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  1. I got a notice about a new update. And inside this popups it said it could make an restart so I waited to do this, because I had other things to work with. After the upgrade It popped up the installation progress like it does when you re-install or install MB from the beginning. No restart was needed.
  2. This has been fixed now. Update the database and the detection should be gone.
  3. Thanks so much. I love the mb that could fix this issue so fast.
  4. Disable web protection. This fix the problem. No need to uninstall Mb. We just need to wait for the team to look this up. And till then disable web protection. If you guys is unsure about the web protection off. Just don't browse other sites till this is fixed.
  5. I can't talk. But after disabling the web protection I can use Discord. So I guess there is a block on discord.com.
  6. I was just going to report this. Why does mb block discord as Trojan? Now I can't talk with the developers I talk with. Edit: I can receive messages. But not talk. Edit2: "Blocked Website Discord.com because of Trojan" test.txt
  7. I was curious since the beginning about which VPN company that MB Privacy used. But now it's already true it does use Mullvad. Why else would the detection of VPN on the start page use Mullvad site to detect the VPN. The site clearly say that I'm protected and using MB Privacy. Anyway good choice to use Mullvad. I really like them. :)
  8. Works for me. I updated like 1 hour ago. And got the Update Package 1.0.37417 just now.
  9. I use this program a bit but Malwarebytes want to block the http://www.flashdevelop.org/ as trojan. Can someone take a look at the site why MB want to block this site?
  10. And now I got the redirect again. When it was gone it's back again.
  11. Looks like this is fixed again. No redirects to the Swedish page.
  12. Swedish is set as locale with my computer. Mozilla Firefox use locale sv-SE.
  13. Looks like I got this problem earlier in another topic. Somehow is Malwarebytes redirecting me to a swedish site. This site contains only malwarebytes windows version. I can't go somewhere else. Site: https://www.malwarebytes.com/se/?seredirect
  14. I can link to the start page, https://www.malwarebytes.com/se/premium/
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