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  1. I've just been notified, by Firefox, of an update to v1.0.38. There doesn't seem to be any information about the update here yet. Although I have automatic updates selected for the Malwarebytes extension, I had to give permission for it to "Monitor extension usage and manage themes" to install the update. Monitoring usage- I already have the option to send anonymous telemetry checked, so that's not a problem for me. Manage themes - ?? I'm not sure just what 'manage themes' is supposed to do. The explanation on the Permissions webpage just says it can do it, not when or why.
  2. Thought it was probably limited, thanks for the confirmation.
  3. I recently changed the browser on my Android phone to Firefox (v65.0) and of course added the Malwarebytes Firefox add-on. Whilst the add-on is working (checked against my faveourite source of clickbait) I cannot find anyway to access the ad-ons Settings and Allow list. I can find the add-on in the FFx menu options, but tapping it only gives the options to disable or uninstall. Am I missing something, or are the Setting and Allow list not available in the add-on for Firefox Android?
  4. nukecad

    Malwarebytes Firefox Plugin Block

    Working now / unblocked. Cheers.
  5. nukecad

    Malwarebytes Firefox Plugin Block

    Still being blocked on my machine, in fact the whole of https://press.malwarebytes.com/ is blocked Win10 1809 17763.292 Firefox 65.0 (64-bit) MB extension v1.0.32
  6. nukecad

    Forum Browsing

    There are also 'Mark site read' button top and bottom right of the page. Clicking either of these will mark everything as being read. Once I am sure I have read all the posts that I want to, I click this and everything else also gets marked as read. So next time I visit the site it only shows the dot/star and bold titles for threads/posts that have something new in them.
  7. Sorry I didn't/don't understand the question myself, it may have been better in a different sub-forum wher more people might see it, General PC Help perhaps. I've reached out to others to see if they can help.
  8. In a single syllable - Que?
  9. Wasn't that supposed to be the whole idea of the insider rings? Why set up what is essentially a world wide beta testing group and then not use it?
  10. I don't run MB3 real time, just have the free version for a weekly manual scan. But I do run the MBAE Beta real time and everytime a MB3 update comes with a trial it uninstalls/removes MBAE (as it's meant to do in favour of it's own MB3 AE component). It's easy enough to cancel the trial and put MBAE back again but an opt-in for the trial would prevent having to do that.
  11. nukecad

    Firefox add-on not working?

    I think it needs one of the developers to comment on ESR compatability. They are usually fairly prompt to respond here, maybe they are on holiday?
  12. nukecad

    Firefox add-on not working?

    You can run both the add-on and the full MB3 together. The add-on obviously only protects the browser and whatever you are doing in the browser, whereas full MB3 protects the whole system ie. if you load something from USB/disc. I believe that they do use the same database, but the add-on also targets some things that are not yet included in MB3. This thread discusses the subject: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/233767-does-ff-add-on-merely-duplicate-malwarebytes-3/
  13. nukecad

    Firefox add-on not working?

    I'm not privy to the rules but I think that it's a case of showing yourself to be 'reliable'. Give good, helpful advice to others. Be willing to work with them to sort the problem if you can. If you can be seen to be helpful on other fora (same username) then that must help as well. My post count here is not as high as many others, but I'm obviously doing the right things here and elsewhere to get trusted.
  14. nukecad

    Firefox add-on not working?

    I agree, as a moderator on another forum I know just how difficult it can be to stop modern spamners. Yes a restriction on being able to edit your own posts is a bit annoying. But it's not as annoying as having your favourite fora bombarded with spam posts. Take the example of another forum I visit regularly. They have disabled new registrations over xmas/new year to try and prevent spam. (The mods there only work office hours). But the last two days have been full of spam posts from 'lurkers' who registered months ago but didnt post until now when they can't make a new registration. Unfortunately it's got to the point where you have to take drastic measures. Put the blame where it's due.
  15. nukecad

    Firefox add-on not working?

    Yes, I'm a member of an 'advanced' group that has editing permission. (I wasn't always). See the following link for an explanation. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/240467-editing-posts-problems/?tab=comments#comment-1289659

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