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  1. Just recently MBAM identifies and blocks site outgoing due to Trojan. I get this message in Chrome & Edge. It happens when trying to connect to the Washington Post crosswords. It is identified in Chrome and is: Cdn1.amuselabs.com, in Google program file (X64). But when I do a MBAM Scan, it finds nothing. I uninstalled Chrome, reinstalled, but get the same thing. Site blocked due to a trojan. https://www.washingtonpost.com/crossword-puzzles/daily/?utm_term=.26dee4cc948f
  2. Windows 10 Malwarebytes Premium: What directory (folder is the years of scan files I have, which I want to delete ? I looked under Malwarebytes in Program files, but do not see !
  3. where do you see i was ever asked to submit anything ? !
  4. I keep a downloaded copy of MBAM Install. I simply reinstall, no need for cleanup tool. It corrects the problem, but why is it happening to begin with ? This is 2nd time in month. Fix your product !
  5. I was online at Washington Post crossword site (Chrome Browser) when Computer screen went black, and system rebooted. When it came back up, Web Protection was turned off. Attempts to turn it back on via settings, and the MBAM warning popup were unsuccessful. It would turn on for seconds, and then revert back to OFF. I quit Malwarebytes, and restarted it. Web protection was on for a few minutes, then went back off. I then einstalled Malwarebytes to correct the problem I reported this setting problem days ago under ticket# 2127594, but never heard back. Also did scans for Virus and found nothing.
  6. I did not reboot after scan found a PUP. Next day when I started up, and after the reboot was complete, and I began browsin, received popup. Why didn't startup catch this ?
  7. Did scan yesterday. Found 1 PUP. Did not reboot because thought reboot next morning would take care of it, so I shut down. Next morning, rebooted, and was about to begin a crossword, when reboot required popup appeared. Why didn't the startup catch this ? .
  8. Well, thanks for the link to a form. There is no function to send it anywhere after completing it.!
  9. https://support.malwarebytes.com/login.jspa So then, how am I supposed to get support ? I started by going to malwarebytes.com, then going to support. I think previously it was Malwarebytes.org ??
  10. If MBAM knows an outgoing transmission is going to a bad site. why the &*%^ don't you quarantee it or get rid of it ? !
  11. What does Invision Community update have to do with logging in at Malwarebytes.com ?
  12. Sorry, but this was no help to me at all.
  13. I don't know what else I can explain. I have used Malwarebytes site for years to get my license keys, download etc, but now the page has changed completely. When I go to malwarebytes.com, there is a logon for Employees, and next to that a "Coming Soon" logon for Users ! I tried logging on there with my user name and logon password I have used for years on end, but can't log in.
  14. What is going on with the login at malwarebytes.com ? It has Employee logon, and then Coming Soon login for users, which I cannot log into, and there is no button to request password reset or anything to help me login. The entire screen has changed format since I previously had use of it !
  15. Can someone explain what mbam.exe purpose is, and why, on a daily basis, and sometimes multiple times daily, it utilizes 99% of CPU and locks system up until deleted in task manager ? 2.4gHz processor, 4GB Memory, Running XP. Premium And if you are going to tell me to start by downloading and installing most recent Version , then running vrious scans, forget it. My system is not compromised.
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