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  1. For me simply downloading/reinstalling the latest version of Malwarebytes seemed to fix it. Didn't need to uninstall, just installed it over the top and it seemed to fix it although uninstalling might help some.
  2. Yeah a filter option would be helpful. Thanks
  3. I have mentioned this in the suggestion area before but didn't know if it would be helpful to bring this up here. I would love to see better organisation of the exclusions. I like the fact that all exclusions are in one area, and the way you add exclusions is very simple in a good way - allowing you to pick the exclusion type and so on. What would make the exclusions easier to manage is a drop down list or something similar allowing you to basically select the type of exclusion e.g. web, and see only those types of exclusions. It could have a show all default option at the top of the list.
  4. Hi again. Is this something that Malwarebytes plans to add anytime soon? I have Malwarebyes set to alert me about PUPs as i like this option but have a few PUPs in exclusion area that i need. I also have some sites in there so the exclusions can luck messy and would love to see it get tidied up. Thanks again
  5. I'd love it if Malwarebytes made is so the exclusion area is better organised. For example most security programs tend to have file exclusions and web exclusions separate. I do like that there's just one tab for exclusions as sometimes security suites do have certain exclusions in completely different areas. I also like the simplicity of the add exclusion button which after clicking you then choose the exclusion type - it's simple but very easy to use. What I would like though is a way to view the types of exclusions separately. Currently you can organise them by type but it would be good if you could view only a specific type. This could be done by having separate areas or simply a drop down list where you can pick the specific type. A way to search for stuff would also be great. The report area has the same issue and would benefit from being able to see just a specific type. Thanks Peter
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