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  1. I think the point is that every countries security service is spying on everyone that they can. We all know it and there is not a lot we can do about it. It only hits the headlines when somebody want's to make a political point to divert attention. (Failing election campaigns are an obvious reason to try and cause a distraction).
  2. So the Chinese security services are spying on companies, and on you. Along with the NSA, GCHQ, Mossad, GRU/FSB/SVR, etc., etc. The security services of all countries all spy on other countries businesses and citizens, and on their own business and citizens. "Our dedicated security operatives monitoring the world to keep our way of life safe"; AKA spies to all those who are being monitored. Where it's against the law to spy on your own citizens, they'll help one another out. ie. GCHQ aren't supposed to spy on UK citizens - so the NSA spy on UK citizens and then share the
  3. Not quite what you are asking for; but I have a (quick and dirty, no checks) batch file that I run daily to clear/clean various things with one double-click, Adw logs being one of them. If you are familiar with writing batch files the relevant line from my batch is: echo Clear AdwCleaner logs. del /q C:\AdwCleaner\Logs\*.txt >nul 2>nul
  4. Just to note that those ID numbers in the top right of posts only show in the 'Wide - (Beta)' themes, they aren't there in the Standard themes.
  5. No, I don't have fast startup enabled. I'm not sure how long it had been going on. As with everything that works well you don't notice it, MBAE just launches quietly and sits in the system tray. If I hadn't started looking at the tray frequently for other reasons I probably wouldn't have noticed the missing icon. Previously if for some reason MBAE didn't launch at startup then there would be a warning on the desktop with a recommendation to restart, but that wasn't showing up either. Possibly MBAE was launching but no icon was being put in the tray, too late to test that
  6. I've noticed that MBAE has stopped launching on startup, and the previous notification of when that happened is not being displayed either. There is no icon in the system tray. Is it just for me or are others seeing this? EDIT - Redownload/install has sorted it out. Not sure just why it stopped?
  7. It's a known issue with Firefox 80. The release notes say it's been fixed for PDFs in todays Firefox update. Malwarebytes have also promised a change in the next few days to stop MBG preventing other downloads.
  8. I can confirm that disabling MBG allows the images to download as normal here. Watching it in action with MBG enabled and downloading a large image it does seem to be downloading the image to 99.99% then says 'cancelled', but as soon as you click the retry arrow it immediately completes. I guess there is some kind of clash between MBG and whatever it is that mozilla have changed, we'll just have to wait for the MBG team to adjust for the change. Also odd that it's not affecting downloads of PDFs for me on Windows but is for you on Mac, that may be a pointer to what has been chan
  9. It's one of those things. Mozilla change something and then everyone else has to adjust their apps to what mozilla have changed. Not realy a bug by either party, just a bit of a catch-up lag.
  10. I'm not having a problem with documents, just images. Maybe a difference between Mac and Windows? Which to me also points to something being changed in the Firefox update. I have to go out for a couple of hours, I'll do some more 'playing' later.
  11. Just a 'me too' - with a couple of workrounds and a possible explanation. I'm definitely now suspecting that this is a bug in Firefox v80. It looks as if they may have set the default download protection too high? @Popeye Where you see that circular arrow in the download manager click on it again to retry the download. That has just worked for me with an image that hadn't downloaded/saved. Second workround is to copy the image and then paste it into your image viewer/editor. I haven't had a problem with PDFs. I had first noticed this when trying to 'save-as' some i
  12. Remember that tools looking for 'nasties' will usually contain a list of the names of those 'nasties'. Less sophistcated security software will see that list and throw it's hands up thinking the full thing might be there and not just it's name in a list. Speccy has not been updated for a number of years now. Earlier this month Microsoft started to object to the Speccy installer because it contains an 'offer' of other software. MS does not object to Speccy itself merely that installer. (Many think this is heavy handed of MS who also offer other MS products when you install their softw
  13. That's actually a simple workround that I posted on the CCleaner forum and the CCleaner Product Manager, Stephen, reposted it on hackademix because it was mainly NoScript users who were having the issue. As said in the second post there CCleaner v5.70 fixed the issue so that workround is no longer needed unless you are running an old CCleaner version for some reason. There haven't been any specific bugs reported by users with CCleaner v5.70 - yet. (Although I have found and reported two small ones no one else seems to have noticed them in use yet, and they may only happen with Win1
  14. Techdows has corrected the previous update to show August 6. As already said the CCleaner v5.70 update has caught up with Firefoxes' changes and fixed that particular issue anyway. Techdows have noted that CCleaner update, and have now removed the screenshot of the incorect fix. However CCleaner themselves boobed slightly and in rushing out the fix managed to include one screen (Privacy), with unlinked/unworking features, that isn't due for release for a couple of months. (It's supposed to be being removed and put back to how it should be, but if you get the early 5.70.7909 insta
  15. Even though I'm a moderator there I don't recommend it to others anymore either, but it's their choice and if they want it then I'll help them use it properly for their setup and show/tell them what not to do.
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