taken up loading those Ads, especially if the Ads have graphicis and video/animations. If the Ads are blocked from loading then the rest of the page will load more quickly, it's one of the major reasons why people use Ad blockers.
  11. That 3 month trial offer was back in February, but I've just checked and it has now ended. The trial versions offer RTP for a 14 day period, after that they revert to unlicenced scan-only mode.
  12. Why not just put a 14 day free trial version on the temporary PC? There was recently a three month trial offer, I'm not sure if that is still available?
  13. Yes. Speccy, Defreggler, and Recuva still have those old style installers which can catch users out. Speccy hasn't had an update for a while now and can struggle with correctly identifying newer CPU's and drives. It often reports temperatures wrongly as well, although it's usually obvious that they are reported much too high. I wrote my own batch to clean up browser caches/history/cookies and some other stuff. TBH I only have CCleaner now because I'm a mod on their forum.
  14. Just came across this again, so a bit of an update. As promised the CCleaner 'standard' installer was changed so that any bundled offers from Piriform or Avast now appear on a seperate page with very clear 'Decline' or 'Accept' buttons. However you should note that there is occasionally a Google Chrome offer that still uses the old style pre-ticked box which is easier to miss. That's been shouted about but it seems to be a condition imposed by Google and not by Piriform. (That's yet to be fully confirmed).
  15. I'm not doubting your results at all. I'm just noting that with MBG Firefox enabled on my Win 10 laptop BBC news loads in a second or so. MBG protections all checked or all unchecked makes no difference for me. (I also have AdBlock extension active in Firefox). Are you in the UK? I am, and the only thing that MBG is currently blocking on BBC.co.uk\news for me is "static.chartbeat.com". There may be some other issue/conflict with MBG and something else that you are using? EDIT - Disabling AdBlock does make BBC news slower to fully load here. The front page still comes up quickly, but it's loading things in the background for another 20 seconds or so.
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