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  1. Ah okay thank you very much for your infos With best Regards Delphin136
  2. Hi all Any Infos about this available With best Regards Delphin136
  3. Hi Can you check this please https://buttercup.pw/ https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/b8d861dc878f6a366e82614396731350b7bafbc1206e3880051d87e590522168/detection See the screenshot With best Regards Delphin136
  4. Hi Thank you very much for your infos Also will you bring it not for the IE right With best Regards Delphin136
  5. Hi Thank you very much for your infos 4. Any plans for a extension for the Internet Explorer / Edge available With best Regards Delphin136
  6. Hi all I have some question for you 1. When will you release a new Beta of RC and the Final Version 2. Any infos for the multilanguage Version of it 3. Is this compatible with this Avast Secure Browser https://www.avast.com/de-de/secure-browser With best Regards Delphin136
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