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  1. We are using the cloud remediation tool and after the last update most of the Macs in our environment disappeared. I still have some but missing most. The computers still have the endpiont and seems to work properly but i cannot see it in the server. I have tried to restart the UserAgent service in the hopes that it would reconnect to the server but had not luck. Has anyone seen this of have a possible solution? Thanks
  2. I have run the batch file on several PC's and it has worked well on most. There have been a couple that it didn't work, but there will always be a few that a solution doesn't work for. Appreciate the assist. Thanks
  3. We are running the latest version on MB Incident Response on about 1700 endpoints and I am having an issue with about 10% of them loosing communication. The Service is stopped and when I attempt to restart it I get Error 14001: The application has failed to start because its side-by-sideconfiguration is incorrect. As I have investigated, I have found that the config file is corrupt and therefore unable to communicate with the cloud server. I have tried running ConfigurationRecoveryTool.exe, with a reboot, and it seems to repair but still no communication with the server. So far the only thing that has seemed to work completely is to do an uninstall and re-install. I am hoping to find a better solution than touching 170 PC's across the globe. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
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