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How can our signed installer add firewall rules or whitelist our app?


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Our Windows desktop app installer adds exception rules for our app to Windows Defender Firewall, but many of our users have Malwarebytes, and lots of them show up on our support channel after trying to use our app and getting frustrated at their inability to connect.

Even though we warn them about third-party firewalls, many of them don't know how to whitelist a program, and we have to ask which product they have and then walk them through the process.

Does Malwarebytes offer some means for a signed installer (or app running with elevated privileges) to programmatically add firewall exception rules like we do for Windows Defender Firewall?

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OK, my apologies. I was looking at a list of the top security products for Windows, and most of them have firewall functionality as well. I thought I'd checked Malwarebytes prior to posting, but I must have missed it.

Thanks for the instructions on manual whitelisting.

As for the ZIP -- our product installs several major executable components (a Windows Desktop .NET app, a display driver, some COM objects). Everything is installed either under "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" -- given that, is a ZIP still the best choice?

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So are you saying we're blocking your site from users downloading your program or once they have downloaded it we're blocking it?

No. My primary reason for posting was to determine whether it was possible to programmatically add rules to your firewall component (which I now realize you don't have). Right now we have a lot of Windows user support traffic due to third-party security software, and I mistakenly thought that Malwarebytes was one of the products involved.

A secondary (and much less pressing) issue is whether or not our product, once installed, would be flagged in a malware scan as a PUP. To be clear, I have no evidence that this is happening. If there is a simple process to vet an app, it may be worth doing for our app simply as a precaution against trouble going forward. On the other hand, if this represents a significant amount of work on your side, there's probably not a justification for doing it.


What is the link to your site?


(scroll down to the Windows logo for a download link to our .msi)

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  • Root Admin

We don't block the site. As far as the application goes you'd probably be best off installing our program on a VM to test it out and verify if we block it or not.

It is a 14 day trial of the premium program. Save a snapshot in your VM in case you want to retest because after the 14 days it will go into Free mode.

MB4 Offline Installer

Thanks @SandyEggoScott

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