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  1. Malwarebytes version 3.5.1 is giving me nothing but problems Every time I turn on my Windows 8.1 Laptop, the malwarebytes real-time protection is turned off. When I restart my laptop all of a sudden the real-time protection is turned back on. I have the *Beta Application Updates* button ON. When the 3.5.1 was downloaded into my laptop the realtime protection shut off just to update to the new version. Also I have noticed that anytime Microsoft Updates is downloading into my pc before I install the updates, the real-time protection is cut off as well. Once my pc is restarted after the microsoft updates have been installed the web protection is back on. I really am getting a bit tired of having to restart my computer everytime just to get the 3.5.1 web protection to work correctly! This is the only version of malwarebytes that I have dealt with the web protection turning off constantly!!! I have already re-installed malwarebytes and the same problems occur. . I have already scanned my PC, which does not have any malware, spyware, viruses, etc... Can someone please recommend what to do next????☹️
  2. Four Albums on heavy rotation: 1. Sven Van Hees - (Exotica) 2. Roy Woods - (Waking At Dawn) 3. Samantha James - (Rise) 4. Willow - (Ardipithecus)
  3. TV SHOWS: Veep season 6 and The Fall season 3. (Will soon be watching The Strain season 4.) MOVIES: Mr Brooks (starring Kevin Costner) and Slow Burn (starring Ray Liotta) Will soon be watching....The Room (starring Tommy Wiseau) <-------which I hear is terribly funny.
  4. So far for the past 5 minutes I have not recieved the Malwarebytes Pop-Up on my Windows 7 PC What i did was go to Malwarebytes Setting and----- turn on---> (USAGE AND THREAT STATISTICS aka anonymously help fight malware)..
  5. This has been occuring with Malwarebytes on my Windows 7 computer for the past 7 minutes. I noticed that this occurred the moment that I chose to pick (NO --ON THE NEW MALWAREBYTES UPDATE INSTALL). I was in the middle of working on a project and wanted to choose to update Malwarebytes later without being disturbed. This pop up is becoming a bit frustrating. There is nothing wrong with my PC in regards to it being infected. Hopefully we get a fix soon
  6. Thank you, Firefox The Malwarebytes Clean tool worked I ended up having to manually install the newer version of malwarebytes after the cleaning, due to pop up install freezing on me. Anywho, hopefully everything stays PEACEFUL with the new installed version!
  7. My mother Laptop is running Windows 8.1 with a licensed malwarebytes Premium. I was just informed by her that for that past 2 weeks (everyday) a pop-up from malwarebytes telling a new version of Malwarebytes is ready to be downloaded and installed. Every time she presses the button to install (which I believe she taps the button more then JUST ONCE) her computer installs the version then tell her for the installation to be completed she needs to re-start her computer (which she claims has been done every time). Now that I have the time (today) to sit down and acknowledge the problem, I am experiencing the same thing on her computer as I try to re-install a new version. So far I have scanned her computer for any nasty interference's (viruses, malware, Trojan horses, spyware, etc) even went as far as doing a scan with malwarebytes root-kit beta also malwarebytes junk-ware removal tool and I CAME UP WITH NOTHING!. I am trying to figure out what to do next, since I have a Windows 7 computer and my malwarebytes install of newer version went through with no problem. Yes, on my mother computer I have went to the malwarebytes website downloaded the PREMIUM 3 link and installed the latest/NEW version on top of the old version and its still the issue occurs. When I click on Malwarebytes icon and the program opens it simply states (A NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION OF MALWAREBYTES IS AVAILABLE. GET THE NEW VERSION FREE OF CHARGE..with an install now button) Can someone please help!!!
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