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Malwarebytes comes with Trojan Horse

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Today my MB automatically updated to version

After update, before reseting my PC, I sac new installation with AWG and got virus warning: Trojan Horse Back Door Hupigon5.CJNH in file "is-HSI24.tmp".

After reboot my PC and scanned with AWG again, I got virus warning in "mbamgui.exe" file.

After clean uninstall of malwarebytes and scan my PC, no viruses found.

Reinstalled version 1.61 - no virus found.

Downloaded directly from Malwarebytes installed - virus appeared again.

This is confirmation, that latest version of Malwarebytes has TROJAN HORSE BUILD IN.

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Hello and welcome, Presovcan: :)

I'm not familiar with "AWG".

Are you referring to "AVG", perhaps?

If so, is it the current version and is it completely up-to-date, including the virus definitions?

There was a recent False Positive with the current version of MBAM and another, different anti-virus (Trend Micro Housecall): http://forums.malwar...owtopic=113618.

(It could also be that you might be infected and your exe files are being infected.)

Please refer to this reply in that other topic for a preliminary suggestion of how to proceed:


An MBAM staffer will likely have some additional suggestions,


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I'm using AVG 8.5.455 SBS edition with latest database (271.1.1/5175).

If I install version 1.61, no virus detected, but if I install version virus is detected.

I even try to scan file downloaded from Malwarebytes (mbam-setup- no virus detected.

I uninstalled Malwarebytes from my system, scanned entire PC with AVG, no viruses detected.

Reinstalled "mbam-setup-" and virus come back.

Uninstalled - virus is gone.

reinstalled version 1.61 - no virus detected, than upgraded to version 1.62 but not restarted PC as Malwarebytes was asking. Just scanned my PC and found infected one of temporary files created in "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" installed folder. Name of temporary file is different with each installation of Malwarebytes, but has extension *.tmp and size is 453kB (there was 5 temporary files).

After restart of my PC all temporary files disappear, but after scan found again infected file named "mbamgui.exe" in installed folder ("Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware").

This virus is comming on all my 3 PC's in my house.

Once again, version 1.61 is not affected by this problem on any of my PC's.

I will try run HouseCall and https://www.virustotal.com/, than I will post result of scan.

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Thanks for the update.

I will try run HouseCall

No need to do that! :)

I was just mentioning that another AV had a problem with a FP detection of the MBAM file some days ago (problem already resolved).

This doesn't really relate directly to your issue with AVG. :)

and https://www.virustotal.com/, than I will post result of scan.

Yes, that is what AdvancedSetup needs. :)

Please post back with the virustotal link.



PS AVG 8.5 is an older version of the program, although it appears that it is still getting virus definition updates (http://forums.avg.co...=show&id=171211).

I wonder if that is part of your problem, perhaps?

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I scan both files (temporary and executable) by uploading them to Virus Total, with negative result (No virus found).

It must be something with my AVG.

I know version what I have is old, but it is our corporate version purchased for 10 years in 2008, but we are getting regular updates.

Maybe our original spec for this customization of AVG was to be very conservative.

Anyway, thanks for help and I'm glad there is no problem with my very favorite MalwareByte.

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