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  1. For me simply downloading/reinstalling the latest version of Malwarebytes seemed to fix it. Didn't need to uninstall, just installed it over the top and it seemed to fix it although uninstalling might help some.
  2. Hi again. Is this something that Malwarebytes plans to add anytime soon? I have Malwarebyes set to alert me about PUPs as i like this option but have a few PUPs in exclusion area that i need. I also have some sites in there so the exclusions can luck messy and would love to see it get tidied up. Thanks again
  3. Things are being found in the app data folder as well as the program folder and also start menu folder but whatever folders i exclude it seems to ignore and seems to flag evey file. The problem is there are lots of files in the program folder so lots of files get flagged. I will try to get a screenshot next time i can get on the pc
  4. But that won't fix the issue for anyone else. This isn't for multiple pups basically malwarebytes is ignoring an exclusion for a pups folder and classing everything in that folder as a pup. Is there anywhere i can submit this as a bug?
  5. I'd like to add its finding well over a thousand threats the problem being ignoring all these will take up a lot of room in exclusions. It should just allow me to exclude a specific folder and anything else inside that folder
  6. Thanks for the help just running a scan now but is this a bug? Surely if a folder is added to exclusions it should ignore it on a scan. I updated the component package before the scan after noticing this "Fixed a number of issues with Exclusions, including Scan Exclusions not working correctly for all trace detections," but that didn't make any odds. Never had any exclusion issues before in the past.
  7. I use SlimDrivers which Malwarebytes classes as a PUP. I want Malwarebytes to exclude it from detections. I have placed the whole program folder as an exclusion e.g. the programs folder in C:\Program Files (x86) The problem is that malwarebytes ignores this exclusion when running a full system scan. Not only does it ignore it every file to do with SlimDrivers gets flagged on the scan e.g. every file inside the program folder and any others in any other location. As there are quite a few files inside the program folder it makes it look like its found lots of threats. If the whole folder is
  8. Would possibly a confirmation not work or even needing a password e.g. "This site has been flagged as dangerous and could damage your computer, are you sure you want to unblock it." You could even have it disabled by default and require the user to enable it - a lot of novice users tend not to enable stuff e.g. if it's in the advanced section.
  9. Yeah the advantage of a troubleshooter is it doesn't just show you what is blocked like the logs but also allows you in a sense to unblock with just one click. I also hope malwarebytes considers an unblock feature in the popups at least for the web side. The tray option for the last site is only useful if you know it's there
  10. By malwarebytes. Take eset which i use alongside malwarebytes. As it has a firewall the last 2 versions have also i introduced a troubleshooter so if something doesn't load and you think eset has blocked it you can open it and it will show you if anything that has been recently blocked and click unblock. Saves you having to disable stuff.
  11. Not sure if this would make sense in Malwarebytes as it isn't really a firewall, but I've noticed a lot of security suites adding troubleshooters and wondered if Malwarebytes would benefit from one. The idea is that if something is blocked e.g. a program, website etc. the troubleshooter is an easy way to discover if it is being blocked. Sometimes things get blocked by accident and people who aren't tech savvy might struggle finding out how to unblock them. A troubleshooter can take the complications out of this.
  12. Someone over at the Eset forum shared something rather interesting. Google has been complaining for a while about security products making browsers more insecure rather than secure and it seems they are planning to stop this by blocking them. Not sure how or if they will do this in the end. People on the link suggest it could use a whitelist to make sure the ones causing issues are blocked. Someone mentioned this could cause issues for things such as anti exploit and I'm just wondering if this goes ahead how it woll effect malwarebytes. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/google-
  13. Yeah i have found the latest update a lot more stable. Glad to see the protections not being disabled anymore at least for me
  14. Thanks again for the quick reply. Yeah the all option wifh other options to filter is what i had in mind.
  15. Yeah I use Eset myself alongside Malwarebytes. I just thought because it said on clicking it would turn it off but if they don't do this I do understand why
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