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  1. Have you tried CU4 (just released)?
  2. I had looked at ProgramData both by running %ProgramData% and while setting scanning exclusions for F-Secure but I think the extensions quoted above were seen in the latter manner. In order to try and see if F-Secure's vision could be widened by going to scanning exclusionss' tab 'Files' and checking '[ ] Exclude files with these extensions' and clicking OK, without having entered anything in the list area. This turned out to be the case when turning to the objects tab and starting to add the entry 'C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService'. But it did not do to keep that entry as it was set earlier. It was necessary to start by emptying the objects tab list. But now I have both an unfettered F-Secure DeepGuard and a working MB GUI. Thanks to Telos for keeping up faith in my can-do. That quote is misattributed. I never said that.
  3. @TimoMkelinen You need to add the \Program Files (x86)\Malawarbytes folder to the scanning exclusions. The folder you added has no impact, but it is OK to exclude. The DeepGuard list is entirely different. MBAM will not appear there and you cannot add it to the DeepGuard list.
  4. Are you running F-Secure? If so, exclude the MBAM folder from the scan.
  5. @imbart FWIW, what is suggested above works on and off with registry entries. I have 2 scan results that absolutely will not obey "Ignore Always".
  6. It sounds as though you have been log in with a temporary profile. This is a bug that can be resolved, See this thread for guidance, It's likely all your files are still available, though not through your temporary profile. If you are comfortable with editing your registry, there is a good resource here... This works for Win 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  7. I do not recommend doing that as it emasculates DeepGuard across your entire PC. If you properly set up the scanning exclusion in F-Secure, you may run DeepGuard in full without conflict w/MBAM.
  8. Next, they'll be blaming MBAM for blocking Cerber ransomware. This is really quite an amusing thread.
  9. FWIW, Avira is doing the same. Iobit needs to clean up their act. Best to complain to them. And really, you shouldn't be selling ASC or any IObit product unless you get a kickback from the unintended installs IObit generates
  10. It should appear once with each reboot, or with restarting MBAM, but otherwise, not repeatedly during a session.
  11. Did you exclude MBAM's entire folder in F-Secure? You should. Or as a quick test... turn off DeepGuard and see if the issue remains present.
  12. IMO MBAM v3 is far too buggy to be your primary means of defense. Strongly suggest you keep your AV real-time scanning active.
  13. That is the expected behavior. Not a bug.
  14. If you need help, please post the logs requested in the sticky...