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    What are you listening to?

    Four Albums on heavy rotation: 1. Sven Van Hees - (Exotica) 2. Roy Woods - (Waking At Dawn) 3. Samantha James - (Rise) 4. Willow - (Ardipithecus)
  2. StressFreeLife

    What are you watching ?

    TV SHOWS: Veep season 6 and The Fall season 3. (Will soon be watching The Strain season 4.) MOVIES: Mr Brooks (starring Kevin Costner) and Slow Burn (starring Ray Liotta) Will soon be watching....The Room (starring Tommy Wiseau) <-------which I hear is terribly funny.
  3. StressFreeLife outbound being blocked

    So far for the past 5 minutes I have not recieved the Malwarebytes Pop-Up on my Windows 7 PC What i did was go to Malwarebytes Setting and----- turn on---> (USAGE AND THREAT STATISTICS aka anonymously help fight malware)..
  4. StressFreeLife outbound being blocked

    This has been occuring with Malwarebytes on my Windows 7 computer for the past 7 minutes. I noticed that this occurred the moment that I chose to pick (NO --ON THE NEW MALWAREBYTES UPDATE INSTALL). I was in the middle of working on a project and wanted to choose to update Malwarebytes later without being disturbed. This pop up is becoming a bit frustrating. There is nothing wrong with my PC in regards to it being infected. Hopefully we get a fix soon

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