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  1. With it turned off it is basically like a simple anti virus application. And it depends solely on signatures I believe. Which is fine for us. Since every thing it has ever caught for us in the past... has been signature based. They are aware of the issue. When we submitted our performance data. They let us know they are working on it.
  2. Under your policies... disable "Behavior Protection". That is what we did, all problems went away. You can also add exclusions for the apps you run... but this was easier. When we hear it is fixed... we will turn back on.
  3. We will do that next time it happens. Thanks Just to add to this however. We had a user this morning having the issue. They were getting slugish performance. (scrolling, copy/pasting/etc) We opened task manager and I didn't see high CPU. However MB service would jump to 25% or so for a few seconds when it would happen. As soon as they rebooted everything was fine. So hopefully this catches it. But might be more then just a CPU issue. Since for us... it is not even that high all the time. More like it is holding things up.
  4. We had it installed on servers. Until there was an issue where it pegged the CPU at 100% awhile back. Couldn't even remote to the machines. Decided then that we would keep it off anything that critical. Workstation performance has been on and off. Seems intermittent. However just today we had a user that said their machine was slow and unusable. We killed MB and performance was good again. (no scans running but MB was pegged at 25%) MB started back up right after and everything was fine.
  5. We have had the same issue last week. Described the same way from our users. Keyboard lag. Restarting the service seems to speed things up. It is pretty intermittent. For ourselves... these are POS machines. Very little installed. No other AV.
  6. We also had a couple users complain their computers locked up. In Add/Remove programs, on both computers... MB was shown as installed today. So I am guessing the update is causing it.
  7. Kinda the same issue here. We find the agent stops working and we can't restart it. Same error... side by side issue. (i am guessing corrupt config) We now run a script at login that checks that the agent service is running, if not. Email us. We then copy from C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent\Cache\unloaded\Service to the C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent directory. This fixes it. We will probably have to make a script that automates this. Seems to happen frequently
  8. After the issue a few months back (cpu going to 100%), where some of our machines had their databases/folders deleted to regain control. It seems the console and the clients are out of sync. When deleting items from quarantine, the client can't delete what it thinks no longer exists. 2018-04-23 08:08:02,614-05:00 [103] ERROR MBAMPlugin Error in calling DeleteQuarantineItems for clientID: Endpoint Agent:acbc4c49-0274-476e-a95b-0ce25470d31b, error code: CCErrorNoMatchingItem, winErrorCode: 0. So the items stay in the console quarantine forever Also, we have deleted a few clients, and still see their quarantined items are still in the console UI. Do these purge after some time? It would be good if when a client is deleted... all console/quarantined items are deleted also. (or purged after some time) Thanks
  9. Is there an API or .NET reference available that we can hook into? We want to be able to communicate with the service (see status/start scans/etc) via our in-house apps. Does this exist for Endpoint Protection? Thanks.
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