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  1. Same here, and no issues either. MB4 beta was running during the upgrade to 18980.1
  2. Adobe DeviceCentral.exe. See attached Same issue as this:
  3. I'm not sure - I didn't use V3 after beta testing.
  4. Click on MB tray icon then "Check for updates" takes me to the UI front page. It should either take me to the Settings > General page, or initiate an update
  5. On a different computer, also got FP on NCH's expressrip.exe, again, nothing listed in scan results. I assume this is the same issue.
  6. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. Yes I did that - after running FP Tracker I removed Stamp.exe from the allow list. The scanner no longer picks stamp.exe up as a detection so unable to reproduce. Stamp.exe has not been changed and it runs normally. If MB4 picks up Stamp.exe in a scan why doesn't real time protection stop Stamp.exe from running?
  8. Thanks Exile360. Yes the correct version is listed in Programs and Features.
  9. Last scan picked up NCH software Stamp.exe. I think this is a FP (image attached) Nothing listed in saved scan results??? (attached) Ran FP Tracker, failed - "No scan detections found" (image attached) JSON file attached MB didn't quarantine this even though settings says Auto quarantine. 8ceff076-d1b4-11e9-912b-382c4abd2e03.zip Scanresults.txt
  10. Clean install yesterday MB4 UI reports version is installed. Belarc reports the following version(s?) are installed: Malwarebytes - Malwarebytes version - Service version (64-bit) Install file MBSetup.exe also shows (see attached)
  11. Thank you Exile360, that has fixed it. I was particularly interested in dates in the scanner. Surprising that MB still doesn't honour the Windows setting by default.
  12. Will we be able to change the date format in MB4 UI? Currently it shows mm/dd/yy yet my Windows 10 date format is set to dd/mm/yyyy. The same issue occurred in MB3 but there was a setting that could be changed to fix it
  13. The original failure must have been associated with Windows feature update. I have done two further feature updates to Windows 10, both with MB4 Beta running - no issues occurred. Normally I would disable any third party security apps when doing a Windows 10 feature update. MB4Beta is running beautifully. It is much better than the early versions of MB3.
  14. I had no problem using copy/paste (Ctrl V) of id and key with the Beta.
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