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  1. latest beta 5.1 not fix this ! it is not dark !
  2. I whait beta key (premium plus) but nothing, version 5 need update, not integrate ok with windows 11
  3. for beta but with bugs When you search for updates, it will find updates in the loop In the top bar we no longer see the version, only Malwarebytes No new language is added In the taskbar with right click the same white background If you hover your mouse over the icon in the taskbar, it only shows Malwarebytes Premium Plus, not the version It still needs work, I hope you fix it You receive an upgrade announcement even if you already have the Premium Plus license activated, strange
  4. received this update with beta, and yes loop when check for updates
  5. right click on the Notification Center taskbar icon, it is white, even if I set the black theme, and not show version nomber when I put the mouse on it .
  6. hi, why? this year only beta for version 5 ?
  7. new build, not see new language add
  8. for me it is ok, tried to reinstall ?
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