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  1. Ask an Austrailian about rabbits, or anyone about Japanese Knotweed. Whole orders of scale bigger than bacteria and we can't control their spread. "Researchers" aren't gods or supermen, they are people just like the rest of us. I was a design engineer working on nuclear sites, so probably some would say a 'boffin' - I still make mistakes, I still go to the toilet , I still get drunk occasionally, just like anyone else. One thing I'd hope not to do is mistakenly (with good but misguided intentions) release a possible menace on the world.
  2. "Researchers" have no say in it. Other than not being so stupid/naive as to create such a thing in the first place. We are seeing at the moment a prime example of just how little control we humans have over the spread of viruses and bacteria. Then of course there will always be some idiot who would want to use it as a weapon. A polymer eating bacteria could bring any technological nation to it's knees. (Which some would welcome).
  3. Your faith in human nauture (and human control) is touchingly naive. If such a bacteria exists someone will 'dump' it on a landfill site to eat the pastic there, (possibly a well meaning greenie activist, more likely the waste managment company, or the well meaning government). Scavenging birds on the landfil will pick it up on their feet and in their digestive tracts, then fly to the next landfill, the bins in the next town, etc. - and it's out in the world to spread unchecked and digest wanted as well as unwanted plastics. Oh, and being a bacteria it WILL mutate/evolve to digest
  4. It looks as if BioniX has turned all your windows into 'wallpapers', so that they now appear behind the icons. I'm not sure if BioniX is meant to have a setting to do that? You may find something in the BioniX online manual, or raise a support ticket with them. PS. The command message that causes that behaviour is undocumented by Microsoft, but if you google "WorkerW" you will find lots of coders messing about with putting things inbetween the Desktop and the Icons. Here's one to give you an idea: https://dynamicwallpaper.readthedocs.io/en/docs/dev
  5. @RexR By using that big bold quote you are making my point for me. It from a 2016 article, so is 4 years old. (4 years out of date) https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/09/consumer-group-microsoft-should-compensate-unhappy-windows-10-upgraders/ You are relying on out of date information. Windows 10 is much different now from what it was in 2016. Take a look for yourself, don't rely on what others thought 4 or 5 years ago. PS. What version of Win 10 is your wifes laptop, is it up to date at version 20H2, or is it an older version? As Maurice Naggar
  6. Always your choice, but I'd just add that if this was a couple of years ago then do yourself a favour and take another look at Windows 10 as it is now. Unlike older Windows versions it gets a major update every 6 months, and is now quite different from when it first came out. The Windows 10 name stays the same but things change every six months, sometimes a lot. (Comparing Windows 10 now to how it was when it first came out is a bit like comparing Win 7 to XP or Vista).
  7. I assume the trading isn't going that well? (If it was you could afford a new computer).
  8. Why is your system down? If it's simply internet access then tether the phone to a laptop by usb or bluetooth, or make the phone a portable/mobile wifi hotspot. That way you are simply using the phone as a mobile router and using your computer as normal. A cabled usb connection is better as it doesn't drain the phones battery as much as bluetooth/hotspot, and even charges it when you are idle. (I've had no fixed broadband or wifi for a couple of months now, I'm tethering my laptop to the phones signal via usb).
  9. Some 504, bottom right corner of the screenshot, outages have been noticed today on other Invision based forums (CCleaner is one, the posts about it are in the staff sub-forum). I've not seen anyone else lose messages, post history, etc. yet But we have seen that loss on CCleaner forum when we first updated to 4.5, the older stuff came back after a week but we lost anything from that week. I'm guessing that todays is an (another) Invision server glitch?
  10. Sorry, I hadn't considered that BBC iPlayer wouldn't work outside of the UK. Seems odd for a corporation that broadcasts TV and radio programmes around the world.
  11. I usually avoid 'what are you ... ' pages but this is good. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000qrsx It says so much on different levels while also giving you a laugh.
  12. No problem, as I say if you have any questions/issues with CCleaner then the CCleaner forum is the place to get help. Like the experienced users here on the Malwarebytes forum we have usually seen/fixed it before and are able to sort most things out without the need to raise a support ticket.
  13. It's not Malwarebytes Browser Guard doing that. Iit sounds as if you have synced your Firefox. (Intentionally or unintentionally). If so then the trackers/ads that CCleaner is removing from you computer each time are simply being synced back again when you reopen Firefox, and then more new ones added as you continue to browse. Unless you clear the synced data from within Firefox itself, or turn off syncing, then the list that CCleaner finds on your computer each time you have used Firefox is just going to keep growing. See this for a longer explanation: https://community.cclea
  14. Error - (Somebody at Invision moved the edit button so I quoted by mistake).
  15. As I said above it doesn't do that. Which is a big improvement over the previous behaviour in my opinion. It's probably been changed in response to the number of posts that have been made about the trial being 'forced' on new installs/updates and then having to deactivate it.
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