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  1. Thanks gonzo, I think that you have explained what happened. I will use that Ads/Trackers switch next time it happens.
  2. https://bamboovillage.com.au/ Also, it offers Google review option at checkout, maybe relevant.
  3. Microsoft Edge, Browser Guard active Attempted an online order for household items. Checkout details were correct yet the payment section kicked me back to the checkout details saying that details were missing. Tried twice more, same result. Decided to try again with Browser Guard turned off. That fixed it, worked fine. I that sort of behaviour to be expected?
  4. After a restart, Malwarebytes is behaving normally.
  5. Thanks, I didn't realise it was beta.
  6. I received message that new update was available, elected to install, adding Browser Guard There was no indication that the installation completed, but the installation windows changed to this weird thing. Left it for a few minutes, strange windows remained. Restarted computer, when Desktop appeared the computer automatically restarted again then Malwarebytes started and all seems OK. It now shows version Update version 1.0.39951 Component version 1.0.1289 And Browser Guard is operational Do I need to be concerned?
  7. Just updated to 1.0.1153 Beta. Install hang. See attached Restarted computer and all seems OK, Malwarebytes shows latest update installed. Should do a clean install in case?
  8. Same here, and no issues either. MB4 beta was running during the upgrade to 18980.1
  9. Adobe DeviceCentral.exe. See attached Same issue as this:
  10. I'm not sure - I didn't use V3 after beta testing.
  11. Click on MB tray icon then "Check for updates" takes me to the UI front page. It should either take me to the Settings > General page, or initiate an update
  12. On a different computer, also got FP on NCH's expressrip.exe, again, nothing listed in scan results. I assume this is the same issue.
  13. Thanks for the explanation.
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