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  1. Firefox here on the laptop and Android phone, Opera mini on an old Bada OS phone but only because it won't take Firefox. I'll very occasionally use IE on the laptop I don't like Edge and the less said about Chrome the better. (If you've ever tried to completely uninstall an unwanted Chrome you'll know what I mean, it digs itself in like Japanese knotweed and is about as easy to get rid of). Haven't tried Vivaldi.
  2. I'd never previously come across that 'single language' edition, (or the 'KN', or 'N' editions before I looked it up), you learn something new everyday.
  3. Let's see if I can show what we are meaning step-by-step. First click the Windows icon, then the Settings icon: (It won't have 'Settings' written next to it on your machine). Next click on Apps: You should then get a screen that at the top includes this, note that it says here 'The Microsoft Store only (recommended)' - if yours says the same then click on the down arrow and a list of 4 options will pop up Click on one of the 'Anywhere' options and Windows should now let you install apps from places other than the store. If you don't see those screens in that order, then we'll wait for Porthos to get back to you. (Sorry I didn't know you had already sent him those details).
  4. Could you go to Settings > About and either post a screenshot like Porthos did above, or tell us what is says for your Windows Edition, Verison, and OS Build? Once we know which edition/Version you are using we will no longer be guessing about that, and so should be able to give you more focused help.
  5. I was going on that statement, which would indicate that it's already in Home (or Pro) mode. Windows 10 S has never really made any sense to me other than for schools, and maybe some organisations. Why it's being sold to the public, who can fairly easily switch out of it, seems odd? (Maybe so that your non tech savy relatives can't mess it up?). I could understand better if it was being sold as a cheaper cut-down version that you couldn't switch to Home.
  6. I don't think that you are in S mode, but simply need to change a setting. In Settings go to Apps & Features and see what it says under Installing Apps. If it says from the Microsoft Store Only then that is your problem. Change it to Allow Apps from Anywhere and you should be good to go. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4458596/windows-10-change-your-app-recommendation-settings
  7. You will need to contact support and create a ticket to get the associated email changed: https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us Note that the US is currently having a party weekend so replies may be delayed.
  8. Is it starting when you boot? I occasionally, about once a month, get this message: It may be that you have those error messages turned off?
  9. It's supposedly in the pipeline, MB for MAC already has one, you can see it here:
  10. That all sounds sound to me, but let's sound out other members.
  11. Actually they have a chronic pig shortage at the moment, African Swine Fever has wiped out up to half of their pig population. https://www.ft.com/content/b99e7164-fa50-11e9-a354-36acbbb0d9b6
  12. Shades of George Orwell in sman's title there. Off topic but - It does give me a paraphrased slogan for the current UK elections (adapt it for your own country). "All pigs are equal, but some government pigs think they are more equal than the rest of us".
  13. Sorry but you hadn''t read my post well at all, My MI and full arrest happened in that order within two hours, one following the other. I was actually in the ambulance going to hospital following the MI when I went into full arrest. I was lucky in that respect, if I hadn't been in the ambulancewith the paramedic and equipment to hand then I'd probably be dead. (I now call that date my Zombie Birthday, the day I died and came back to life). I had 2 stenting procedures one as an emergency in the middle of the night, the second as soon as I'd recovered from the arrest and a regular daytime slot was available - one month later. It wasn't 'continued problems' it was the same issue. My particular cardiac problems (and eplipsy, and hypersomnolence/narcolepsy) stem from a neurological virus and encapathlitis that I had as a 3 yo infant, hardly a lifstyle or dietary issue. As said that study is only about cardiac stents as a preventative measure, (in angina cases, etc.) and I agree that they are probably unnecessary for that. However that is not the only reason for the use of cardiac stents - which is what I was pointing out. TBH preventative stenting is not that common here in the UK, I guess it's more common un the USA which is where that study was done. In the UK we do use meds and lifestyle changes as the preventative measures, with possibly angioplasty for more severe cases.
  14. It's three years since I had my Cardiac Arrest (I did say that above) and I'm doing fine. I also find it interesting that you seem to have immediately assumed that the cause was due to lifestyle choices and being overweight. (Especially as you know nothing about my medical history or lifestyle). You shouldn't just assume that all cardiac conditions are caused by lifestyle and/or diet, there are many genetic, congenital, and other causes.
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