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  1. I ran another scan after disabling that setting & nothing was found. I'll include the zip here. As one file is larger than the total size it wouldn't allow me to add it here so I've uploaded it to me Mediafire account. MB.zip
  2. Thank you. Sorry to hear that wasn’t successful. I hope support can recover the key.
  3. Hello. Did you create an account on the my.malwarebytes.com site using the email address used to purchase the license? If not then I would do so as this will allow you to disable the license from the other PC.
  4. Thanks, Porthos, yes, I have this enabled (I don't remember doing this but it's possible) I've now disabled this & will scan again.
  5. All 30 detected infections were the same Malware.Heuristic.1003 most were from my Big Fish games extras which were screensavers. I've added the logs plus the new txt file. LOGS.zip Malware.txt
  6. Unfortunately I had to recover using a system image last night (due to a (believed) problem after a Windows update) & am currently running a complete scan. Currently the list of suspect files is 27 & while I’m hoping many are pup/pua I’ll see what they are & report back.
  7. I ran a full scan of MlawareBytes premium & it found 7 infections all under: C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\, I believe these are a false positive: File: 7 Malware.Heuristic.1001, C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\12B11B2.MSI, Quarantined, 1000001, 0, 1.0.40009, 0000000000000000000003E9, dds, 01226420, 2E504E6E9EE2B5806E4A4812F9D1190D, A8CFFB0D2414D226AB920674724C0E174E6EBF62561C115C4F40350CA30FED34 Malware.Heuristic.1003, C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER\18A1890.MSI, Quarantined, 1000001, 0, 1.0.40009, 0000000000000000000003EB, dds, 01226420, BAD462F14DC27EE5113C81F77618EEC1, DCA20787748D5FF7F688E08B74F6FBA3734BB1
  8. I usually hover the cursor over any links within the email, with spam usually the text doesn’t match the url which is shown- text shows Malwarebytes.com but when hovered over the url it shows balwaremytes.con.
  9. If you purchased a new license as opposed to renewing for another 2 years then you should’ve received a new key. The current license may be the one which is showing as expiring in 30 days, if this is the case then entering the new key on the last day will activate the 2 year license.
  10. I’ve noticed this if I check for updates within a few minutes of updating. If this is what’s happening to the OP then this may be intentional.
  11. Have you tried the Malwarebytes cleanup tool? https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039023473-Uninstall-and-reinstall-Malwarebytes-using-the-Malwarebytes-Support-Tool
  12. Once the trial ends you’ll not automatically be protected should you visit those sites again, the Trojan will not be blocked. If you regularly visit these sites then premium protection is a must.
  13. +1 from me - the latest Beta appears to not only fixed the ransomware problem but has fixed severbal other problems which may have been due to the ‘resolving host’ issue.
  14. I keep this off which allows Defender to be my main AV software. If you enable it then Malwarebytes is the default & Defender is disabled.
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