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I put a ticket in over a week ago in regards to my licenses being blocked for being maxed out (I reformat my hard drives several times due to issues with Windows 10).  These are valid ID's issued by malwarebytes.  The person who responded to me doesn't seem to know his job and is trying to get me to purchase a subscription.  I asked for him to forward the issue to his supervisor and I received no response back for several days.  I set up a new issue and here now, come Monday morning, and that new issue has been deleted and the old issue says updated today yet no contact has been made with me.


I can only assume this no nothing is now messing with me whereby he just updates the issue leaving it in a perpetual state of waiting.


How can I get in contact with a supervisor in consumer support?

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I had the same with my license being blocked after upgrading to Windows 10, after being told about only using the license on one computer & explaining that I was using it on one computer & I believed Win 10 upgrade was the problem support unblocked the license.

Perhaps you need to contact support again.

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Probably too late now, but you can "deactivate" MBAM, within MBAM, and then proceed to uninstall and reinstall it, without encountering licencing issues.  I have had some experience doing that recently on three computers, which I was upgrading to Bitdefender 2016.  I "deactivated" my three lifetime single licences on each computer and uninstalled MBAM and MBAE before starting the Bitdefender 2015 uninstall and then the install of BD2106.  It worked fine when I reinstalled MBAM and activated it successfully on all three computers, with different licence keys and IDs.


For now, I think your best bet is to pursue MB Tech Support, as licence issues cannot be resolved in these Forums.


In the future, remember to "deactivate" MBAM before uninstalling it for whatever reason.


Hope this helps.  Have a great day.




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