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  1. Maybe the easier way is to create a new user account. Trial it out for a few days then move your stuff over if the problem is gone. Hope you find success.
  2. Process is the same for Win8.1
  3. What version are you using? Earlier releases had issues which forced some users into temporary profiles. The current release is here:
  4. There's a difference between detecting a dormant virus, and stopping viral activity. It's the activity that kills you. That said, here's a rather unofficial AV test where MB (free) trounced many well know free AVs... So really now, is the "next antivirus replacement" still up for discussion.
  5. @jafar Agree. There should be an option for full screen mode which defers scheduled scans/updates and reduces system resource levels, while maintaining optimal system functioning. @dcollins Hopefully we will see that in a coming release.
  6. @landsberger Need help? Please follow this Sticky post
  7. @lock If you're seeking help please post logs per the Sticky. If you've read the Sticky, users seeking help are asked to begin their own thread, and not to glom onto to an existing thread. That's all that is going on. Glommed postings are being broken up for individual support. No need to distract MBAM staff with idle speculations.
  8. @apneus Please post logs if you require troubleshooting assistance...
  9. @RuudNS Your problem is F-Secure... Follow this instruction... to add an exclusion for the MBAM folder under Virus Protection. A reboot may be necessary.
  10. You have to wonder what kind of marketing fluff this report reflects given that it was commissioned by PC Pisstop. The latest malware tests by AV Comparatives basically show that no products achieved 100% malware protection. Unfortunately for the MBAM haters, MBAM has no presence in this cohort (nor has PC Pisstop). The vanity link in the OP may be ignored
  11. Did you try suggestions from this thread...
  12. @RetiredChief If you are using F-Secure (or its rebranded security suites from Charter or Frontier), click Virus protection... then follow this graphic from F-Secure... to add an exclusion for the MBAM folder under Virus Protection. A reboot may be necessary.
  13. Kaspersky is known to conflict w/MBAM. Have you made the proper exclusions?