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Cannot Delete Quarantined Items

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I have a badly infected laptop from a friend and installed MalwareBytes on Sunday 2 April, the latest version available for download.

The Laptop took a long time to scan and quarantined over 6000 files, yep 6000. Problem is I cannot delete them. I have tried individually, and multiple selects and the checkbox at the top so they are all selected. When I hit delete, the checkboxes clear, but the files are left in quarantine.

The Laptop is running Windows 10, I have also tried in Safe mode and the problem is the same. Really need to delete these files.

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5 minutes ago, Telos said:

For infection support, post here:


and read this:


Sorry, but your answer does not answer my question. It is not about infection support, its about the inability to remove quarantined files. MalwareBytes refused to remove any selected files from quarantine. After attempting to delete the files, the checkboxes became unchecked but the files remained. 

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Yep, always am when doing this sort of operation. As mentioned there were over 6000 entries. I uninstalled to remove them as this seemed the only way. I re-installed MalwareBytes afterwards and re-scanned. More issues were found, 177 to be exact. These I could remove using the delete option as expected.

I think the issue was the number of files in quarantine, this seemed to confuse Malwarebytes, it also caused a low memory warning (4GB RAM) when initially scanning which again could be related to the number of problem files it found. I'm guessing MalwareBytes has a memory issue when handling large numbers of files.

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In order for Malwarebytes to be able to fully remove and clean up infections its better to run the program with Admin Rights (while logged in as a standard user) due to the fact that a limited user does not have rights to remove some items depending on the location of the malware.

Its always best to run Malwarebytes for clean up purposes while logged in as an admin.  On the other hand, if you are logged in as a limited user, Right Click on the Malwarebytes icon and choose Run As Administrator and give it the admin credentials, then perform the needed scan/removal.

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Please try restarting your system.  If the items were placed in quarantine following a scan and the system hasn't been rebooted yet then the detected items would also be scheduled for DoR (Delete on Reboot), so Malwarebytes won't allow them to be deleted from quarantine or restored until after the full cleanup process is completed.

If that doesn't resolve the issue then please do the following:

  1. Download and run the Malwarebytes Support Tool
  2. Accept the EULA and click Advanced Options on the main page (not Get Started)
  3. Click the Gather Logs button, and once it completes, attach the zip file it creates on your desktop to your next reply

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