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  1. I like the idea of doing it from Safe Mode. Makes a lot of sense. Nothing gets in the way or a least a lot less.
  2. No. It did not work BUT I do not believe it was because of Malwarebytes. It was due to some other app. Got an error code I did not write down and I know for sure it was not Malwarebytes. I really just wanted to know if anyone else in the forum has spoken about this and had mentioned it to you before. It's really no big problem and I know Microsoft sees it as a 3rd party AV so I understand.
  3. Thank you for your quick answer. Yes. I will try that and see if it works. Get back to you in a while.
  4. Hello to all!, Why is it that when ever I need to do a System Restore, I have to uninstall Malwarebytes before restoring? If I forget and restore, Windows tells me that the restore was no complete and a third-party AV is keeping it from happening. Then, when I uninstall it, the system restores with no problem. It's a pain to uninstall Malwarebytes every time (not that I do it very often). Anyone know if there is a work-around for this or is this normal practice? Thanks alot. mecanicogolf
  5. Well, thank you two very much. I have seen the light and everything is clear as a bell. MB is not registered with Security Center and WD is running right along side it. Thank you again!
  6. My question is: If I use MB along side of WD and I do not have it registered with Security Center and I get hit with a virus that WD misses, will MB kick in and pick it up? Always wondered being that MB is considered now an AV. Maube I should register it with the Security Center and use WD as the backup? Thanks Richard
  7. I have seen the post on this site and just wanted to let you know that I just saw that there must be some bug in this program. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Still the same. Just to let you know, I'm another worried user.
  8. That's the only way to go. Windows Defender and MB. Best there is.
  9. If I install, for example, Webroot AV on my Win 10, WD will go away and will scan. So far, so good. But with these two and Malwarebytes along side, is that OK?
  10. As long as it's still not expired, it should work.
  11. And if I loose my key? How can I retrieve it?
  12. I have just installed the new version MB and ran the MB Check scan. Here are the results: Can you tell me if this looks good? Thanks once more. MB-CheckResult.txt
  13. Well the, I'm sticking with the beta for now. It really is a breath of fresh air knowing that MB 3 is now reviving itself. Just one more thing: Where can I keep up to date with the beta program, or does it update itself as they come out? Thanks again
  14. I've been using MB beta version for close to a week now on my Windows 10 64 bit ENVY laptop. I must say it's running beautifully with no hangups nor any type of quirks. Scans run, updates working and absolutely no problems. Attached is my MB checkresult. Can anyone tell me if what it says is good or bad? I can't understand most of it. Thanks MB-CheckResult.txt
  15. I did not know a new version was out. I will try again and let you know what happens after instalation. Been using old version since April 8th.
  16. It works great both ways. I mean either in the recomended function or not. I did notice, at times, that when my PC starts up, the Ransomeware is off. It lasts a few seconds but comes on and stays. I sometimes do it manually.
  17. I thought about that after instalation, leaving Defender on with MB along side, but I like the idea this way. Thanks for the bug ? fixes. I'm sure there will be more. Keep up the good work. There should be a lot of people on the forums happier now.
  18. It's been on my Win 10 now for 2 days. Working great! It has taken over my Antivirus (Action Center) and seems to work along side Defender, even though it says it's off. Don't know if that's OK or not. System doesn't seem to complain. I just left it on recommended as MB says. NO PROBLEMS
  19. WILL DO! Been waiting a long time for this. I will run it on my Windows 10 along side my Defender and see how it goes. Thanks
  20. That's the latest version. There was nothing after that except for 3.0. Don't forget to run the uninstall tool for version 3.0 and restart BEFORE even trying to install version You should be able to find it on MB page or even Major geeks website. Even if you uninstall it with Windows uninstaller, you MUST run the 3.0 uninstaller. Otherwise you'll mess things up for 2.2.
  21. That's the best thing you can do right now. MBAM version still works the best for now. Have to wait until they get the bugs out of 3.0. I've got it on my Windows 10 and it works real well with Defender. l
  22. That is exactly what I've been doing since 3.0.5. Tried 3.0.6 once and that was it. Jumped right back after first sign. Was confused Firefox. Seen you around and thought you were employee. Sorry.
  23. Hey Firefox, What you want, I imagine, is info from us guinea pigs who are testing MB that should be in beta, not on the market as a paid for, lifetime program. Everything that we are suffering from this should have been taken care before it went on the market. Last January, I went through all of this with Tim a couple of times and sent him all my data. Well, I did everything you have on your last post and you still have nothing? This should not have gone on the market the way it is. You are losing costermers and credibility. Me, for one. We all want something that wor
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