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tweaknow powerpack 2010.

mbam daz.

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im just wondering if anybody has heard of a program called tweaknow powerpack 2010?

its a utilities product which seems to be highly recommended.

any points of view on this product please.

many thanks.

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i must apologise for double posting.i lose my train of thought sometimes.must be with getting older lol.

and yes i have done a search on google but dont seem to find any actual reviews of the program in depth.

i just thought that somebody on the forum may have personal experience of the program.

im not a true believer in cleaning the registry,defragmenting yes but not cleaning.

i fell for this about six months ago and stopped windows from booting.

i only use ccleaner.and it works a treat.

many thanks.

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yes the program seems to be just fine.it has some handy utilities within it and i downloaded after watching a you-tube demonstration from an IT engineer here in the UK.

however he didnt advocate the use of this or any other registry cleaner.

Ive used ccleaner for several months and never had a problem with it.

these registry cleaners always find several hundred entries to be deleted which i find a bit dubious.

ive never ever seen a system become faster by using them.defragmenting the registry may help slightly.

many thanks for the replies on this its much appreciated.

bye for now.

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