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  1. I have been away a bit, and saw that the Swedish translation have been fixed in beta. Just noticed now that I have made a mistake in one word in the translation. "Om malwarebytes blockerar någonting som du vet är säkert, lägg till det i Tillåtna listan för att unvidka det i framtida upptäckter." unvidka should be undvika.
  2. I just found out that the information popup have MB theme in information tab. I did a recording to show it.
  3. Right now does the information popup show up as a normal popup that is in the most tools. What I want is, that it show up as the MB theme and not like a white little popup. I made a recording when the information popup comes up. But it would be nice if it could be in the same way as the MB theme.
  4. I don't know if I have reported this page when you are going to add a whitelist to the item. Swedish: "Lägg till de webbplatser som du vet är säkra i Tillåtna listan för att hoppa över dom och undvika att Malwarebytes blockerar dom." English: "Add the websites that you know is safe in the Allow List and to jump over them and avoid that Malwarebytes blocks them." In English Malwarebytes: "If Malwarebytes detects something you know is safe, add it to your Allow List to skip it in future detections." And translated to Swedish: "Om malwarebytes blockerar någonting som du vet är säkert, lägg till det i Tillåtna listan för att unvidka det i framtida upptäckter."
  5. No problems in installing this update. Was asked to restart the system but didn't need to do that.
  6. I will only tell that these rounded rectangles is kinda everywhere when you go around in the settings.
  7. I was prompted to reboot too. But no reboot was required.
  8. I guess so. Since I don't have dynamic IP-Address I guess I will always get this redirection. It won't matter if I use another DNS-Server. I hope the team can fix this. I don't want to change to a VPN just to get to the correct site.
  9. I changed my DNS-servers like @AdvancedSetupsaid. And I have been using it a longer time. Now I'm back to this Swedish site again with the new DNS-Server.. So I guess whatever I change to would always redirect me to the Swedish site. This is really annoying, why does this site exist at all? I get redirected to this site: https://www.malwarebytes.com/se/?seredirect
  10. Since the new update 1.0.1308 everything feels smooth. This fixed the problem for me.
  11. I have had issues too. Some times the websites work and some times not. My Setup: [Windows] Windows 10 Pro x64 - 20H2 - 19042.985 [Webbrowser] Firefox 88.0.1 , Without browser guard and with plugins that always works. I have also tried to change DNS-Servers without any change.
  12. I got a notice about a new update. And inside this popups it said it could make an restart so I waited to do this, because I had other things to work with. After the upgrade It popped up the installation progress like it does when you re-install or install MB from the beginning. No restart was needed.
  13. This has been fixed now. Update the database and the detection should be gone.
  14. Thanks so much. I love the mb that could fix this issue so fast.
  15. Disable web protection. This fix the problem. No need to uninstall Mb. We just need to wait for the team to look this up. And till then disable web protection. If you guys is unsure about the web protection off. Just don't browse other sites till this is fixed.
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