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  1. Haha, I'm still lurking around here and got the notification. Had to check in, that post was from 2009! Amazingly, I just replaced that computer two weeks ago. But the ISUSPM issue was very long behind me, thanks to all the help back then. -Kalimba
  2. Hey, thanks for the response - Well, it's not so critical now, because it no longer tries to install every time I restart my computer. However, it still will not remove from my "add remove programs." When I hit "remove", it tries to install from its beginning. It used to pull up a box that was like midway installation, both upon bootup and when I tried to remove. I'm sure the issue is that it only halfway installed. But is there an easy way to completely kill it? If not, I'll just live with it. Thanks !
  3. So I bought a garmin gps today, went to their site to update maps. The site is garmin.com/express The site tried to install its software on my computer - it started to hang, I checked the x button. It never finished, won't remove from my add/remove programs, and now every time I restart my computer its install box comes up, even though I put the exe file into the trash. Does anyone know how I can get it off? Even a system restore failed, and the install box came up again. And now I realize that I didn't even need it at all. Ugh. Thanks for any help with this. Here's the FRST log
  4. Good idea, daledoc. I just did what you suggested and solved the problem. They recommended using autorun and unchecking an extra AVG entry. It was actually listed there as a file not found. Maybe that's why the folder opened on boot. I'd never used autorun before. Anyway, it seems to be fine now. Thanks ! Kali
  5. I recently started using AVG 2013 Free on Win XP. Each time I start my computer, a Windows Explorer folder opens. Its destination is "C:\Documents and Settings\Myusername\Application Data\AVG". It has 2 folders inside of it. Is there any easy way I can not have that folder on my desktop every time I reboot? Thanks ! Kalimba
  6. Thanks for your reply. I'm not running any unusual software ... and I don't know what an S3 server is. I just looked in taskmanager processes and I don't see anything unusual. I've gotten that pop-up 3 times in the last 2 days - I'll keep an eye on it. Any other ideas would be welcome.
  7. This has happened a couple of times in the last few days. I'm not even using the computer, but my browser is open. Usually to my email, but also to boston.com I get a popup message saying Successfully blocked access to potentially malicious site It appears that IP belongs to Amazon. Do you think it's a tracker or something?? Thanks !
  8. didn't know about the silent scan option. It was checked. Hopefully it will be fine now. when it's silent scan, does it still pop up virus information? Or do you have to go into the logs to see if there are problems? Thanks !
  9. Hi - I have paid malwarebytes - I've had it for a long time. I just had some work done on my computer recently and my tech person upgraded the version to 1.75. I have it set to scan every night at 10pm. At 10pm, I hear it churning, but I cannot watch the scan perform, nor does it pop up a log at the end. Though it creates a log and puts it in a folder. With my previous version, the daily scan opened a window and I saw the results. Is there a way I can get this version to do the same? I didn't see anything in the options. Thanks ! Kalimba
  10. Okay, I ran deldomains, and I deleted everything on adwcleaner. My mbytes has been scanning clean recently, but I just updated and it still scans clean. I engaged the forum because I knew I had stuff lurking, wanted to clean things up before I had real problems. Do you think it is worthwhile to use the hosts-anti PUP feature in AdwCleaner? Will it slow things up? Here's my mbytes log, and thank you very much. -Kalimba Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46 www.malwarebytes.org Database version: 913090905 Windows 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 9/9/2013 1:10:03 PM mbam
  11. Thank you for your reply. I didn't run DelDomains yet because I don't understand what it does. I ran AdwCleaner, and deleted all files connected to Sweetpacks, but now I see there were 2 remaining shared dll files that are connected to that. I don't recognize anything here, but let me know if it looks like I should keep anything here, or what I should definitely delete. I suspect I should get rid of the 2 crossrider entries. And the Ilivid entry. And probably all this stuff. I ran Malwarebytes, it came out clean, as it has lately. Mbytes routinely detects and removes PUP's. I didn't see
  12. Here are the 3 logs that you requested. Thank you. My computer operates pretty well. However I sometimes get sweetpack PUP's in my scans, and also, beginning yesterday, one program wouldn't open so I updated Java. Now when I open another program, I get a notice that MSVCR100.dll is missing, though the program still opens after I click through that message. This is probably a different issue, but I thought I'd have an expert take a peek. My family shares my computer, so sometimes odd things occur. Thanks! -Kalimba DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_x86 Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.2180 Brows
  13. My computer's basically okay but lately, every now and then my malwarebytes scan brings up 8 PUP that include sweetpacks. I have the paid malwarebytes always on, it's saved me many times. But just would like someone to take a look at this log and see if anything pops out. Somehow, this window doesn't let me paste in, so I'm attaching the file. hijackthis Sept 2013.txt Thanks ! Kalimba
  14. Hi all - Well, about 4-5 times recently, always after my roommate uses my xp computer, the bottom right taskbar has changed - all 3 network icons have big red x's on them - my wireless with the x, if I click on it, it says I'm not connected, even though I am, and also I lose audio and it says I have no mixer. If I reboot, all is fine again, or I can just go into services.msc and restart my audio, and ignore the x's on all my network icons since they don't seem to be accurate. My roommate says he's not doing anything unusual - looking at his gmail, google plus, soundcloud. It's never happened w
  15. I've been a paid user for a while - today, an old friend phoned me from minnesota. Mid conversation, he complained that his computer was so slow, and had been for a month. I walked him through downloading mbytes and running a quick scan. At the end of the scan, it found two problem objects. He followed the delete instructions and immediately his computer ran normally again ! He thinks I'm a genius, but I did pass all the credit onto malwarebytes. Even I was pretty surprised that his clean-up would be that easy. So, this is my second thank you post in a month, but thought I would pass it along
  16. Hey guys - I came home from work today and my family was sitting at my computer watching a movie from a dodgey site. I know better, and have always told them not to do this. I came up to look and mbytes kept popping up that addresses were being blocked. I gave them heck, closed the program and did a scan. All clean. I've had the paid version for years now, and, this time, I'm sure it saved my computer. Thanks.
  17. so... my son just showed me that a bunch of his online games at miniclip website recently won't open and he gets a windows message saying the program won't open because iertutil.dll is not found. So, I searched my computer and I don't have that dll file at all. I've learned that it is related to internet explorer 7?? People lose it when they uninstall explorer 7? But I'm still on explorer 6 and never upgraded since I don't use it. I also read that for some people, their computer won't reboot if that file is missing - frankly, i use sleep a lot but haven't re-booted in a few weeks. Now I"m af
  18. Just thought I'd add that for me, 1.46 loaded smoothly. And now my automatic update and scheduled scan feature is working again. I had to update and scan manually in 1.45.
  19. In the scheduler window, what is the difference between these perameters: Frequency (choices daily, weekly, monthly etc.) and Repeating (choices 1-60 days) Thank you !
  20. Maybe I have to close and re-open the program for it to work? Or reboot my computer? Do you think either of these things might work? I keep adding an event for 2 minutes from when I'm scheduling, just to see if it will work, and it does not. Thanks !
  21. Seems that auto update and auto scan doesn't work after I set it for daily events with this new version 1.45. Do I need to go into the windows task scheduler and schedule it there, too? If so, can I just schedule in mbam, or does it need something more specific? I'm on xp. Thanks !
  22. agreed. I didn't even know the update happened, but suddenly there was no scheduled update or scan, I just happened to notice since I was online when the scan should have happened, so I opened the program to investigate. I bet lots of people won't even notice, and will no longer be updating or scanning any more. And, for what its worth, I found the new interface, which I wasn't even expecting to see, confusing to discover that I was no longer scheduled, and then to figure out how to reschedule. I probably spent 20 minutes or more on it. Now I'm wondering if I have to go into control panel and
  23. I had a similar problem as the original poster here. When I unchecked "scan registry items" it scanned fine. A few of us were trying to figure this out, and it turned out we all had Epson printers. When I ended a certain spool program, all worked fine from then on. For others they had duplicate epson spooling entries, when one was deleted, it worked fine. It was surprising, and confusing, but ultimately easy to resolve, all is working fine now, scanning registry items and all. There's a thread somewhere with my name on it that has the details.
  24. Do you have an epson printer? A few of us have had this issue with epson printers causing some kind of conflict.. If you uncheck "always scan registry items" in the options, does it scan fine? For those with the epson problem, this worked as a temp fix until someone here helped to work it out. If this is the issue, I'm sure someone on this board will help you through this soon.
  25. Hi there - So I'm still following this thread, since I was involved and curious as to your outcome. I'm very happy that my issue is resolved. Did you do a successful scan just regular, or running that batch file script first that you were given? If it just ran fine without the script, you are surely a good sport to disable your printer again !!! -K
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