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  1. +1 to this, bugs happen, even catastrophic bugs happen. This isn't the worst software bug of all time. This is very true. He was asking for one year for free for three PCs, not three years for free for one PC.
  2. Hello, Whenever I have Malwarebytes 3.1.2 (component package 1.0.139) running, it makes launching the Atom text editor by GitHub painfully slow. When I disable ALL 4 protection types in Malwarebytes, it helps slightly but not enough. I have even added an exception for Atom.exe as well as the entire Atom text editor folder. I have noticed that when I launch a text editor such as Sublime Text 3, it launches full speed and instantly regardless of whether I have Malwarebytes running or not. I am really hoping that this is something that can be fixed. I will now post some pictures showing the launch speeds of Atom text editor at various points. Malwarebytes running with all protections: Malwarebytes not running: Malwarebytes running with all 4 protection types disabled: Here is the exceptions window with the relevant exceptions: Thanks.
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