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Most secure Browser


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There is none.. Vulnerabilities exist ..

read on in.. https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-most-secure-web-browser



The most secure web browser is the web browser on a computer without a connection to the internet.

True story: once had a client that told me they wanted their website to be impenetrable, and completely hack proof. Partly as a joke yet it's still true, I told them the only way to actually make it impenetrable is to never connect the sites server to the internet and leave it unplugged, sure no one will ever see the site, but it will never get hacked either.

Needless to say they weren't very tech savvy and didn't find the humor nor understood the point I was trying to make.


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What sman says above is absolutely accurate.  There is no browser without vulnerabilities unfortunately, however one factor to keep in mind is that the bad guys have a tendency of targeting whatever browser is used most commonly.  Right now that's Google Chrome so many exploits targeting Chrome/Chromium based browsers have been showing up lately.  I personally use IE11, however I do not use it in its default/standard configuration and have heavily modified its settings to make it more secure.  Chrome and Firefox have many plugins that help to make them more secure as well.

Additionally, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit technology included in Malwarebytes 3 Premium protects all major browsers against exploitation of their vulnerabilities (both known and unknown) by behaviorally blocking exploit activity.

Surfing safe, being careful where you click and about the sties you visit (known as "safe hex"), not installing unknown browser plugins, using as few plugins as you can and keeping your plugins up-to-date as well as your operating system and browser are all factors that can help you to secure your system and browser from attack.

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I believe there is no one either can be sure about the choice but you need to understand what is the difference between secure and nonsecure browser.

Two types of browser available, the first one which we used to like Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Safari. All of them by default provides you pretty great security but there are other free tools that you could put in there to make it stronger! which I recommend doing! The organizations like EFF and Creative Commons always developing the great privacy tools for us! 

Another thing is: SECURE BROWSERS

a secure browser is another addition to your software list as well as new user experiences and restriction which you never has in regular browsers. Project TOR is the best to use but still, there are flows which could compromise your security in sometimes. 

If you want to use the secure browser for:

  1. Anonymous browsing
  2. Encrypted Traffic
  3. Visit Secure site version
  4. Block non-authentic scripts
  5. HTTPS versions

But question is that, why can't you add this functionality to your regular browser which enhances your security and privacy. instead of installing another browser on your system.

Use this extension:

  1. Stop Tracking with "Privacy Badger"
  2. Block Ads and Trackers with "uBlock Origin"
  3. Automatically Delete Cookies with "Cookie AutoDelete"
  4. Encryption with "HTTPS Everywhere"
  5. Block Content Delivery Networks with "Decentraleyes"

These all the extensions that make your browser most secure!

If you want to be anonymous while browsing or online. you also need Tool like VPN.

Here are the guides that i have found for this thread specifically: 



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