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  1. I agree that it shouldn't be needed, yet I have seen a few cases on factory 10s that have startup issues that have been resolved by disabling Fast Startup, including an ASUS netbook of mine. Certainly worth trying.
  2. Have you tried disabling Fast Startup in Windows? Right click start > Power Options Click on Choose what the Power buttons do Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable Scroll down to Shutdown settings and Uncheck the box Turn on Fast Start-up Click Save Changes
  3. No, my 64 bit systems are all still bad. I only just tried the 32 bit and in any case there is no new update
  4. Interestingly, my 32 bit Windows 10 system with MB, 1.0.122 1.0.1973 is operating normally, all protection layers on, scans work fine
  5. Trial customers are affected.
  6. No one knows even what has happened yet
  7. That hopefully doesn't apply in a disaster like this
  8. Interesting that both 1973 and 1974 have the issue
  9. No one knows what the problem is yet
  10. ... for a month or two - then it won't receive any more updates - end-of-life
  11. Keep hitting this forum until we see a statement from staff.
  12. This is a "biggie"!
  13. This is very disturbing. I would have thought by now there would be extensive testing on updates, given the issues in the past few months.