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  1. It's just what task manager does these days, have a look at this earlier thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/252362-cpu-usage-always-at-70-until-task-manager-is-open/?tab=comments#comment-1339132
  2. I had the beta version of Browser Guard for Firefox extension on my old android phone. It worked OK but did slow it down, I haven't tried it since Browser Guard has been fully released. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/251670-android-old/?tab=comments#comment-1335078
  3. Apologies to non UK users, even on the ITV hub where the catch-ups are it's UK only. So unless you can log a VPN into a UK server then It looks like you can't watch it yet if you are outside the UK. https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/entertainment/watch-itv-hub-abroad-3684901/
  4. This is funny; think Shaun of the Dead set on a canal boat from Birmingham. https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/zomboat/videos/18619/trailed/
  5. Just to note (belatedly) that later updates have cured this issue. It was then showing all available networks, but on startup I did have to toggle flight mode off and on to get it to connect automatically. I eventually changed from and then back to Automatic start up for the WLAN AutoConfig service and it seems to be working normally now and automatically connecting at boot. (Start Menu>All apps>Windows Administrative tools>Computer management>Services and Applications>Services>WLAN AutoConfig>Properties>General>Startup Type)
  6. It's probably an Audio driver problem, and Windows 10 has maybe selected the wrong driver for your hardware. Try the suggestions here: https://www.guidingtech.com/no-sound-issue-windows-10-update/
  7. The redirects are probably on the server of whatever site it is that you are trying to reach and getting redirected from. They are not emanating from your phone so whatever you scan with won't find any malware on your phone. All you can do is contact the owner of the site that you are trying to reach and making them aware of the problem so that they can fix it at their end. I had similar recently and found a 'contact us' for the site involved. Once I reported the problem they fixed it within an hour.
  8. If I might intrude here. I believe that there is nothing using 100% CPU - this is simply the way that Task Manager works nowadays. (Although it may be an unintentional bug that Microsoft has introduced in it). When you launch Task Manager it will always start by showing 100% CPU usage - until it can monitor just what is actually being used, which only takes a second or so. This ties in with what the OP is reporting. Nothing is actually using 100% CPU, it's just a number that is being shown while it works out what your CPU usage is. I can repeat this constantly here with my Winindows 10 1903- Open Task Manager and it shows 100% CPU for the first second or two, then drop down to the actual level in use. Close (not minimise) and relaunch Task Manager and it will again show 100% CPU and then drop down to the actual level in use. And again, and again, for as long as you want to keep closing and relaunching it, it will always show 100% CPU when it is launched. I managed to catch a screenshot and you can see that although its showing 100% at the top all the figures in that column show 0% because it hasn't worked them out yet. I believe that it used to show 0% CPU at the top until it monitored what is actually in use, the same as Disk and Network show 0% at TM launch. Why Microsoft have changed it I have no idea, like I say it may be unintentional? PS. I noticed something similar happening with this months Patch Tuesday updates. If you watched them they started off showing 100% downloaded and then (after a while) dropped to the real figure, the same happened with 'installing' starting at 100% and then dropping to what had actually been installed.
  9. We do bonfire night on 5th November to commerate an attempt to blow up our parliament in 1605. We like to remind the politicians each year, especially the idiots we have at the moment. Of course trick or treat has taken off over here in the last 20 years or so. Kids will always pick up something that gives them free treats.
  10. I found this ghacks article about these warnings: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/09/06/firefox-add-ons-warning-this-extension-isnt-monitored-by-mozilla/
  11. I clicked your link and I'm not seeing that message in my Firefox 69.0.1 (64-bit). As you are not seeing it in Waterfox then it's maybe a setting that you have in your Firefox?
  12. Off topic but I'm not sure I like that new avatar Firefox. Everyone to their own though.
  13. I'm on the phone so going from memory, if you click on the icon it should open the GUI and show a list by name of what is being blocked for the current website. PS. I don't usually see that many for the MB forum, but maybe Adblock is getting to them first?
  14. The number shows how many items are currently being blocked. (Or should do). These may be ads, click bait, trackers, whatever. I believe that if you have multiple tabs open then it shows the total for all open tabs. You should be able to see what they are in the extension GUI.
  15. Downloaded/reinstalled it yesterday, v1.13.1.117, and I didn't get that screen? Don't know where my previous edit went? I had edited to say that on second thoughts I may have used an installer already on my laptop, without downloading a new one.
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