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  1. Attached GIF how it goes from fast to totally slow.
  2. It looks like it goes slow when clicking on settings too from main interface. MB is freezing and then opens up the settings menu.
  3. When I go the the settings interface in MB. Select which tab I want to go to, gives a delay of 5-8 seconds on every tab. I think I had this in the older cu update too. But didn't care much. But it feels like it load the tabs forever.
  4. Yeah I got the same issue. Got kinda confused when the feature didn't enable.
  5. Instead of creating a new topic about this feature. Should I have this activated or not. Because it's disable by default.
  6. I guess this will be like the robot in the city sky background in the start screen. I don't know much about support, but doesn't it add in the log that the user use beta? I mean instead of looking for version and cu?
  7. I can't download adwcleaner. All I get is redirected to this url: https://download.toolslib.net/download/direct/1/latest?channel=release No downloads or anything.
  8. Yeah It would be nice to have Beta in the top, to notice about that you use Beta. Right now you can only check by version and CU from the sticked threads. And also in General inside MB.
  9. I know that this is defect filed and low priority. But I can't stop move my mouse over Premium when I'm bored.
  10. Updated automatic. No reboot of the computer, everything installed flawless.
  11. I couldn't upload the file. It was locked by MB and stated as removed with reboot. But since I run the tool later it was not detected as ransomware.
  12. Anyway. Here are the logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
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