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Malwarebytes "Stopped Working" when trying to do an update

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Hi, sub6fix:
I understand that MBAM 2.0 is crashing while updating.
I see that you are running the current version, but it's not clear if you were auto-updated to it or whether you did a manual, clean upgrade.
Please be sure that your AV and firewall both give MBAM full permissions.

When you have reinstalled, you may want to try adding mutual exclusions between MBAM and your AV/firewall.
The files that need to be excluded can be found HERE.
If none of that resolves your crash issue, then please re-rerun mbam-check for a fresh log and also please follow the steps in #2 above, to run and post both back with both logs from the FRST tool and the new checkresults.txt log.
Thank You,

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We will have to wait on someone from staff/development team to review those logs, but in the meantime lets get some more info so we can help these folks.

Are you able to update Malwarebytes as your logs does not show that its been updated.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

Installed On: 2014/05/28

Malware Database: 0000.00.00.00

Rootkit Database: 0000.00.00.00

Remediation Database: 0000.00.00.00

IP Database: 0000.00.00.00

Domain Database: 0000.00.00.00

Can you also zip up all the files located in the folder below and attach that zip file here?

\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Configuration

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Are you behind a firewall or do you have to manually configure a proxy? Looks like your Norton360 is disabled. How about any other protection software such as Windows Defender or Firewall?


My problem was that I could not update the MBAM database until I dispositioned the "Detected Threats" in the "Scan" section of the interface. That operational constraint is not clearly explained in the documentation and no warning is thrown by MBAM advising that the threats must be dispositioned before the update will occur. I spent considerable time reading the fora before finding the clue to my problem. I ignored all of the complicated remove, reinstall and other fiddly bits. I prefer to keep it simple and use complex "solutions" as a last resort.


Note: I am not qualified to give advice about or solve problems related to MBAM. It is just that I have found that talking about problems in broader terms sometimes leads down a path that finds commonalities which alone or combined with other knowledge can lead to solutions.

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  • Root Admin

Sorry for the delay the site is just very busy and difficult to keep up with all the requests for different help topics.

The logs indicate that the computer has at least some minor infections or PUP as well as a proxy setting.


I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.

Please note that we are busy and it could take a couple of day before a response but if no one has replied within 48 hours to your new topic please send me a private message.



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