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Buying new DDR3 RAM. This one fits?

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Hello everybody, it's nice to be around here.


I have a PC with 8 gb in RAM and I want to upgraded.


Before researching, I looked at what type of memory my computer can hold, and I found this written in the mobo: DD3 1800+


But I don't know what does the 1800+ means.


Then I saw this good deal on Amazon:



So my Q is, does this fits in my computer?


Thanks so much !!

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You always start with the Make and Model of a given platform.
You determine what is the MAXIMUM quantity of RAM (memory) the system can use as well as how many RAM slots the system supports.
Then you determine what is the quantity of RAM that is presently installed then and how the RAM is installed in the computer.


For example: 

You have 8GB, the system has only two RAM slots and each has a 4GB module installed.  Thus leaving no free slots.

Once you have determined this, you can then go to a site like Crucial Memory.
It has an easy tool to find RAM for YOUR system starting with the Manufacturer and drilling down to the model.  It will then tell you what RAM it is uses and what Crucial provides.
As for specific information on DDR3 RAM, the following DDR3 wiki provides information on the RAM and tabulates the speed vs. model number, etc.

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Wow David, thanks so much for your instructive answer. Really helped me out.


I found out that actually the model I have in my PC is a DDR3 - 13000 at 166 MHz, 6GB (3 sticks of 2GB each) and 4 slots.


The one I want: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007GWMR6U/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A89QP6D3VDW1W it's superior to the one I have, so I think there won't be any problem.


Also, is it possible to have 2 2GB sticks and the new 2 4GB new sticks, at the same time? To fill all the slots?


Thanks Firefox too for your response.


Thanks so much once again.
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Yes you can mix and match the size..... that being said, remember if you mix them and you have different speeds, the faster one will clock down to the slower one.


If you want the fastest speeds possible form the new ram, then you have to make sure they are all the same speed...

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YW JETeran, however I don 't want to jump to answer because I am seeing conflicting information.

Example:  "I have a PC with 8 gb in RAM" vs. "6GB (3 sticks of 2GB each) and 4 slots."


Let's make this more definitive.


What is the Make and Model of this desktop computer that has four slots where you have 3 x 2GB modules installed with one free slot and what is your the amount of RAM you are trying to have totally in the PC ?


With that exact Make and Model of the computer we also can be more exacting on the mix and match RAM question.  Some motherboards require matched pairs.

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Hey people, and sorry for the information conflict.


Yes I have 3 sticks of 2 GB each, making 6 GB total.


I tried to look for the information of the movo but couldn't find it. Do you know where I can get it? (I even saw the actual board)


What you say about the conflict makes sense to me. I used to have a mobo that couldn't have mixed RAM sticks.


This being said, I'll try to have all the slots full with RAM and benchark it.


Thanks again people !!

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yeppers ...

post the make and model of the machine ... the actual model number of the motherboard would be even better .

as mentioned *some* motherboards are a bit fussy about the configuration of the ram and also exactly the manufacture's model of the ram that is going to be used .

the good ram sites will have a list of "accepted/tested configurations" (as will the actual motherboard manufacturer) .

with out this information it is a crap shoot ... it is always best to go with what the motherboard manufacturer says is known to work .

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