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  1. Perhaps this is buried in the manual somewhere and I just missed it, but what drives are scanned by EndPoint Protection? I do not see the ability to specify drives or drive types in the scheduled scan configuration. I would think drive types would make more sense as an option though given the differences between machines and potential drive letters... but I'm not really looking for a feature at this point just an answer to the question of what drives are included in a scan. (either manual or scheduled) Thanks.
  2. Kernel009

    Experiencing High Resource Usage

    Just seeing this - we will try. We've also created a separate policy group where Behavioral Monitoring is disabled at the request of Support and are testing that as well.
  3. Did a few searches but came up empty... am I missing something or is there no way to protect the agent from being uninstalled by users? For example, we also use Trend Micro and it has the ability to protect the client from exit and uninstall by way of a password. I have found no such option for MWB and some users have been presented with a Chrome popup indicating MWB could prevent it from working properly and providing a link to the control panel add/remove programs. I know we could remove add/remove ability from users via a GPO etc., but I'm looking for a feature of the program since we typically let users add/remove programs but of course would want certain programs protected. Am I asking too much? I have opened a ticket but figured I'd spark some conversation here as well.
  4. Sorry - didn't mean to post twice in a row and there was no delete option for a post that I could find I haven't actually dug into updates not flowing... but I'll let you know. One of my wishes is for a more streamlined interface with more column choices so we can for instance see what the current version of the client is so we can identify easily... and perhaps a user editable "Label" field (like Trend Micro has) to easily identify a machine when you have a cryptic naming convention (of someone else's design of course LOL).
  5. We have tickets open for both of these issues as well... just an FYI it's not isolated to you. Looking for answers ourselves...
  6. We are having the same problem with random machines exhibiting high memory and sluggish/choppy operations. We have an open ticket as well. We have a mix of machines XP, 7 Pro 32 and 64 bit, and Win 10 Pro, Server 2003 on up to Server 2016. Just wanted to note that it's not an isolated incident.

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