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  1. mavengroup - I found the problem... we are using a different path then default. Change %ALLUSERSPROFILE% to C:\ProgramData Should work then Cheers
  2. Strange. Basically all it is doing is disabling the service, then kills the process, then deletes the db files in that directory... and then starts everything back up. I would confirm the directory is perhaps the same on your machine, and that it is successfully killing the service and removing those files. After about 10 minutes or so... the new database files are downloaded and all is good. Can always do one line at a time and step though it.
  3. Same here. Nothing has worked. We have gave up using the cloud to fix it. A batch file seems to be the only way to fix it for us. But with 400 workstations? Well... it is not turning out to be a good weekend. Here is what works for us.... (we are having to use psexec to push the batch file out to the workstations one at a time) @ECHO Off sc config "MBAMService" start= disabled taskkill /f /im MBAMService.exe del /q /f %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\*.mbdb sc config "MBAMService" start= auto sc config "MBEndpointAgent" start= auto net start MBEndpointAgent net start MBAMService
  4. API

    Is there an API or .NET reference available that we can hook into? We want to be able to communicate with the service (see status/start scans/etc) via our in-house apps. Does this exist for Endpoint Protection? Thanks.
  5. We started using Endpoint Protection. (migrated from Kaspersky) It is amazing how much malware we had that Kaspersky just flat out didn’t catch or care about. And we got hit with Emotet because of it. We got a trial set up last Thursday and it now seems like we are all good. However after using it for the last week. We have some feature requests (I am sure some of these are already in the works) Make the agent check in more and let us know what is happening. We have noticed with scheduled scans, they don't show up until finished. It would be nice to see what endpoints are doing at all times, rather than when something completes. We have had users say their computer is slow (And the endpoint overview shows nothing)... only to find out a scan from the night before is still running. Perhaps a current status field. Also, if a user starts a scan themselves... we also want to see that. We have also had an endpoint that installed the agent. But the MBAMservice was broken. Have the agent check in and report if it is working/not installed/etc. Again.... this could be in a status field. Endpoint Overview - Ability to see the IP an endpoint is connecting from - this would help us figure out if someone is at home, on the road, or in one of our branches. Endpoint Overview - The Endpoint boot up time Endpoints view - Ability to add/remove any of the data from the endpoint overview as a column - we can then hide or add depending on what we are looking for Endpoints view - Ability to see the amount of files in quarantine for the endpoint on the endpoint view (and sortable) Endpoints view - The currently logged on user in endpoint view (maybe even a list of last logged on users if you drill into overview?) Endpoint Overview - Ability to see the scheduled scans in the endpoint overview. (not history, just a list of all the schedules) We have had endpoints that didn't seems to run the scheduled scan. This would just give us confidence they are receiving the schedules. Perhaps even have a last run date next to it also. Quarantine view, Event View, etc. Ability to click on the Endpoint name and be taken to the endpoint overview page. Saves us having to copy paste the computer name into endpoints. (we have random computer names) Emails – Instead of the subject “Malwarebytes: A new event occurred” have it say the type of event… that way we don’t have to always look at the email body to see what is going on… for example… “Malwarebytes: New machine registered” or “Malwarebytes: Threat Detected”, etc. Thanks! Shaun