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  1. Yes the https was there. Like I say it's odd, and may be one of those intermittent things that can never be tracked down. I have had it before, but I'm not sure if it was here or Piriform which also uses Invision?
  2. I just made this post and neither of the 2 web addresses resolved into links, I had to go back and manually use the editor button to force them to display as links. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/235072-help-i-have-no-computer-screen/?tab=comments#comment-1263385 Edit. That one resolved OK, strange why the others didn't.
  3. nukecad

    Help I have no computer screen

    It does happen, often after Windows 10 has automatically updated itself. Try this article about possible causes and fixes for Windows 10 blank screens: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-fix-black-screen-problems-windows-10 There is also this step-by-step troubleshooter at Microsoft Support: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/14106/windows-10-troubleshoot-black-screen-problems
  4. nukecad

    Computer freezing with lines on screen

    The striped lines does sound like a graphics card/chip issue. Maybe just getting too hot? Try Speccy or similar to check your temps. Clean the vent slots, make sure any cooling fans are running, etc. In the end though it may need a new graphics card/chip.
  5. The main point is that Malwarebytes is not an AntiVirus programme. - So comparing it to other AntiVirus programmes is misleading and a waste of everyones time. If I entered a cat into a dog show I'd expect it to be judged poorly because, although it looks a bit similar, it's not a dog. I'd also expect it to get attacked by the competition. (Wonderful how you can stretch some metaphors).
  6. You freely admit that they are giving wrong advice, which you yourself have fallen foul of - but you are still a member and are still trusting their judgement? Personally I don't see the logic there, if someone gives you bad advice you don't listen to them again, or at least listen with scepticism.
  7. From a quick look at the site (no I'm not going to join) they have Malwarebytes wrongly classified under 'Anti-Virus' so of course it doesn't tick the usual AV boxes. If you try to compare a motorbike against a bunch of trucks then it's not going to tick the same boxes because it's meant to do a different job.
  8. nukecad

    v1.12.1.100 clash with Acrobat Reader DC.

    Thanks, MBAE installed and Reader DC is now working fine here, both with PDF files opened of the computer harddrive and those opened through the browser. EDIT I did get a "Smart Screen" warning when I ran the installer, saying that it could not check the file. That was probably my dodgy broadband/wifi connection; one of the joys of living in a rural location. I thought it may be worth mentioning though because I have never had this Smart Screen warning before. I just told it to run the installer anyway and it installed without problem.
  9. Official statement posted 10 minutes ago on the Piriform CCleaner forum: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52360-changes-in-v545-and-your-feedback/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-298509 quote from that: As said above, for many that is too little and too late.
  10. They have promised to 'fix it' in the next version. Too little too late. Many are of the opinion it was not a bug to be 'fixed' but deliberate action by the marketing arm of Avast. (And implemented with inept programming). Either way it is the last straw for many. And there have been quite a few straws since Avast bought Piriform. They also got their knickers in a twist over GDPR, which they didn't need to at all. Although they are not the only software company to do so. Mainly because dodgy marketing people don't like this new European transparency and data protection law, and are trying to find ways to circumvent it. Their established userbase is uninstalling and leaving in droves. Others are rolling back to earlier versions. Avast did launch their own stand-alone cleaner a couple of years back, (before that it was built into their AV). It's almost as if Avast bought Piriform with the intention of alienating users and closing down a rival.
  11. That resetting advice in the article is a bit out of date. If you decide to go that route then with Win10 1803 use- Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Get started. It will give you the option to to keep your personal files or not. It will remove any apps you have installed and reset the Windows settings as part of the restore process. You may want to make a note of all apps you have before starting so you can reinstall them after. Make sure you have a note of any licences etc. that you have paid for installed apps (MS Office, Malwarebytes, etc.), you will need them to reactivate the app after you reinstall it.
  12. It's a surprisingly common problem, which can have many causes. See 31 possible causes and their solutions here: https://windowsreport.com/windows-10-keeps-refreshing/ Alternatively sometimes it can be fixed by performing a 'Clean Boot' and troubleshooting from there. This article explains how to Clean Boot and troubleshoot: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows If none of that helps, (or if you just want to go the whole hog straight off), then it may be time to reset/reinstall Windows 10. (Option 31 in the article above).
  13. nukecad

    v1.12.1.100 clash with Acrobat Reader DC.

    So that's Acrobat Pro, Adobe Reader DC, and Foxit reader that are all being affected by this issue. Interestingly though if you right click a pdf and 'Open with' Firefox it displays, scrolls, etc. without any problem, even though I have Firefox included in the MBAE shields too. Which suggests there is a different kind of shield for Firefox than for the other pdf readers?
  14. nukecad

    v1.12.1.100 clash with Acrobat Reader DC.

    CeeBee, I can send you the .90 installer by PM, but it will update to .100 straight away unless you take steps, see the PM. I reported back that the 'unstable' beta version provided by rsullinger to collect logs had no clash/problems at all with Adobe Reader. Hopefully that means that the issue will soon be sorted with another update. Personally for the moment I have left MBAE running and just set my browser to preview pdf's rather than opening them in Reader.
  15. nukecad

    Documents and Folders Read-Only

    Not sure if it's relevent to this problem, It doesn't sound quite the same - but I had a similar issue after the FCU to Windows 10 last year. Suddenly I could open my files but not save them again, I couldn't even save new files. It only affected the 'User' directories, the 'Documents', 'Pictures', etc. folders. You could save normally in other folders such as OneDrive or on the desktop. I tracked it down to Windows 10 "Controlled Folder Access" somehow getting switched on, and blocking anything but Microsoft applications from saving to your 'User' folders. (A very crude kind of anti-ransomware - it just blocked everything not MS from saving any files). If this might be what you are seeing then: Open the Security Centre and go to Virus & Threat Protection > Virus & threat protection settings > Manage Controlled Folder Access and turn it off. I don't know how it had got switched on in the first place, it's supposed to be off by default, but turning it off again cured my filesaving issue.

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