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  1. How to Remove SETO Ransomware? we try Malwarebytes but it did Not catch the ransomware. Thank you
  2. many times we have pop up with malware, trojan or other security attack. example : click the download. it will pop up , click another (as we need to click many times before get the files) it will pop up another site How about adding features so we can just block the pop up domain ? after we see it dangerous click download popup with malware.txt
  3. I check using virustotal and I can not find any problems
  4. I try to open fast-report.com but Malwarebytes block it please check it as they say they already check and can not find any problems on their side is this false positive ? Thank you
  5. have malwarebytes tested on many filesharing where many Malware, Trojan, Hijack and others available ? I attach sample URL for test. some file sharing have many pop up when we click download and some already detected by malwarebytes I hope malwarebytes collect more from file sharing sites sample.txt
  6. Can you explain more what is the warning ? I think it is good if Malwarebytes can have browser extension to improve the security. example : when we open https://businessguideoffer .com and others sometime we got some attack example from website above is coinhive we need to stop this kind of malware before infect our computer
  7. I want to use new dupeguru from https://dupeguru.voltaicideas.net/ After original author stop developing it. when I check using Virus total I got this But when I check the files using Malwarebytes premium I did not get anything This is the files I test it (Windows 64 bit) https://download.hardcoded.net/dupeguru_win64_4.0.3.exe Please check, is this real ? Thank you
  8. +1 for custome block list I think it can be safer for us. as many hacker try to trick us using more and more advanced technique also better if we can consider block IP Range too
  9. Not enough. until now Malwarebytes can not catch all. some are catch by the antivirus I use both
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