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Pricing/Renewal Confusion

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Renewal cost for a Malwarebytes Premium subscription

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  • May 10, 2021 11:24

The renewal price is the same as the original price. The current price for an annual subscription covering a single device is $39.99 + taxes per year. In the following year, the renewal price will be the same, but the final price may vary as applied taxes may change. 

If you received a discount on your original purchase, the renewal charge will be at the regular listed price. You can also upgrade your license at any time to add new devices and extend the license term. The upgrade cost is currently $10 per an additional device.

If you have a lifetime license, you do not have to renew it. Your license never expires. Malwarebytes no longer sells lifetime licenses.

Me Confused, Need Clarification

Best Buy- MalwarePrem -3 devices-1 yr- Reg price 39.99 on sale 24.99 +tax

so next yr renewal will be 39.99 for 3 devices/1 yr ??

or its 39.99 for 1 device then if you want the extra 2 devices to make 3 its $10.00 a device?? for a total of 59.99??


Im thinking i only need 2 devices,

Black Friday Prices online store (MB)

2 devices-1yr - 21.20 incl tax

so was trying to figure out what the renewal price was after the year was up buying direct..

now if you go to the "Free download" button and click cancel on the download and then click on the "buy now"

select 2 devices/1yr you get 49.99 +tax

So would my renewal be 10.00 more for 2 devices vs getting the boxed version from a retail outlet?? based on if the that renewal is only 39.99 for 3 the devices?

On another note even if you select the 1 device/1yr option you get 39.99+tax thats for 1 device/1yr,  but yet the retail boxed version is the same cost but you get 3 devices ???









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8 minutes ago, DymoMatic said:

so was trying to figure out what the renewal price was after the year was up buying direct..

It would go back to regular price. This is only a sale for the first term.

If I was in your shoes, I would by about 5 of the box sets so you will have Malwarebytes for 5yrs at the low price.


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