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Found 28 results

  1. I had to go back to windows 10 version 1803 since almost 2 days or so (first time this is happened to me), install Malwarebytes version 4 beta , and when I want to exit out of MB it goes to crash ! so the whole software is crashed on the exit ! We’re sorry.but the Malwarebytes service stopped working. The program will now restart.
  2. This happened recently, my laptop did not experience any funny stuff going till now. I noticed whenever I go to settings, it crashes the app quickly. Then when I tried to open my Avast Anti-Virus, it quickly crashes upon being present. I tried every Anti-Virus, but everything just crashes. I thought this is a malware or spayware prob. I did my research and found out Malwarebytes can get rid of this, but when I installed Malwarebytes, after installation, I double click it then it loaded up, then unfortunately crashed like the others. I am in need of desperate help at the moment, been feeling stressed because I might need to format this Asus laptop of mine.
  3. "we're sorry, but the malwarebytes service stopped working" mbst-clean-results.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I keep my XP machine updated with the POS hack. So the problem I just started having with MB on my XP machine is the same problem anyone would have on an XP POS machine. Today, after updating with KB4056564-V2, KB4089453-V2, KB4095516, KB4095528, KB4103768, KB4101477, KB4130957, KB4131188 and KB4134651, MalwareBytes just crashed. UNinstalling with MB-clean and REinstalling various versions of MB did not work - all crashed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Getting a prompt from Chrome to remove Malwarebytes. Chrome keeps shutting down and when I restart, I get this message: This application could prevent Chrome from working properly. Application Malwarebytes version Remove
  6. Hello,recently my Malwarebytes stopped working. I've used this for years with no problems.Below is the the error info I get when it crashes on start up Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: mbam.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 5b6e0dd0 Fault Module Name: Qt5Core.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 5b61d1b9 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 001b330b OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  7. Hello! I have the following problem: I am using MBAM Premium 3.5.1, and when i open a Website in Google Chrome it freezes and Crashes within Minutes! If i disable MBAM, everything works fine, without troubles!! Sorry for my Bad English, but I hope everyone knows what I mean I already have Downloaded the MBAM Clean 3 Tool, and reinstalled MBAM 3.5.1 After re install the Problem is back again Best Regards Xenon
  8. Hi, I installed Malwarebytes few days ago to wipe out adware. This morning I started my PC and before the login screen all I got was a black screen and a blinking cursor. I tried everything but its unresponsive. I think it has happened because Malwarebyte accidentally deleted something important. Please tell me how to solve this problem. I've read countless threads but I'm not getting anything. Please help as soon as possible. And if its that process of loading log.txt and another txt file, please explain thoroughly. Help!
  9. Hello, I have been trying to resolve an issue I have been having with MalwareBytes for the last couple weeks now. Every time I run a scan it will go through the normal process until it starts trying to scan through the Program Data files, and then the service will stop working. I have tried reinstalling MBAM a few times with no luck. I was able to run ADWcleaner with no issues. I ran the scans I saw in previous forums and have attached them to the thread. Also include in the file is a screen shot of the error. Thank you for your help, Victor mb-check-results.zip
  10. So a week ago I used a torrent to download a game which lead to me getting a virus,miner and a Adware Adwcleaner got rid of it but It seemed as if I sti had something on my pc as Windows Defender was not working nor was I able to enter Avast or Malwarebytes so i decided to try out the Cameleon which Ive read so much about it helped me get rid of 150 problems and I was trilled to be free, sure enough after restarting my pc as the program tells you to after the scan is compleated I cannot enter my pc all I get is this blinking underline and nothing else comes up. Please help me I have no clue what to do running Malwarebytes compleatly killed anything that I can do with my PC i cannot enter safe mode nor anything else as soon as it starts this shows up. (I know the monitor is dirty but thats the least of my concerns rightnow)
  11. When scanning the service is terminated randomly, it always occurs with less than 2 minutes. I use Peemium version 3.4.5, installed on a new installation of Windows Server 2008 SP2 on an IBM System X3200 Erro: We're sorry, but the Malwarebytes service stopped working. The program will now restart. Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  12. Hi, I believe I was recently infected by a virus of some sort. Since a few days ago, my laptop (Microsoft Surface Pro 4) has been playing up: 1. A lot of the time, it will be running on 80-100% CPU and the laptop will be extremely hot and the fan will be very loud. When I check to see what it is that's using up the CPU it is mostly 'svchost.exe' in a folder called SysWOW64. 2. The laptop has become very slow as well and it will take a long time to open folders, etc. 3. Sometimes the laptop will crash and a blue screen will appear saying 'CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED' and it will restart 4. I have malwarebytes installed, and when I start up the computer a lot of the time a box will pop up in the bottom right corner saying that a website has been blocked even though I haven't even opened the internet yet. The domain is 'de-mi-nis-ner.info' which seems dodgy. Please help, I don't know what to do. I have scanned it many times with Windows defender and Malwarebytes and they have both said there are no viruses. Thanks in advance!
  13. I installed (what I thought was free mb) a few months ago and everything was fine. Except I was somehow treated to a trial version of Premium. A week ago I got the first firefox crashed tab. and a pop up from Malwarebytes exploit encountered. Then almost every session it crashed. Then ie started crashing. COMON DENOMITER MALWAREBYTES. I uninstalled mb and returned to normal. Decided that it was the premium mb . and an hour ago installed mb FREE???? again. Saw the premium trial message again and opened firefox IMMEDIATE TAB CRASH. If this is how you treat you Premium customers. I DON'T WANT TO BE ONE.... BYE
  14. I installed Malwarebytes trial version yesterday. I ran a scan. In the middle of the night, my Windows 10 PC rebooted. So I disabled nightly scans. I woke up, it had shut down. Not even rebooted yet. This is terrible. I've been a developer for 20 years. That means: a) You can't tell me that this is a random hard drive crash, that just so coincidentally happened less than 24 hours after installing Malwarebytes. b) Let me know if I should just go to slashdot and sitepoint and all the developers on my linkedin list and facebook and tell them my experience with both the product and your support or lack thereof, and to spread the word. This is not a coincidence.
  15. The "fix" for the memory issue has not resolved the issue with customers using Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection (Cloud SAAS Service). I have done the process; stopped services, rebooted, etc. with no effect. I have tried to push protection updates through a task through the control panel, also with no effect. The Malwarebytes service still starts and spiked CPU and continues to Gobble memory until the system becomes unstable. I have been unable to reach anyone in business support and do not see any posts in reference to this product or how to remediate the issue for business users. Just looking to get some clarity on how to resolve this on the 900 endpoints and servers that we have that are affected. Thanks.
  16. Is anyone else having this problem as of today??? At around 10:30 am Central time on January 27, 2018, my Dell laptop Precision 2800 with Windows 7 froze. It was obvious the hard drive was running at near full speed and using 98% of my 8GB memory. Trying to search for the cause was impossible as it was frozen on my desktop. When it was obvious that it wasn't going to change I had to do a hard shutdown by removing the battery. After starting the Malwarebytes icon in the tray was showing an old problem that hadn't shown up in a long time: The protection for the web browser was turned off and could not be turn on manually. I was able to exit malwarebytes but it turned back on. As soon as the red warning symbol showed up on top of the icon, the computer went into overdrive again. Again, I had to do a hard shutdown. Upon startup I went in to services.msc and disabled Malwarebytes. On startup everything was fine. In the meantime my wife informed me that her fairly new Dell desktop with Windows 10 was "showing a blue screen". I went it and thankfully it wasn't the BSofD. It simple showed that windows did not start correctly. I restarted her computer and came back to my laptop. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I decided to turn back on malwarebytes and restart laptop. Sure enough, the exact same thing happened. After the 3rd hard shutdown and restart I disabled malwarebytes and restarted. Now, after about 45 minutes the computer is doing fine. Shortly thereafter my wife informed me that the blue screen was back on her Windows 10 desktop. I went in and found the same thing. Upon restarting, I noticed that the malwarebytes tray icon has the red warning symbol. I checked and it was the same as my laptop: Browser protection was not running. I went into services.msc and disabled malwarebytes. Problem solved. No "blue screen" anymore. To me it's obvious that some sort of update to malwarebytes caused this problem as after disabling malwarebytes I was able to keep computers running long enough to check for other updates. (Obviously I can't check for any malwarebytes updates because it's disabled.) I have my Windows 7 laptop updates set to "notify only" and I will download and update. I check my Norton and no updates since early morning, and I had been using my laptop nearly 4 hours before the problem started. I have no other protection software besides Norton and Malwarebytes. So, again, has anyone else seen this problem today??????
  17. Hi, it looks like I've got the problem lot's are experiencing. 3 days ago I had a problem with my computer shutting down because of a bios misconfiguration and processing some video files with Movie Maker. After that was resolved I started to get the pop about web protection not on and I couldn't turn it back on. I downloaded the MB-Clean tool and used it to do a clean removal and reinstall of MWB 3.3.1 yesterday and it appeared to fix the problem. About 15 mins ago, while on the web doing some searches I got a low memory warning and then a BSOD. After the dump and reboot I opened Task Manager and watched the processes window and saw MWB eating memory at about 32 megs every update until I had about 1/2 my memory used up. I ended the process but it restarted and commenced the same leakage. So, I ended the process and used MB-Clean to remove MWB and reinstall again. This time it took forever to install and when the welcome screen showed it revealed a standard license. When I input my license key it appeared to accept it but never updated. So, I removed MWB using the Programs and Features selection in Control Panel. I am currently not using MWB until this is resolved. I'm hoping it's a problem with the software and not an attack.
  18. mb-check-results.zip Hello: I have a subscription and am running Malwarebytes v 3.3.1 and it apparently has a memory leak issue. While running, it will continue to use memory until it reaches the maximum available memory and then causes my computer to crash. I have run the tests advised by Malwarebytes support in another user post and attached the results. Please assist in resolving this issue as the program is useless to me currently. Regards, Matt
  19. I was recently on the forums trying to find a fix for the "Real time Protection not staying on" after I tried a few of the suggested items here, now Malwarebytes will not even launch. I also tried to gather logs but the MBLog creation link in the thread said it could not be reached. I tried going there manually but was not able to access that either. All I could get were the logs from FRST. attached. Logs.zip
  20. I am having an issue where the MalwareBytes service is using ALL of my (32GB) memory and 25% of CPU (per Process Explorer). I have an IT business and several of my customers are having the same issue. It started this morning (1-27-18). The MB service begins eating "working set" RAM until there is nothing left. Restarting Windows does not fix the problem; only stopping and disabling the service fixes it. I finally just uninstalled MB and will reinstall to see if that helps. This problem is a BUG and the MB programmers had better get a fix for this ASAP. I am running Win 7 Pro and no other antivirus.
  21. • Web protection won't start • Malwarebytes eating up to 20gb of my RAM As a result a nice BSOD. Blue Screen Of Death My PC got hot, my fans were working overtime. I checked and it was Malwarebytes doing crazy stuff with a number on my memory and processor. I hope you fix this soon because I am unprotected since I shut MB down! I already did a cleanup and a clean install with the newest version. Same result. Hurry up!
  22. I'm Very Unhappy With Malwarebytes - Paid My laptop (Windows 10) is only a few months old. And today MB almost killed it. I just pray to god there hasn't been any lasting damage. I was only reading a book from google play when my laptop just went crazy, freezing and crashing, and MB real time protection was turned Off. After googling with my Chromebook. Because it certainly wasn't possible to google with my laptop. I realised the problem was MB. I tried to uninstall MB but that wasn't possible. It was acting more like a virus than an antimalware. For anyone else with this problem - This is what I did... 1) Start Windows In Safe Mode Instructions For Windows 10: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/12376/windows-10-start-your-pc-in-safe-mode Note: Use the second set of instructions. From The Sign In Screen. Keeping your finger on the Shift Key as you click Restart and still keep your finger on the Shift Key if you have to click Restart Anyway. Note: I Chose Option 4 From The Menu... Safe Mode Without Network (Internet) 2) Uninstall Malwarebytes Note: If nothing happens for ages... Just Wait! It took a good five minutes or more before the uninstall bar started moving and it was uninstalled. I Will NOT Be Reinstalling Malwarebytes. Especially if the Free Version has done the same to my sons Windows 7 Desktop. I'm to scared and worn out to turn it ON and find out at the moment. Safe Mode Instructions For Windows 7: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17419/windows-7-advanced-startup-options-safe-mode Safe Mode Instructions For Windows 8: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2809468/how-to-easily-enter-safe-mode-in-windows-8-one-click-series
  23. Today I saw a notice that Malware Bytes have some protections off on my computer. As I opened the app to check what was going on I noticed mbamservices.exe increasing the memory count on Task Manager until there was no more memory left. The computer froze until it crashed my browser and all tabs open. All the memory. As I opened the browser again and there was mbamservices.exe increasing the memory count and crashing it. I uninstalled the app and installed it again but the same issue kept occurring. I rebooted the computer after the last crash and the issue continued. I had to disable the service on Services.MSC. I cannot find what is the problem. I have paid for the Premium service in December and never had any problems. Any thoughts and help? Thanks.
  24. So ive been having the real time protection issue but i recently noticed that Malwarebytes is using a feck tonne of memory which looks like is the reason for my pc to crash? is this the case is there anyone else with this issue and can explain what is going on and what i can do to stop this
  25. So, I ran into this issue after taking a really relaxing shower. Now, I feel like I could need another to get me to calm down again. I don't wanna leave a hate comment on this, but really: I'm kinda disappointed. I tried multiple things to save my computer from crashing in the first place but in the end, I was left alone with a beautiful black screen. Such a great contrast! Keeping the jokes besides, Malwarebytes seemed to still behave in a weird way after a hard reset. I'm talking about the Malwarebytes Service, which can be seen in the Task Manager, slowly eating your RAM as if it was an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. I was able to kill the Task but as stated in many other threads on this forum, it returns after a couple of seconds to finish its meal. I did a MB-Check before I took more drastic actions and I'll detach it here. So maybe someone's able to work with it. After that I decided on clearing my Quarantine and uninstall Malwarebytes for doing a fresh instal of it. Well I think if you're having the same type of issue, you know what happened next: Malwarebytes crashed. That's it. But not only it crashed, the Malwarebytes Service kept annoying me further. Great thing. I wanted to deactivate Malwarebytes for my Windows boot start-up, but it wasn't there anymore. "Okay, now it's getting creepy", was my first thought and I decided on uninstalling Malwarebytes completely. But how? I used the MB-Clean, provided by the Company we usually trust to keep us save from Viruses, and agreed to it for doing a clean uninstall of Malwarebytes. Wow, we've come so far, this has to have a happy end? No? Sadly no. I think the uninstaller didn't work properly because when I started it, our loved Malwarebytes Service again decided to start-up without us asking it to do so. I would love to attach these Logs here now, but unfortunately they got deleted. The Reason why, is because I decided on redoing the clean uninstall twice again. I created folders where I put the logs for each run in. After the Third clean, which I executed in adminmode, the log of my first scan was gone. Dunno how this is possible, but somehow the MB-Cleaner somehow seemed to delete my Log inside of a separate folder. Hope it's a feature not a Bug . However fortunetalely, the second and third Log are still in their folders. I noticed that there's still the "Malwarebytes"-folder in my programsfolder. It still has some content in it aswell, but I wont delete them manually just now. They may become handy. Who knows? So yeah, Malwarebyted seems to be somehow uninstalled now with some tiny leftovers. As many people I also got a message on Malwarebytes crashing, saying: "Yo, there's something wrong with our license Servers try ag..."-blablabla. So, many people now suspect that the whole problem with this massive memory leak is a bug (or maybe a feature) caused by the program not getting a reply from the servers and therefore getting catched in a loop of RAM-Hunger. Awesome! I really hope that this is the only issue MB is facing there rightnow and it has nothing to do with Spectre or Meltdown. Some people already managed to deactive the service of MB so they don't have to uninstall it. Great decision, wish I would have been that smart aswell. For now, I'm gonna wait for MB to give me a reply and the reason behind this devastating "Bug". I would appreciate it, when someone could tell if I can delete the Malwarebytes folder manually. Also a small edit: While searching through my SSD, I found a Report file, could it be of use? Looks like it keeps track of all the different program parts to start-up. Anyways, I hope this is going to be fixed soon, because c'mon, we all love this product, make it great again please. Have a nice day, and if you're a MB-Staff I wish you best luck to find a quick solution and make all the customers happy again. -Jerre :] second mb-clean-results.txt third mb-clean-results.txt mbae-default.log MBAMSERVICE.LOG mb-check-results.txt dbupdate.log exclusions.txt
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