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  1. Hello, @Shelle3 ^^^^ C'est Tuto pour toi, essaye de faire pareil avec ton PC
  2. Hello, Yes but that's it, even on consumer PCs / home PCs ... the problem sometimes occurs. It happened to me on a Dell Latitude E5500 It is true that it is a PC with possibility of doc station, which could be actually in business environment. The OS used is W10 Enterprise LTSC ... (It's an OS that I use more and more, seeing the worries with other W10 editions that change every six months) Resolved Mbarw problem by doing a ghost with the OS of another PC (Dell Vostro 3550) with identical W10. Just the drivers to update. Functional Mbarw
  3. Hello, yes, it has become more rare, but unfortunately it still does ... Best regards
  4. Hello, Well the scan remains on the memory analysis ... as in the photo ... I stopped the scan (at 17s) just for shooting. The attached logs are with the scan for 9mn (on the memory scan) ... so I stopped it and restarted and it happened normally. the cpu is an i7 5820K on X99-Deluxe with 32GB of memory ... It's with the automatic threat scan when the PC starts ... Normally the scan lasts 1mn30 on this machine. It's very fast... The phenomenon is however very occasional ... but occurs on any of my PCs ... (under W10) ... That's already, at least three versions of Mbam3 that I
  5. Hello, That's what I had already explained on a PC or the scan had looped ... for three quarters of an hour, before I noticed it ... The phenomenon was reproduced on another PC ... under W10 Pro, last version of Mbam ... I stopped the scan which looped at 9mn Here are the logs Thank you mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hell to drop for the SSD ... it's a consequence, and not a repetition. At the limit of my fault ... you must always have your eyes everywhere But the blocking problem on the memory scan is repetitive. But not systematic. And whatever the PC. Latest version also - 1.0.374 - 1.0.5366 at the moment ... Analysis on Ram still running at 6.30mn. Stop and restart, the complete scan (Threats) lasted 6mn ... analysis on Ram, 2mn ... On other PCs, it's only a few seconds (except when it blocks lol) I do not think I'm alone with this problem, especially since it
  7. Hello, Where we are ? I do not know exactly with which versions 3.5.1. xxxx, but about the date of your posts ... I burned the SSD Kingston of a PC (the personal one that I take to work) ... during the personalized scan, he got stuck on the analysis of memory ... Hard Disk Sentinel alerted me, the temperature went up to 62 ° ... I stopped the scan ... but too late the SSD had suffered too much, it melted some time later .. (Arf, I was at work, and not watching the PC ... but the job) And it still happens from time to time, that the scan block on the analysis of the memory ... (n
  8. Hello, Since W8 and W10 it is necessary to go through a menu (Windows being functional) to access the restoration points and the restoration menu. When Windows is broken. Nothing works anymore. Thank you Microsoft The F8 safe mode access menu at boot is no longer functional You are in standard menu: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard You can restore access by F8 by: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy Command by cmd.exe in administrator mode Because of this, it is always better to have a Usb key or repair CD or better a usb key
  9. Hello, There are many other Antiviruses that have also had big problems Mr. Marcin Kleczynski has sent a personal email to all members and is reported to be open to discussion (sorry for you) Maybe you can write to him, right ? Greetings
  10. Hello, No Windows restarts when you give it the agreement. Or it is wrongly set! It must be set. FJ
  11. Hello It's good for me with the latest version May be in part, the problem was also the use of the Beta version of Mbam3 ... but following yesterday's Bug (Web Blocking / RAM Usage Issue) I returned to the official version and everything works properly. (For information the Beta Mbam3, it also blocks communication to the FileHippo App Manager V2.0.0392 software update server) Best regards FJ
  12. Hello Team, Please, you can do something quickly. Delete Chatango.com from your virus database. Thank you ! .Car there it becomes painful to disable each time Web protection. Mbam3 does not accept the setting in exception of the site! nor my Chatango home address
  13. more mbam3 blocks http://www.chatango.com/ and access to my account ... and he does not seem to want to accept the setting exception ... have to disable the Web protection Why do you have Chatango.com in the crosshairs? 185/5000
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