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  1. Once the trial ends you’ll not automatically be protected should you visit those sites again, the Trojan will not be blocked. If you regularly visit these sites then premium protection is a must.
  2. +1 from me - the latest Beta appears to not only fixed the ransomware problem but has fixed severbal other problems which may have been due to the ‘resolving host’ issue.
  3. I keep this off which allows Defender to be my main AV software. If you enable it then Malwarebytes is the default & Defender is disabled.
  4. I've noticed when copy & pasting the details into the boxes that it will add a space at the end of the information, make sure that isn't happening in your case.
  5. I think the general consensus is that MB isn’t an anti virus software as such so never appears to do well when compared to other AV software.
  6. Are you going to my.malwarebytes.com & signing in with the same details with which you purchased the license? If you use this you can deactivate your device & reinstall on a new one/or the same one with ease.
  7. If you’re copy & pasting make sure there’s no space at the beginning or end of the password.
  8. I had previously reported that the Mind Snares: Alice's Journey game from Big Fish was giving a false positive & this was confirmed & corrected. I've just run a scan with 7.3 & the game is back being listed as a problem. I've included the log for the scan. AdwCleaner[S09].txt
  9. I gave up on using Norton in favour of Defender with MBAM, not had any problems so far. In fact laptop is faster.
  10. I’ve seen the same pop up. I’m surprised to see an ad within paid software. ?
  11. Thanks for the confirmation Elisabeth. Best wishes,
  12. Added the log. This is the link to the .zip of the game: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0cj8pfogd390x3f/Mind Snares - Alice's Journey.zip AdwCleaner[S02].txt
  13. It appears to detect the entire game’s folder rather than a specific file but I will .zip this along with the log & post it here.
  14. I have a Big Fish game, Mind Snares-Alice's Journey & AdwCleaner states it contains a pup - adware heuristic, I think this is a false positive. Can you double check it? I have excluded it for now. Thanks,
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