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Verification emails not working


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I am lost for words to express how unhappy i am with Malwarebytes support.

I have worked for a large MSP as a system admin including Exchange Online for over 20 years.

We have used Malware bytes in the past, although long time ago and resold it to our clients as well.

Having now purchased a few personal licenses I have been very happy with the software.

However recently I wanted to log in to my account to add one more license.

This was a few weeks ago and I have been speaking to Malwarebytes support about this. I guess speaking is vastly exaggerated as this has mainly been a monologue.

I am not receiving verification emails.

I have tried to explain to them that I have run Message Trace in Exchange Online and their email doesn't even reach my Exchange organisation (For those who know what it is)

I added their suggested email address to trusted email addresses in Exchange Online although I know that those only kick in when an email arrives.

I have just signed up for the account to access this forum and received the activation email no problem. 

I am also receiving emails from their support fine.

I have asked them now to cancel my licenses as i'm unable to access them nor make any changes.

I have no hope that someone can help as this is to do with their email server.

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I also have had exactly the same problem - verify emails not being received despite me putting the designed malwarebytes email in the Outlook safe senders  trusted list.

I have been trying for days

I raised a ticket 4 days ago which was acknowledged via a auto response email (support ticket 4510827) but no response even after I sent a ticket update

There must be major bug in the verification module

Really very disappointed, unless I get a response and fix soon I will have to recommend to the company that the Teams license is cancelled



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On 1/19/2024 at 3:20 PM, jtodd234 said:

@Marcin8459385I adjusted another setting to resolve this, hopefully fully. Please try once more and report back. If not, I will escalate this to see what I am missing from my systems to resolve this for you.

it worked.


i tried signing in today and the verification code was received.


Thank you so much.

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23 hours ago, KenRichardson said:

unless I get a response and fix soon

Be advised it can take 3-7 weekdays for a response after the automated reply with your ticket number.

Even though you added to the safe senders list, check the spam/junk folder as well.

Email is sent from accounts@malwarebytes.com

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@Marcin8459385, I am glad we could resolve the issue.

@KenRichardson,Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have updated your ticket accordingly. However, after a thorough investigation, we have determined that the issue is not related to our system, as it is functioning as intended.

Let me know if you still have any trouble via the support ticket and we will see how we can further assist. 

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Hi Jason 

Still having the same problem - I've updated the support ticket following your ticket response

I can't use your suggested solution as the license I'm trying to download and activate is a Malwarebytes Premium Teams License via the UK Royal Bank of Scotland. This requires me to sign on via the portal and I'm still not receiving emails.

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@KenRichardsonThanks for the reply here and via the support ticket. I appreciate your patience.  Some first-time steps have already been completed, and it is unnecessary to sign into the portal for your protection to start. I have included instructions for activating, which will work ill regardless of your ability to access my.malwarebytes.com.

Keep me posted on the Support ticket, and we will get this resolved for you ASAP. 

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