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educational different types of malware, virus


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slight difference, bottom line is you get a virus or malware or spyware... from programs (anything can start, from an exe file) From music, depends if the files is infected, I once had a .wav file - sound bite that had a low infection.

surfing the net-browsing, depends on where you go? what you click on & what you download? sometimes the scripts in a page may be off?

I'm sure you heard "ye ol saying"-- don't open any attachments if you don't know who its from.... goes for sound files, programs ie: [b]spynomore Keep your AV up to date & your MBAM up dated, there may be more comments, this is just my 2 cents......

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yes but if you have a infected program, or music, video, picture file would it only be active when its open or is it active all the time.

does each type of format carry a different type of infection. If you have a infect program does that mean it would carny spyware. If you have a effected video or music file or picture doe that mean its carrying malware that slow's down you pc but doesnt have spyware is that how it works for the most part

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different kinds of infections! One program may have a trojan? another just a virus. or spyware!

Someone comment on this: (I don't own an IPOD or have ITUNES) The people who download the itunes, if they don't pay for them. The company sends out a virus and infects your Ipod? So theres something I overheard at Radio Shack yesterday... but I haven't checked it out.. anyone?

As for your above posts above do some research: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malware



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i know malware can come from anywhere. Im asking whats the difference between having an infected program compared to having infected media videos, music, pictures if anyone knows

Different programs get infected!!! Maybe your Adobe reader? It matters where you got it, all & some will be different infections, the problem comes after your infected! how bad? A rootkit you may have to format the HD? Spyware you can remove, Maybe the type of virus also can be removed... All of them 95% 99% can be stopped if you keep your updates for your AV, mbam, MS downloads, up to date.... then if you download something from a page that's infected (at most any level?) you can stop it --- like the site below: this box will pop up and Quarantine the file before the file get in your pc.... safe surfing...

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Yardbird.... as far as mp3 files or music files, if you are downloading them without paying for them, you run a risk of downloading one that may have a virus attached, hence causing either damage to your computer or possibly your MP3 player depending on what the virus was designed to do.

When cleaning some computers, after I am done, I install anti-virus software as well, then do and update, afterwards I perform a full scan with the AV software. There are lots of times that I find music that is infected in folders like itunes, limewire, my downloads, my shared files... etc.

It is best to have a good AV and MBAM to help protect from these infections.... Of course best solution is to stay away from programs like limewire and the like....

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