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  1. Max Activation Exceeded

    @Scoooooobz, that is @AdvancedSetup. Good guy

    Well, the links are great, but how to get there? 1. Click your icon on the top left of the screen 2. Click the "See my activity button
  3. Blocked outgoing Go.myimgt.com 50720

    Is this browser related? Does it occur when your browser is closed? Run AdwCleaner cleaner https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/ Solved?
  4. Help,stange thing

    I would look at Event Viewer. MBAM will have nothing to say if it is not malware related.
  5. This is what @AdvancedSetup referred to in his reply to your original post. Be patient... a fix is in the works.
  6. 3.2.2 help needed

    I would suggest first re-running the installation on top of your existing install. https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3
  7. v.

    The current version is mb3-setup-consumer- https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3
  8. Unable to change install drive

    @KronaSamu Have you EVER had a D partition on this machine before? Or installed an MB program, even an earlier version, in the past? If so, you might find running MB-Clean helpful to clean up any past program residue.
  9. Rootkit scan

    Good answer!

    You can also stretch the "Location" header to the left to reveal more information, though that may be insufficient. You can also export Scan Reports which can be viewed more easily. MB needs to fix this by putting a horizontal scroll bar on the scan results display.
  11. Unless you purchased a multi-computer license, you may install MBAM only on one machine. You may transfer the licenses between machines, but only one unit may be activated at a time.
  12. New instal will not run

    Let's try something simple first. Download the latest update directly from https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3 and install it over top of your existing installation. Does that help?
  13. Refund

    If you have a question about an order you have already placed, please contact Cleverbridge. Here is a link to their Customer Support Contact Page.
  14. When you need uninstall MBAM remember to deactivate your license before uninstalling. If you did that, is it possible that you mi-entered the license number and your user id number in the wrong boxes. That happens frequently. If you need further help with your license quandary @AdvancedSetup should be around to assist.
  15. Malwarebytes blocking Candy Crush

    You also may want to open a thread here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/123-website-blocking/