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  1. Ohhh, I checked for 'Windows malware removal help & support' section. All logs were public there. So I thought same goes here also. One more thing, if i upload these logs to other sections of forum where they are visible to public, could it be a problem for me ? I mean does these 4 logs carry any private info that later can prove problematic for me if gone in wrong hands ?
  2. Hey guys, sorry for a bit late reply but just a bad thought got stuck in my mind regarding the uploaded log files. I am not sure if everyone can see or download these logs? I don't really want anyone except experts and staff to see what's there in the log files. It just makes me paranoid. Will it be possible if you could remove all 4 uploaded log files in this thread ? It will flush out unnecessary burden from my head. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Okay thanks a lot for your time. I want to ask for one last favor from you. Can you please help to change my current username. Can it be changed to "thepinkpanther" or something like that. I would be really thankful to you for this favor.
  4. And what about the blocked websites you mentioned ? Are you talking about the outbound connections from uTorrent web ?
  5. Sorry but I don't remember seeing any website getting blocked recently. Ya but some outbound connections from uTorrent web were blocked in January this year. Are you talking about them ? Also I am unable to understand whether I should be concerned or not. Is there anything very serious in logs ? Are there any active threats in my System ? Also the logs that I attached when I asked the question says something about HackTool.Kms. Why malwarebytes is not detecting this threat ? The logs says that mbt is automatically whitelisting it 🙄.
  6. Hey guys, so sorry for late reply. Here I am providing all the logs that you asked for. Can you kindly look into it and tell if any issue is there and how to resolve it. Also I hope there is no sensitive data in these logs and only authorized people can view the logs. Let me know if any other information is needed. Thanks for your support. log_file.txt mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hey guys please don't close this thread, I have got some emergency work. I will upload all the logs asap.
  8. Hey, I have already attached 2 log files when I asked the question. Is there anything else apart from that ??
  9. Hey I again read the log file closely and saw that every detection has 2 fields - cleanAction and cleanResult. How exactly malwarebytes is deciding what to quarantine and what to whitelist/Ignore ? I was never asked for this explictly. So mbt must have auto decided it on some basis. For some detections cleanResult is saying successfull and for others it is saying ignored/dorQueued/whitelisted. I am really confused.
  10. Hey thanks for replying. I think you have misunderstood my issue. Actually my issue is that when I am scanning with malwarebytes, it says I have 0 threats/detections. I am adding a screenshot of same. But when I explicitly check the log file, the log file says that I have detection. If according to log file I have some sort of virus why malwarebytes is not telling it after scan completes and quarantines the threat. This way I will never know if I have some malware if I don't open the log file after every scan. The HackTool.KMS detection is present in log files of last year's scans as well. It is also present in today's scan log file. Does that mean I have some malware from years and MBT is not just detecting and quarantining it. If it is the case than I am really afraid what other malware could have been missed due to this. Now it is also not feasible to check for every log file from past 1 year.
  11. So I am on free premium trial of mbt's latest version. Today when I scanned my laptop with MBT the scan came clean and the threat scan summary shows no Detections found. But when I checked the log file generated for this scan, it says that 1 threat is detected. The threat is related to HackTool.KMS . Now I remember last year when I scanned a lot of files related to KMS activator were quarantined by malwarebytes but why now it is showing this detection in log file but not in threat summary ? I am confused whether I have malware or not ? Now considering this I checked my old scan log files too. Around 6 months ago in Jan, I initiated a full system scan with MBT. It ran for almost 2 days but was taking a lot of time to complete, so I canceled it after 2 days. My detection history says that during that scan 2 files were detected and quarantined. One was related to RiskWare.GameHack and another was related to Malware.AI. Again the log file for this scan tells a different story. It says that I have 4 detections. Some are related to the previous 2 that I mentioned and rest are related to Malware.Heuristic and HackTool.KMS. It is also labelling some preinstalled window game as threat. Now if I have malware(as per the log files), why MBT is not showing that in threat scan summary and quarantining it. I am attaching both the old and new log files. Can you please look into the matter and clarify if I have some sort of malware. I am really panicking due to this. Also can you please tell how to delete these logs from here later as it might have some personal data of mine. Thanks in advance. New_Log.txt Old_Log.txt
  12. No I didn't used VPN at that time. Maybe it's my ISP changing my IP at intervals. As far as I remember when it showed me as banned, I was on an IP something like 59.x.x.x. After sometime I got unbanned. So ya maybe a firewall block. Thanks for your help sir.
  13. Actually I was using an app from a third party site. Scanned it with Malwarebytes and it didn't detected anything, Neither with the apk nor with the installed app. Today I scanned the apk with virustotal and it is showing me 3 detections. Here is the result: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8d8271e6dfbb750d2a1e61e4cfd4b15a443c517ad13598340d940a64f47c64c5/detection I don't really understand what are these detections. Are these detections very serious? Actually I didn't gave the app any permissions by myself. Is it possible that due to these detections/malware in app it might have got access to my camera/storage by itself ? I was using this app from a while that's why I am very much panicking due to this. Really need your help.
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