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  1. Yes Windows 10 does it all the time when you tether a device via USB. It's always on Ethernet2, but the Network number increases over time. (I've see posts from users with 'Network 150' or higher). From my own use it seems to be after a shutdown you sometimes get a new network number the next time you tether. But it's also not consistent. I've seen various suggestions of how to stop it but all the ones I've tried seem to work for a while and then stop working. But see below. You can remove the 'extra' networks and start again from '2' if you are happy using the registry editor. Open regedit and find: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles Check each profile entry and delete any that say 'Network #' for the profile name. I leave 'Network' itself alone, and all the others that may be there. (unless I recognise say an old wifi router that i'm never going to connect to again, but if in doubt leave it there). Next time you tether you'll start again with 'Network 2'. You could also try this, which seems to be working for me currently (For the last month or so): Tether the phone/device using USB, then: Open Device Manager > Network adapters and find "#### USB Remote NDIS Network Device" Right click it and go to Properties > Advanced > Network Address. Assign a value. I assigned a value of 1 and my tethered phone comes up as 'Network 2' no matter how many times I disconnect/reconnect it. (for now).
  2. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    Have you tried using the "Update Assistant" rather than downloading the Media Creation tool? (They are both on the same webpage). TBH I think that your problem may be that when you try to use any of these tools they are now trying to install 1803 - but they are recognising that you already have a later version installed, 1809, (or just not recognising what 1809 is at all) and so abort. (You might have more luck if you actually create media, ie. a DVD or USB and reinstall from that, but no guarantees). You may be best waiting until Microsoft start offering their revised/fixed 1809. PS. If you are still having problems with apps not connecting to the internet then try switching the network profile from "Private" to "Public", there have been reports of that switch curing some connectivity issues.
  3. nukecad

    How do I follow a forum?

    Also: Drop down the menu on your username at the top right of the page and select 'Account Settings'. On the right of that page you will find 'Notification settings' select that. You then have choices of what and how you want to be notified of content that you follow, including email notifications if you want them. Scroll the page down for more detailed options. You'll note that on that first drop down menu there is also 'Manage Followed Content', that is where you can change what you are following, remove follows etc.
  4. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    Downloading media and reinstalling was the next step if you couldn't roll back, but you seem to have had problems with that. However- Microsoft yesterday issued an update to remove the faulty driver from HP machines. Ok, yours does not sound quite the same as you are are not getting the BSOD like some others - but you are on HP with a driver problem after 1809 so this update would be your next try: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4468372/hp-devices-may-experience-blue-screen-error-wdf-violation-after-instal Use 'Check for Updates' to see if it will do it for you, if not you will have to do it manually from the Microsoft Update Catalogue, the link is onthat webpage. That page also gives a command string that will remove the faulty driver if you have problems getting that update. Note that its a different command string for 32bit and 64bit systems.
  5. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    You can't use Update Assistant for 1809 at the moment - 1809 has been pulled from general release. Update Assistant is currently offering 1803 again, and the media downloads on the same webpage are also 1803. I don't think that you can use the Update Assistant to roll back a version - but see below for the way to do this. You could create media and reinstall 1803 from scratch, but try rolling back to 1803 as described below first. And yes, a change means that Disk Cleanup (and Storage Sense) in 1809 will now clean out your downloads folder if you tick the box to clean downloaded files Is your laptop a HP laptop? There is a new report of problems for those who did install 1809 on HP machines, caused by incompatible drivers. If you haven't been too agressive with cleaning then you should be able to roll back your laptop to version 1803 again. See here for how to roll back Windows10 to the previous version: https://www.howtogeek.com/235474/how-to-roll-back-builds-and-uninstall-updates-on-windows-10/
  6. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    'Official' from Microsoft is that it was caused by users having 'Known Folder Redirection' enabled, but still keeping files in the previous location as well as the 'relocated' location. Seems there had been complaints of these Known Folders showing as duplicates, so the Update removed the old locations - but didn't check that they were empty first. It was also a problem with KFR becoming turned on when using some options of Onedrive. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/10/09/updated-version-of-windows-10-october-2018-update-released-to-windows-insiders/
  7. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    Not sure about your drivers Gt-truth, maybe Windows has replaced them with different versions? The problem that has halted distribution is more obvious than that - all the contents of the users Documents, Pictures, etc. folders go missing entirely. It does seem to be linked to using the Update Assistant rather than 'Check for Updates'. (ie. Those who are jumping the gun a bit and installing it themselves before Windows 'offers' it).
  8. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    1809 pulled from release. Windows 10 1809 has been pulled from release while they investigate the 'missing files' problem. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4464619/windows-10-update-history If anyone has lost files because of this (and stupidly didn't have backups) then there are reports that 'Recuva' will get them back: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3310610/microsoft-windows/did-you-upgrade-to-win10-1809-and-lose-all-of-your-documents-and-pictures-theres-a-fix-for-that.html
  9. nukecad

    Windows 10, version 1809 released

    That seems to be from users who have used the Upgrade Assistant. Who knows what they clicked on or selected when using it? They may well have clicked on the option to do a complete reinstall of Windows. If you use 'Check for Updates' in Settings>Update and Security it should be OK. Updated mine yesterday no problems. (Well the task manager thing, but that should be patched next week).
  10. nukecad

    How to Activate?

    No. It is now a free version of Anti Exploit that has all the premium features. BUT it is now used to test Anti Exploit for the main MB3. So you don't need both.
  11. Now this has got very strange/interesting. I had a Windows update this afternoon, KB4458469. Some of you may have seen online that MS have been doing strange things with that update - releasing it, then pulling it, then releasing it again with the same number, installing it twice, and so on. MS say it's " because of a missing solution " whatever that is supposed to mean? (MS updates have been weird for the past 2 or 3 weeks). https://www.computerworld.com/article/3309402/microsoft-windows/bizarre-circumstances-surround-fourth-set-of-win10-cumulative-updates-in-two-weeks.html Anyway - now that hardware error is not even showing in the Reliability Monitor - it seems that the update has erased it? I'll put it down to MS messing about for some reason, probably to try and plug another security hole they are not telling us about yet.
  12. On booting my latop today I noticed in Task Manager "Windows Problem Reporting service" was running (at the highest CPU usage). Checking the Reliability Monitor I found: The Code ID and paramaters mean nothing to me, and nothing useful I can find online. Event viewer, Windows Logs, shows nothing unusual for todays date, just 'information' entries and one warning in the System logs for a DNS server timeout. Event viewer, Applications and Services Logs, Hardware events shows zero events. Windows is running fine. I do have both the camera and microphone disabled, but this has never thrown up an error before. I'll probably just ignore it and keep an eye on the Reliability Monitor next boot. Anybody have any ideas what it may have been?
  13. I'll leave exile to answer the 'what it scanned' question. But as exile is not online at the moment I'll talk about the fastest tube detections - Firstly to say that I don't know that application, but from a quick search some like it and some wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. I expect that it's files are being found as "PUP"s, which stands for "Potentially Unwanted Programmes". Tthese are often programmes that have been 'bundled' and got installed when you installed something else. This doesn't mean that PUPs are malware, just that they may not be wanted by that particular user, who may never use them (and didn't even know they were installed). If you do use them and want them it's your choice to keep them. Make them exclusions in Malwarebytes and it will not detect them again because it then knows that you want to keep them. Here's how to make an exclusion in Malwarebytes: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1130
  14. That will let you get Windows 10 to reset itself to the latest version and build. So yes all latest updates. But- If you carry on from there you will be given the choice to keep your existing files and installed programmes, or start again as if you had just bought that computer. If you are not carefull you will lose all your files/photos/etc. What is it you are trying to achieve?
  15. nukecad

    Security flaw in ‘nearly all’ modern PCs

    Of course Google will take over the world, they have more money and power than most countries. I can't think of any pie that they don't have a finger in.

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