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Licence activation issue

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So my license suddenly does not work anymore and i don't have purchase information anymore, it's been 8 years since i bought the license, it's registered on my account so i can't see why i need to have kept the proof for so long. if i register a game on steam or i register my microsoft product to my account it doesn't suddenly deactivate my license and asks for proof, this is complete BS, there is no devices registered on the license and the license has been on my account for years why do i need to prove i own it all of a sudden?

It seem to me like Malwarebytes is trying to work out all the lifetime licenses one by one till none are left screwing there long time customers into buying yearly licenses,

I want my license fixed i refuse to buy a new license for software i already own.

This is unacceptable, it's 2022 we live in a digital world it's unreasonable to expect people to keep purchase information after years if everything is digital now, what is the use of an account to manage your licenses if you have to keep paper proof.

It is not illegal to use software you have a license to so if push comes to shove i'll use a crack as i own a valid license.

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Hello @johanplay

Please create a support ticket and someone will assist you in looking into your issue. As far as lifetime licenses I can assure you they are still honored and will continue to be.

We do not manage licenses here on the forums.

Consumer Support

Thank you


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I made a ticket, got a reply, gave them the info i could but they say they can't fix my license without a proof of purchase.

i bought the software from an IT Shop i don't have the paper invoice anymore and the license box was so damaged i threw it away. the license has been on my account for years i can't see why i have to suddenly show proof after 8 years


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  • Root Admin

For exactly the reason you're having right now. That is why you keep purchase receipts for software as they are virtual. I have all my purchase information going back over 25 years now. Granted most of it is no longer even used on modern computers but I still have PDF, text, screenshots, and email of all purchases. It has saved my bacon a few times.

I would love to assist you but as said, we don't manage license issues here on the forums.

Did you ever set up your My Account page and store your license there?

You were asked back in 2019 to provide proof of purchase, which was not supplied at that time either.

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I don't remember being asked for proof back then and it registered on my account right away. like i said before if i register a product on microsoft or a game on steam it doesn't ask for proof years later, if you need proof then ask for it at registration and keep it under the account.

I live in south africa we did not switch over to digital as soon as alot of other countries so most stuff till a few years ago where all paper or just a till slip most of which fade and degrade after a year or two, because i am in IT i moved my licenses to online accounts as soon as i could with the peace of mind that it should be safe now.

I'm deeply disappointed that this is not the case with mbam, i have used mbam for years myself and trials to clean client's pc's and suggest them to buy a license as i trust mbam but this completely puts me off using it anymore. 

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