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How to shut down MBAM Pro?

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I don't run MBAM Pro all the time and I don't have it set to start with Windows. I turn real time protection on when I feel I need it.

When I don't feel I need it, I can't figure out a way to shut down mbamservice.exe without a reboot.

I have tried disabling both Protection and Website Blocking through the system tray icon. Even though I am prompted to make sure I want to disable Protection and choose yes, mbamservice.exe does not unload.

I have also tried exit through the system tray icon. Again I am prompted to make sure I want to disable Protection but mbamservice.exe will still not unload.

Other than a reboot, is there any way to shut this program down?

I am running XP SP3 and would like to free up some memory for those times I don't need real-time protection.

I really love MBAM Pro.


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Can you kill it in task manager ?

I suppose I can (haven't tried it) but I was hoping for a more graceful solution.

Maybe I'm wrong on this but I always view killing things off using the task manager as a last resort.

Is this an acceptable solution given that I would be doing it several times a day?

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Right-click on the MBAM icon in the system tray (bottom right of your display, near the clock) and click "exit".

It will bring up a dialog box asking to confirm.

That said, it begs the question as to why one would want to shut down real-time protection, exposing your system to security vulnerabilities & defeating the purpose of having real-time protection...

It's certainly up to you, but....



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Not sure why you would want to but, to turn it off you have to go to the services and disable the MBAMService.

Sorry my reply was meant for daledoc1.

I think my reply to daledoc1 may make it more clear why I want to easily turn real-time protection on and off for MBAM.

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Not sure why you would want to but, to turn it off you have to go to the services and disable the MBAMService.

Would that not necessitate a reboot every time I wanted to disable and enable the service?
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You can not disable mbamservice from running after it has started. It will require a system reboot to get the service to be stopped.

If you wish to stop PM, just right click on the system tray icon and select Exit. (NOTE: unadvised as this will leave your system vulnerable).

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you.

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Well, that certainly was a lively discussion, eh? :)

Thanks to the pros for the informative posts.


If you are having performance issues with your system -- which I think might have been what prompted your original query -- then you might wish to take a look here.

Exile360 has crafted a very nice tutorial with advice on how to speed up & improve system performance with some easy & safe steps.

If it's a RAM issue, then perhaps your main board could accept a RAM upgrade? RAM is very cheap these days, and it will greatly enhance your system performance.

In any event, I have found that when MBAM active protection is "off", leaving only mbamservice running, there is little drain on system resources. MBAM will still perform its scheduled updates (and scans?), but it does not hog much CPU. So, having it running ought not to kill your system.

I guess that the consensus from most all of us, though, is that it would be a definite trade-off (a tiny improvement in CPU use vs. increased system vulnerability) to leave MBAM active protection disabled for any significant time... :)

Best regards,


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I received all excellent replies and I am grateful for each reply.

Having given this more thought, I have decided to leave real-time protection enabled at all times.

Thanks daledoc1 for posting the link to the tutorial by exile360 - an awesome resource which I will make good use of.

Thanks again for all the replies. I love MBAM and have purchased three licences because I find it so well designed and truly useful in my security arsenal.

I also appreciate knowing I can come to this forum and receive great support from helpful and knowledgeable people.

Thanks to all of you.

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