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  1. tks. @exile360. I hv fallen for all kinds of trading scams and would like to give services beneficial to all and it's about developing 'trust' with one\s own verifiable trading proof's with trading notes from exchanges/brokers and trading plans to suit small to big players. It\s nothing new but bringing in trading proof's shd convince even any lingering doubts. yes, a good opportunity for those looking for work from home. Hoping that things work to plan.
  2. tku @exile360 yes. not only about music, i want to share trading secrets in the blog and may be help others too in trading. Have great plans for win-win participation for all. hoping thatlike minded & interested would come up once everything falls in place and get benefited. tks once again for your views.
  3. tku @exile360. With all my trading tensions, music alone keeps me in good spirits and focused and I keep looking for variety and YT alone (which only finds acceptance with forum and no other links, sites references is accepted due to forum risks) feel limitations to share good music outside of YT. And recently the view that spamming the thread is a bit too much to digest. so, why one shd be a spoiler (yes this thread is meant to relax from all the 'malware' stuff0 and good relaxing music can soothe any tensions, but limiting expression and that too even after all the time with forum, has given thought to go for a blog with freedom to express my tastes freely. I want to share good music and not here to gain any brownie points, forum limitations are making me to move away to express my tastes freely. hope the forum and members take note of it. tku. all.
  4. Due to impression of spamming / limitations faced with this thread, planning to go for a blog for my music tastes. welcome any views. yes. one can't use this forum for promotion etc. But with many music lovers esp, in this thread, hoping my view would be viewed to relax as this thread is meant to, with life is not about ;malware' alone. , tku.
  5. source - readers digest
  6. Maybe can try multiboot with 8,1 & 10 but maybe later, I'm pretty exhausted from all the struggles y'day in trying to reinstall 8,1. and couldn't carry out tarding studies for next week's trading plans. so inclined to leave things as they are now and concentrate on my trading plans. tks.
  7. @AdvancedSetup i was the first to install win 10 even before it's official launch in my win 7 acer laptop but later had to switch to live-cd plagued by compatibility issues and so wary of going for it for the lenovo system. Maybe if win 8,1 corrupts again, will try out win 10 then, but for now don't want to risk going in for win 10 and face compatibility issues to affect my trading. tks. for suggestion.
  8. tks @AdvancedSetup but drivers support for win 10 can come in the way. so not inclined to go for it. And win 8 license is valid one being OEM install with system when it was purchased in 2013. so not an issue. the confusion comes with 8 & 8.1 when 8 key is not accepted for 8.1 install, though free upgrade to 8.1 was offered to all win 8 users.
  9. tks. @exile360 hmm. from the links it's clear that one has to go with original windows that came with system (so obviously win 8 OEM route is the right way to go about) but it's not clear whether upgrade to 8.1 will be automatic (since it was offered to all win 8 users at that time, though free upgrade to win 10 still remains, but system compatibility could come in the way of win 10). And having spent too much time on this the whole day today on this and with update wrkg, don't feel the need to disturb it now (may be next time will try it the right way). tks. anyway.
  10. Hmm. Even more strange is that now with the unorthodox slmgr script activation, OS activated without a key ( as reported by key finder tool). And windows does update but damn slow but works and shd one now need 8 combo key & OS in sync, or 8.1 in sync with Ms account to reinstall again or leave it as it is as update is wrkg now anyway but a tad slow to my belief?? Welcome any suggestions. Tks
  11. And whether using or creating a new MS account during reinstall could be the culprit?? As wasn't sure abt existing MS account and created a new account and whether doing a reinstall of 8.1 with existing MS account would work in reactivating it??. Pl. suggest, tks.
  12. In fact can understand 8 key not wrkg for 8.1 installer but for 8.1 key to be accepted during install and then not activating OS is shocking . Now shd I try with win 8 installer and 8 key to see if that works?? And I do hv a win 7 license too on hand . What to do? Pl. Suggest, tks.
  13. Hmm. As it's been a while since I went back to windows after being for long in live-cd, and a win reinstall after many y rs seem to be at sea to get it riight. First I was of the hope that win activation will be automatic being win 8 OEM install and auto graduation to 8.1 from thereon. I did hv both OEM key and 8.1 key on hand but was jolted when both keys failed to reactivate windows. Had to try some unorthodox slmgr script to activate it but still find problems in updating OS and don't know how to take up further. I got 8.1 iso from MS site only and created the boot usb with windows Dvd tool and can't understand why keys are turned down and what to do next. Any suggestions, pl. Tks.
  14. I spent nearly 4 hrs on this since morning in vain . so, inclined to go for reinstall and except for media files, there is nothing much in disk. so, will upload required media to cloud and create a bootable windows usb drive and go for reinstall from there on and no special devices to worry abt drivers. so, this is my plan and system corruption may be due to any power disruption, so don't think drive is in problem. In worst case have live-cd to fall back on, if hdd fails.
  15. Tried windows update troubleshooter and it seem to fix errors pertaining toit and tried dism again but to no change. problem with dism persists. Worst come will have toreinstall OS again. but before that, any suggestions,pl.
  16. Can we follow this “https://www.wintips.org/how-to-fix-dism-source-files-could-not-be-downloaded-0x800f0906-windows-10-8/#:~:text=How%20to%20FiX%20DISM%20RestoreHealth%20Error%200x800f0906.%20Method,Method%201.%20Run%20DISM%20command%20again.%20Method%202"
  17. sfc does report corruption and dism reports missing file as per attachment. any suggestions,pl. tks
  18. ok. will try in weekend and get back. tks,
  19. tku. anything on BSOD dump? It's near to trading time , so will hv to take up scannings for late night, or in weekend only. probably weekend would be better. know SFc & DISM will need time.
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