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can catdb contain malware?

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upload and test supicious file(s) here  www.virustotal.com  /  www.metascan-online.com  /  www.jotti.org

if scanned before, always click rescan for a fresh result



The answer is most likely not but it has a very small margin of possibility and sending it/them to Virus Total will help make a determination.


Please follow the advice of pondus and post the Report URL once completed.



the file can't be copied , i all windows ,in my case could no even read by a program

i tried to upload to virus total without any luck , in short i could not upload

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It's not a matter of good or poor English.  It is a question of intent.
There must have been some impetus or reason to have caused you to pose the question "can these files contain malware ?"


What is that ?

Why did you ask ?


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  • 3 years later...

In my case I did run a game sandboxied and found out that this file got edited after running the game,

[I know this post is old but as for today even after 4 years ppl do reach here from google so...]



the catroot2 folder stores the signatures of the Windows Update package and helps in its installation.

After reading about this I'm more curious

Why would a small game cause this file to be modified, The question is which cases this file get modified?

This could help me in the future as I remember it maybe the 4 time I search for the same thing [for the same or very similar reason]

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The presence of a file named catdb in a sub-folder below %systemroot%/system32\catroot2  is NOT a indicator of a infection.

The sub-folders  %systemroot%/system32\catroot    &   %systemroot%/system32\catroot2    are maintained by the Windows Operating system.

If anyone has a suspicion of a infection they should run a scan with Malwarebytes
do a scan with antivirus app as a follow-up.

If pc runs Windows 8.1 or 10, they can run a scan with the built-in Windows Defender.

There are also other free scanning tool at Microsoft
Microsoft Safety Scanner

This sub-forum is not one for help if one is convinced or has a high suspicion of infection.
For suspected infections, there is a dedicated sub-forum for help from experts

Edited by Maurice Naggar
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