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  1. Yeah I can confirm it is still happening as of this AM.
  2. Nevermind, I found it is a known issue.
  3. Anyone else having issues with Endpoint and Group retrieval today? I have not opened a ticket yet.
  4. Thanks - working with Support and already provided this, but still not any further along other than we know that something appears to be downgrading it. However, what is weird is that I just installed on a win 7 machine and it worked perfectly. It seems to be Win 10 machines that have the issue... on site right now working through some more testing.
  5. Hey all. I thought there was a topic on this already but my search came up empty. Not sure why... perhaps I'm mis-remembering. So we have some Win 10 machines that throw this error when trying to download the Malwarebytes Service. The Endpoint downloads and installs from the cloud page, but it never fully installs because of this error. We are not sure what is causing it, however we do have a support case open and are being told that somewhere along the line, the TLS is being downgraded to 1.0 from 1.2 which is required. Strangely, this does not seem to be affecting all machines at the various sites it is happening to, and that makes me think it's some setting at the machine level or corruption in Windows,. Looking to see if anyone else has run across this and figured out a solution other than trying a fresh OS load which is not easy when you need the users to ship the machine or make an on site visit. Thanks.
  6. OK, now we have a Win 10 Surface machine that is experiencing the problem. Multiple attempts to boot and it locked at the login screen; we went into safe mode and changed the MWB services to Delayed Start, and it comes up every time so far without a problem. We have a log from the Process Monitor from one of the Win 7 machines, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I've attached in case someone wants to take a stab at it. ntbtlog.txt
  7. Thanks - e'll try Process Monitor and see what we come up with.
  8. I have a Win 7 desktop (dell) that I have not been able to duplicate this on. The 6 machines that are currently affected are all Win 7 and Lenovo based laptops. Interesting indeed, but I still don't have a common thread other than that.
  9. Initial tests are that the exclusions aren't having an affect, but changing the startup of the MWB services to DELAYED is allowing a test machine to start up (multiple times) without the issues. We are continuing to test.
  10. Prior to today we did not have them in place and there were no issues. Given that this is affecting just Windows 7, I'm not sure it would make a difference. However, I've added the exclusions as recommended. We will test further and advise.
  11. Make that 5 machines. We just performed a controlled test of a machine that has the latest update. It's been taking a long time to boot lately and we just disabled the MWB services and rebooted and it came back with a normal bootup - less than 1 minute.
  12. I have a report of at least 5 machines with this version where the machines take upwards of 30 minutes to boot up to a usable desktop. Sounds crazy, but the tech that is working the issue said with the services disabled the machines go back to the 90-120 second boot window. These are Win7 4-bit machines with 8+ GB of RAM. Anyone else seeing this? Unfortunately, ever since we installed the Endpoint Security this past summer we've had nothing but performance issues. We even have a few machines where the software will not install properly and there is no resolution as of yet and it's literally been months. Credibility of the solution is suffering.
  13. Actually, it cleared up so I suspect it was some sort of congestion. Thanks for the info!
  14. Perhaps this is buried in the manual somewhere and I just missed it, but what drives are scanned by EndPoint Protection? I do not see the ability to specify drives or drive types in the scheduled scan configuration. I would think drive types would make more sense as an option though given the differences between machines and potential drive letters... but I'm not really looking for a feature at this point just an answer to the question of what drives are included in a scan. (either manual or scheduled) Thanks.
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