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Upgrading to v1.45 - Scheduler loses old schedules (major issue for us!)

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Hi, I work at the Computing HelpDesk at a College and we licensed Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for all faculty, staff, and students on campus (about 3000).

I think the new scheduler is great, but we have a huge issue with scheduling going from v1.44 to v1.45.

People with old versions of registered Malwarebytes installs were upgraded to v1.45, but their old schedules were removed and no new ones were put in place with this v1.45 update. So we now have the entire campus running Malwarebytes v1.45 (GREAT!), but they all lost their scheduled scans (VERY BAD!).

We now have to send out a notice to the entire community to get them to manually go in and create scheduled scans on their computers (they're not managed, and most are personally-owned student computers). This will not look good for us in the eyes of the community, since it causes everyone to have to waste time of their day to deal with this, and may reduce their trust in Malwarebytes' updating system. It will also be a drain on the Help Desk for all the questions from users that aren't technical and don't have an easy time figuring out computing directions. It was difficult enough getting them to enter the license key and enable the scheduler when they installed the software.

Was there any consideration for this scheduler issue for installs upgrading to v1.45? Most software upgrades would make a conversion from the old settings to the new settings for something as critical as this.

We're not happy with this situation we've been placed in, and I would just like to let you guys know for the future, and if there's an easier way to go about resolving this.

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agreed. I didn't even know the update happened, but suddenly there was no scheduled update or scan, I just happened to notice since I was online when the scan should have happened, so I opened the program to investigate. I bet lots of people won't even notice, and will no longer be updating or scanning any more.

And, for what its worth, I found the new interface, which I wasn't even expecting to see, confusing to discover that I was no longer scheduled, and then to figure out how to reschedule. I probably spent 20 minutes or more on it. Now I'm wondering if I have to go into control panel and change the scheduled tasks there too?? Not sure.

I was thinking of people like this original poster, and what a hassle this could be.

Other than that so far it seems to be a good upgrade.

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We terribly apologize but the Windows task scheduler was an ineffective scheduling mechanism in the first place. Going forward, the tasks and features that accompany them are much more robust. This type of situation will not arise again. Thank you for your understanding and if there is anything we can do, please let us know.

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