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  1. no offense to any here moaning about the free trial period but, 1st: nothing extra is being installed when on a trial it's all in the software already it's just active during the trial and off on free DUH!!! 2nd: i love MBAM it's the best software ever and i wish i could get more free trial time. the software works great. 3rd: you get to use all the power of MBAM free and you complain if they try to sell premium so they can also make a living. I love how people thing software just magically appears, there are actual people creating the software and keeping it up to date and your getting most of it free while they still have to make a living, they have families too, people are just selfish and want everything free. you want totally free software probably with all the features too but you probably doesn't work for free do you? so ungrateful
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