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Questions/concerns about your software.

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      I have used your software for several years. It has helped me with plenty of jobs. I thank you for that because I have never paid a penny which I am grateful for. 


      Before you released the needless flashy interface that screams, "BUY MORE STUFF!" there was something of great concern to me that caused me to remove the software installed on my system. Last year I used your software to scan a newly installed Win Vista with both service packs installed offline from packages downloaded from Microsoft. Never connected to the internet. Once I did connect I installed FIrefox and then Malware Bytes was downloaded and updated. On it's first scan it showed everything was fine. Now the computer is not on the internet and the only website visited (or manually entered) was malwarebytes.org. Computer was offline for a few days. Nothing in the My Documents folder, nothing anywhere. PC wasn't being used. I ran a scan on it before downloading an additional scanner and Malware bytes found "malware" that is labled on the internet as "fake virus" in My Documents folder? The only software installed was Malware bytes. I never came here and mentioned it because a website had mentioned that out of all the programs out there, the people running Malware bytes were fighting the good fight.


      In Windows 7 you have the option of selecting what items to show in your start menu. When I select to not show My Computer I should never have to be told by my virus scanner that something hijacked my start menu. There is nothing there, nothing is being removed it just sets it back to show My Computer again. I can view My Computer just fine when I click on my User Account name in the start menu that brings me to the computer browser with a menu on the left that shows not only my computer by control panel as well. The locked topic on these forums that explains the issue described in this paragraph fails to mention it.


      May be true and you're fighting the good fight under the radar and the scanner is great but I can take one look at your new interface and see Malware Bytes riding the fine line between selling out and staying true to the concept their program relies on. I am weary of your software since my experience last year; FInding malware on a fresh OS (which I have setup 1,000's of times in my short life) sitting in the My Documents folder. Best of luck to you Malware Bytes. Keep fighting the good fight. For the sake of the internet and the freedom to use it.

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