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  1. Hi spectrumfox: I don't want to interfere with the troubleshooting Porthos and exile360 are providing. Just note that if you want to remove Norton 360 for Gamers from your system then expand the section titled "Remove Norton Device Security Completely" in the support article Download and Run the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool for instructions. Using the Norton Remove and Reinstall (NRnR.exe) in "normal" Remove and Reinstall mode should only be used if you want to quickly refresh your Norton installation to see if this can fix some odd glitch (e.g., error code, long scan time, etc.
  2. Hi Bad_Cookie: I think the update process has changed with Malwarebytes Free v4.3.0. I went to Settings | General | Application Updates in MB Free v4.2.3.96-1.0.1112 yesterday and clicked Check for Updates to initiate the installation of the latest v4.3.0.98-1.0.1130. After the installation finished I saw the pop-up shown below, which I've never seen before. Instead of clicking the blue "Got It" button I closed the pop-up with the "X" in the top right corner (highlighted in red below) and I was not switched to the the 14-day Premium trial (i.e., I remained on MB Free without having to
  3. Hi exile360: From that Malwarebytes support article Verify Malwarebytes For Mac v3 Hasn't Been Tampered you referenced, which states in part: A code signature might be a better validation method than the SHA-256 checksum, but that doesn't help if the installer is compromised by a malicious actor before the installer is digitally signed and the SHA-256 hash is submitted to antivirus companies for whitelisting. Many of us still recall the fiasco in September 2017 when Avast distributed a "legitimate" signed version of CCleaner v5.33 from their download servers for almost a month bef
  4. Hi anti-virus: If I save the latest Windows version of MBSetup.exe v4.1.1.190 from https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/ to my desktop and then upload that .exe file to the VirusTotal.com site at https://www.virustotal.com/gui/, VirusTotal calculates the unique SHA-256 hash of that file (d1b822f717f3309973a94dda715c2c4b963d8714f477314f2b0827b834b7c16b) and then submits that SHA-256 hash to multiple virus engines (Bitdefender, Kaspersky, McAfee, etc.) for analysis. In this case, the MBSetup.exe file I downloaded is reported as safe by 70 of 71 different virus engines, so I can be co
  5. Hi TimeuTroupe: I also noticed that the screenshot in your original post <here> shows you are using Norton Security Suite. If this is the Comcast / Xfinity branded version of Norton please see read today's product update announcement End-of-Service Announcement for NortonLifeLock Subscription Offered by Comcast by Norton employee Gayathri_R, which states in part: Comcast / Xfinity has posted additional information at Norton Security Online No Longer Offered with Xfinity Internet in 2021 about their xFi Advanced Security that is available free of charge to Xfinity Internet c
  6. Hi TimeuTroupe: I believe BillH99999 is correct that this is a generic warning for all Norton users. According to bjm_s' 28-Oct-2020 post <here> in the Norton Tech Outpost when you click "Yes" in that Malwarebytes Installer pop-up it simply opens the support article Installation Prerequisites for Malwarebytes for Windows, which suggests that you either disable your third-party antivirus and/or firewall (e.g., like the bundled Norton Smart Firewall) before proceeding with the update or download and run the Malwarebytes for Windows v4 offline installer to perform the update.
  7. Hi AdvancedSetup: If the CDN in my region didn't have the update for Component Package v1.0.1070 on 14-Oct-2020 wouldn't it have just reported there were no updates available when I clicked Settings | General | Application Updates | Check for Updates? According to the update checker's progress bar I had a large download on my first and third update attempts so I don't know what it was trying to download on that first update attempt unless I needed a full update for my Update Package (malware database) that took precedence over the Component Package v1.0.1070 update. That might be wh
  8. Hi Porthos: As I said in my original post, I was able to install the latest Component Package v1.0.1070 on 14-Oct-2020, but I had to click Settings | General | Application Updates | Check for Updates multiple times (and quit/restart Malwarebytes) before it installed properly. If no one else had problems installing Component Package v1.0.1070 then I'll just wait until the next product update is released and will perform a clean reinstall if the problem persists. I'm just wondering if there's a glitch with the built-in updater. I read pal1000's 14-Oct-2020 thread Sometimes Check for
  9. Has anyone else had trouble installing the latest Component Package v1.0.1070 (rel. 14-Oct-2020) after running a manual check for updates at Settings | General | Application Updates | Check for Updates? I don't know if this is related to the problem pal1000 reported on 14-Oct-2020 in Sometimes Check for Updates UI Buttons Do Nothing (I think pal1000 uses MB Premium) but I noticed a similar issue when I tried to run a manual update check to install the latest Component Package v1.0.1070 on 14-Oct-2020. It took me three attempts at Settings | General | Application Updates | Check for Updat
  10. As an end user who's used Malwarebytes for over a decade I just wanted to provide feedback to Malwarebytes and let them know that I found the logic flow for their revised stub installer (I used MBSetup.exe v4.1.1.186) was somewhat confusing after I chose "Maybe Later", and don't understand if entering the optional e-mail address during installation has any affect on whether users receive the 14-day trial of Premium features or Malwarebytes Free (i.e., with Premium features locked out). I'll leave it to Malwarebytes to decide if my feedback is useful or not. I don't know if my experience
  11. Hi exile360: That's what I expected - that after I finished my installation that the 14-day trial of the Premium features would be activated and that I would have to go to Settings | Account | Deactivate to manually switch to Malwarebytes Free (or wait 14 days for the trial to end) - but that's not what happened. I answered "Maybe Later" and declined to enter my email and ended up with Malwarebytes Free (i.e., with the Premium features locked out). Even if Malwarebytes used the MAC address to confirm that I'd never activated a Premium license on this particular device, why assume that I
  12. I performed a reset to original factory condition on 30-Aug-2020 so I'm not sure how my Windows registry would know that I had previously installed Malwarebytes Free. The support article Deactivate Premium Trial in Malwarebytes for Windows (revised 14-Sep-2020) states "When you download Malwarebytes for Windows for the first time, you can provide your email to unlock Malwarebytes Premium features for 14 days". I might have misunderstood, but that sounds like you only receive the 14-trial of the Premium features if you provide an email address. ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build
  13. There are currently 3 options in the Malwarebytes installation process - Buy Now, Activate License, or Maybe Later - see Step # 8 of support article Download and Install Malwarebytes for Windows (revised 09-Sep-2020). When I recently installed Malwarebytes I answered "Maybe Later" and declined to enter my email address and was (pleasantly) surprised to see that I ended up installing Malwarebytes Free (i.e., without activating the 14-day trial period of Premium features). If I understand the support article Deactivate Premium Trial in Malwarebytes for Windows (revised 14-Sep-2020) correctly, i
  14. Just an FYI that I posted a new topic in the Comments and Suggestions board today at Turn OFF Settings for Premium Features in MB Free by Default and suggested that Malwarebytes should revise their new installation process so that Premium features that cannot be activated in Malwarebytes Free are automatically switched OFF by default in Malwarebytes Free and then switched ON by default if the user chooses "Activate License" and activates a Premium license. ------------- 64-bit Win 10 Pro v1909 build 18363.1082 * Firefox 81.0.1 * Windows Defender 4.18.2008.9 * Malwarebytes Free v4.2.1.89-1.0.
  15. I would like to see all Premium settings that are not available in Malwarebytes Free turned OFF in the MB interface by default before these settings are locked (greyed out). I just installed Malwarebytes Free v4.2.1.89-1.0.1061 and didn't realize that there's been a recent change in the installation process per the support article Deactivate Premium Trial in Malwarebytes for Windows. During this installation I did not enter an email address and answered "Maybe Later" when prompted if I want to enter a product activation key. This automatically installed Malwarebytes Free (i.e., I was no
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