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    I think (hope) that second one is a typo.
  2. It's just the way that Survey Monkey works, I've seen it numerous times. After you have completed a survey it often loads a different, unrelated, survey to try and get you 'involved'. If you are not interested then just close it.
  3. I can't tell you for sure about the email, but the recent update did indeed contain a dark mode switch. (I've already turned it on). So the email is probably genuine. But to be sure- Open your Malwarebytes, go to settings, and check for updates. After updating go to settings again to select the darkmode (if you want it).
  4. Have you tried a different mouse? Could be simply that the button on your current one is dodgy.
  5. Microsoft say it themselves, it's not a comprehensive list. They would also have to rewrite that last "Important:" paragraph as Malwarebytes runs quite happily alongside Windows Defender, and other AVs.
  6. Unless you are building your own then most PCs don't even have a CD/DVD drive anymore. I think I've used my CD/DVD drive twice in the last 7 years. So it's not going to be commercially viable to produce discs that nobody can use anyway.
  7. Am I the only one to say it? Try another mouse. All the advice above is good about how to fix a dodgy mouse. (Bang it on the table often works for me). But meeces die. And then you need a new onem Fair enough if you replace it and the problem persists then it may be a software problem.
  8. No doubt they will shortly be hearing from Microsoft's trademark lawyers, if they haven't already.
  9. I've never had a problem with it, just click on Start and type away - up comes the search with programmes and files starting with what I have typed. I don't even keep a searchbox on my taskbar anymore. Search in File Explorer also works fine for me, (apart from not being able to easily clear the recent searches list), but it's actually quicker to search for files from the start menu search; unless you want to search content as well as filenames. I believe I've never seen one of the many reported Win 10 search problems because one of the first things I did in Win 10 was to disable Cortana (and OneDrive cloud). Disabling Cortana (and/or Bing) was the suggested fix for the latest search issue that started last Wednesday (I never saw it here), that issue has now been fixed by MS. Of course today is Patch Tuesday, so I hope I haven't spoken too soon.🤐
  10. Confirm that it's fixed here with 2.1.9, and you can now see full bin and the 3 dots.
  11. I don't think the auto industry are bothered in the slightest, quite the opposite in fact. Millions of new electric cars to sell, lots of new profits. The oil barrons are another story, but they (and future generations of their kids) are not exactly going to go short even if oil sales stopped tomorrow.
  12. Many believe that 2035 is maybe a bit too ambitious, but could be done if restricted to major towns and cities. It's not so much the vehicles themselves, but the infrastructure needed, charging points etc., that is going to be the most ambitious. Major UK cities already have a decent number of charging points, but if everyone goes electric there will need to be many more. Rural areas where average journeys are typically longer by necessity are much less well served. Think of the impact of all these needed charging points, you'll hardly be able to move for charging posts and cabinets in town/city centres - and don't trip over the cables connecting them to vehicles. Also spare a thought for the many thousands of, usually low paid, workers in filling stations who are going to find themselves without jobs. The UK is a pretty compact country so infrastructure is not going to be as onerous as places like the USA, Austrailia, Africa, etc. where you are going to need a vehicle with a lot of range to get across some of the vast distances between towns. Self contained solar powered charging points in the deserts perhaps. You can't really carry a spare battery like you can a gallon or two of fuel. Solar panels on the vehicle roof may work in sunny countries. Also consider where all the extra electricity needed will be coming from. Some can come from solar/wind/bio/nuclear plants, but I suspect a considerable amount of capacity will still come from fossil fuel powered generating plants, at least for some time to come. Not so much eliminating the problem but simply moving it down the line. (Pun intended).
  13. I have to agree with @fluffyfour To comply with GDPR (UK Data protection Act 2018 for us after brexit) then there should be a 'Continue without supplying email' button, or similar, on that installer screen. Having the word '(otpional)' is a start, but if it won't actually continue unless you enter an email then it's not GDPR compliant. I had the same conversation last year with another software company who hadn't quite grasped what GDPR meant in practice. They, eventually, changed all their software to untick all pre-ticked options that could affect data collection, and stopped making 'bundled' offers and newsletter sign-ups altogether pending a GDPR compliant redesign of their installer, we are still waiting for that but I've seen a testing preview and it's a vast improvement over the old one. (They later invited me to be a mod on their forum, not that I'm linking the two).
  14. Win 10 190* can be erratic with wifi depending mainly on which manufactuters card and which driver you have. Qualcom wifi cards/drivers seem to give it the most problems. (Not showing any networks, not connecting at start up, etc). I wrote myself a quick one line batch file that uses netsh to connect to my home wifi when windows occasionally doesn't. It lives next to the system tray and a double click quickly makes the connection. (Plus if I'm not at home it can't find that network name and so then looks for others).
  15. The statements these studies come up with don't stand up to scrutiny. By that reckoning I've just worked out that my brain is 375 years old. (45 years of drinking daily * 365 days / 52 weeks to get it back to years + the 60 years it has aged normally). Probably older depending on just how they are defining a session. It still seems to be working well for a 375 yo brain. Edit - I've just reread the OP, one week per gramne of alcohol consumed? I think I'll have to change my name to Methuselah.
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