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  1. Most companies distribute automatic updates over time, with millions of users they can't do them all at once. So it's not unusual if you have more than one machine to get one updated before the other, sometimes days between the two (or more). They do usually have the option to get the update manually yourself rather than waiting fo rthe automatic update.
  2. The latest is 304 released yesterday which you can download here : https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/205865-malwarebytes-anti-exploit-113-build-304-released-nov-23-2020/ Maybe it's just taking a day or two to get updates to Canada?
  3. I totally agree. (and it's a shame that the issue is becoming seen as a political one). I'm not a climate change denier, I know climate change happens. I just think our innate human arrogance has led some to believe that it soley due to our actions and nothing else. We still need to clean our act up, but that's not going to be a magic bullet. I just think that a lot of the current (political) rhetoric is about sticking our finger in the dyke to plug a leak and ingnoring the fact that the water was very likely going to come over the top regardless. Even without us messing with t
  4. Its interesting to note the first 10 words quoted there: "It is clear that the warmer we make the Arctic". That makes a basic presumption that climate change/global warming is 'all our fault'. I worry that some are not seeing the wood for the trees. Whilst not denying that our activities are making a contribution to climate change it is not the whole story. Our planet's temperature and climate has varied widely over the ages, in small cycles (there is a recognised 60 year climate cycle due to variation of our orbit of the sun) and in much larger cycles leading up to ic
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