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  1. I use Privazer too. But I know they clean the taskbar. You can't ignore this. The bad with Privazer is you don't have so much control over it. There is something called CCleaner which clean traces too. There you have much more control what to clean and not to clean.
  2. I found out that it's inside the allow list popup too. "Tillåtna användare" = "Allowed users"
  3. I mean "Tillåtna Listan" would be better. But maybe you have a team that is Swedish that can correct it better?
  4. Then it's also about only websites that you can ignore. But what I know it's a whitelist for both sites and software.
  5. So I was going to add a whitelist to make a whitelist. Then I saw this spelling issue, it have nothing right. A picture of it. What it says is "The list allowed users" in English. Shouldn't it be "The list allowed programs/software"?
  6. Yes that's what I mean. I don't know if it's for other people too. But it was for Swedish.
  7. The only supported OS with dark theme is MacOS. Kinda disappointed that it doesn't exist in Windows version. I'm self a programmer.And when my old tool I made which was white before. Someone requested dark theme so I added it, even if the tool is not so much updated. It was fun time in adding dark theme and now it feels so nice when it's following my theme in Windows 10.
  8. Updated the image. Same as above but it's for the button too.
  9. I reported this in Beta. Always when you have the mouse over play mode table, it wont scroll.
  10. So I tried to change language to Swedish and noticed that in scanner that it hides behind the rectangle. I have an image showing red = can be seen, and then blue can't be seen. It's not a must change but I can't read everything. It would be better if it wordwrap instead.
  11. Weird. I tried to reboot and now the scan works. No idea why it wouldn't work.
  12. Like in title. I have selected a folder to scan on Windows 7 64bit. But I can't cancel and it can't check for updates or scan the file. I have no choice to cancel. It just keep going.
  13. I use anonfiles from time to time. Because I'm too lazy to code my own website and host my files there. But from time to time anonfiles.com get whitelisted and then blacklisted and back and forward. I wonder where is this trojan?
  14. This happened to me even in Beta. I have tried to enable and disable the option and reboot and everything. Still doesn't work. So I thought this was attended.
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