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Found two dll files ??

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Found these two files in my temp directory and cannot find where they are located.

That is their only location.

Did a search in the registry, process explorer and auto runs.



Cannot delete because they are being used.

Anyone have them or know from wence they came ?


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Greetings KenW. To start I would recommend uploading them here to get them checked: http://virusscan.jotti.org/ I haven't seen them before and I found nothing on google about them so they could either be some new form of malware or they could be benign files left from a program installation, but uploading them there should help you to determine that. Please post back and let us know what the scan finds.

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Nothing found. They are on two of my XP pro machines which is weird. My second cpu has had nothing except updates for IE7 and

security programs. Will go to A-Squared forum and ask if they installed them. That was the last security program that had a bigger


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Certain programs will extract things to the temp directory, and then execute them when they launch. For instance, part of avast! Anti-Virus will be copied to the temp directory, and and will actually run out of the temp directory. It's a pain in the neck when you want to clear out your temp files, and you have some stupid program running out of the temp directory preventing you from deleting certain files. Usually you can get around this by starting your computer up in Safe Mode, and then clearing your temp files.

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